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The Facebook & Zynga Podcast 1/3/11

Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful Christmas or Holiday Season.

Let me just remind everyone that John Sweeney is a very dear friend and know him over 25 years.  He is a very nice, kind and okay guy...LOL  no seriously he is a very nice person and a great friend.  He knows my blog is something I love doing as well once again I have someone viewing for a writing position.  So yes I will be tough and say things that need to be said etc.  He knows its not to harm him in anyway but at best to maybe help improve his show or for him to see what people are hearing and feeling.

So I am back blogging about Facebook and Zynga Podcast but this time in a different manner.  I will need a week or so to get back into the swing of things.  You will hear what was said along with comments from others that listen to the show as well. Didn't get a big feedback this week maybe better luck next week.  I thought I would try something new for the New Year, reason why blog is late. Well that and I just got my heartbroken yet again..I am so done with men and hate them, so this should be a really good blog (John let me say sorry ahead of time :-D)....LOL lets get this blog rollin....

Well they started off by talking over each biggest pet peeve!!! I know its going to happen..i just hate it plus hard to hear what is being said.    The podcast at times had TMI (for those don't know what that means To Much Information) one listener's comment was do we really need to know all that personal stuff...Then of course technically issues now not sure if its on John's end or its  For I have been having trouble he last few shows.

John announced the obituaries one comment I got was it was very cold, no feeling  behind them.  Now I have been listening to John's show since day one and him doing the obits and I have to say it didn't seem  cold more like he wasn't himself.  Thinking he may have been under the weather for him maintained that demeanor for the whole show.

The shows first guest was Mr. Black Knight of Scam Sniper.  Who talked about different scams going around on Facebook.  You can check out his page to get more information.  One he did discuss was a warning out of the UK. It was about pedophiles talking to school children, befriend them as a classmate, trying them to put on web cam or get personal information.  As parents we need to be careful and be sure our children understand and use the web, Facebook etc.  Let them know there are dangers out there.  I am a parent and I check my daughter's pc everyday.  You should be checking their history as well take the actions to block everything. Parental controls are there to help but you are the one in control as well in control of what they are doing.   Also talked about emails or wall posts about checking out a video you are in or need to fix your log in information etc.  Just ignore them as well report as spam.  For more information on these scams or other's check out Mr. Knight's page on Facebook.  He has a lot of great information on his wall.

Then they announced some members that got married, the first mafia couple to get married in 2011.  Now I must say it is great that people are meeting via Mafia Wars or one of the other games. These are not the first set of people to every meet and get married.  I had been contact last year to look into this for reasons I won't get into and found out that yes, others have met and married way before now.  As well  some of those couples have children bring this up because.... the conversation turned to who would have the first mafia baby.  A listener's comment  Hello..children play mafia wars and could be listening in on the show. So shouldn't the language and topic be censored.  John always tells people or did at one time tell players to watch what they say or do on his pages for children are playing the game.  Well if they are following him wouldn't they be listening to his show.  Person had a point  my thought is maybe that needs to be taken into consideration not really sure.  Everyone is different when it comes to certain topics, use of foul language not sure how John can make everyone happy.  My personal thought if you are a man of God, no you should not be swearing but that's just my opinion...opinions are like hmmm brains we all have one.

Finally into some news. ....Spoke about Zynga's nightmare with the Christmas tree presents and getting the reward if you had a level 5 tree .  Another screw up with Zynga.  They kill me they keep coming out with mission after mission on all games and something goes wrong. Some games have so many you can't get to other things on the game.  They need to slow down and give us a chance to play and chat with friends. Other issues with the games are they don't load, you lose loot, GF points etc and they don't give them back.  John says how they busted their butts on New Year's Day and getting everyone their rewards if they were entitled to it. John feels they are starting the New Year off right....ROTFL..sure for him its great  he has contacts there. Its nice, I know for I used to have a contact there, now that they are gone things stink.  All us other players have to suffer with not getting help.  Need more information on Christmas tree nightmare check The Facebook and Zynga Podcast fan page.

Zynga teamed up with Best Buy giving $100,000 in prizes and red zone certificates.  Buy game card from Best Buy and get entered into sweepstakes and get a mystery crate.  John has links on his fan page and more information.

Tre York has discussed a mock that took place on New Years.  For those who don't know Tre is part of  Pinnacle War is link  check it out. Check out discussion board as well fan page gives you information on events coming up.

Facebook news..on your home page recent news and top news ..if click on recent news you can separate it how to see things, mafia war friends, family, friends etc.

Feel good story of the year, 10 year girl found a kidney donor with help of FB page.  Kathy Olsen who saw post and was perfect match for the little girl.  Power of social networking and what its all about.  Matching up people who need help, find lost family and friends etc.  Very nice story and glad to hear it.

Facebook and account settings, new security feature they don't talk about much. Go to home page click accounts then account settings.  Brings you to new page and have all your information, mobile, credit balance etc. Main thing is setting and go to account security, when you get there you will see if anyone is logged into your account and if so you can end activity.  You can also get notification through email or your phone so you can log them off your account.  When you see someone logged in and end it, then go and change password right away.

Then John spoke about a new law in California about making a page as someone else to defraud people etc.  Here is the link to John's blog on it...

In a nutshell it was an okay show.  I feel they are trying to get more and more discussed in just an hour and some things are getting brushed over quickly.  Very good information and most people won't go the fan page to find out more so maybe in the case less is more.  Or maybe John should take a poll and see what people want to discuss and do that for a half hour or so then give the news of what is going on with Zynga and Facebook.  I know being they are only on once a week its hard for so much comes up.  Not sure they can really do much about how the show runs.  For I know John wants to get as much out to everyone.  Maybe do a priority list, the most important things go first and work your way down.  I highly recommend everyone be a fan of their page as well they have a website

As I get back into the swing of blogging again these will have lots more information, links, comments etc. Anyone that wants to make a comment on the show, ways John can improve it, things you want him to talk about or anything in blog please contact me if you don't feel comfortable going to him directly.

Now a plug for me..John had done it on his show a few weeks ago
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Happy New Year to you and your families!

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