Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Zynga Listening!!!

Hi!  Hope everyone well.  Well as many know its not easy dealing with any company.  Zynga has taken a hard hit on FB.  Many games very angry with them and not quit playing.  I understand their frustrations and I notice lately there has been problems with their games or many have come to me about complaints.  I don't know if we will ever get everything ironed out etc and be totally satisfied with Zynga and the games.  Its been a tough for like I said they have taken a beaten on FB and had a lot of negative things said.  So it makes it harder for myself and others to get them to listen.  They don't want another beating.  

Zynga Executives are listening so please join my group and post complaints, suggestions etc.  They will be viewing group at the end of the week.


Well I just go so news that made me laugh so hard and just made my day, no week or maybe even year.   Apparently some people I know just can't stop talking smack about me!!  Best part is they have no right for their lives are more screwed up them mine!!  Plus they let their partners talk about me!!! Like what's up with that???   At least I can look myself in the mirror, can they I doubt it.   For I have been totally honest with everyone in my life unlike them.    Heck I dumped a guy for doing me wrong and knew he was doing it, where this person can't even see what is going on right under their nose!!  How blind can someone be???  Crap I know more then they do!!  
Plus how does someone talk about a person why they have no clue what is going on or what they are talking about? You want to talk about me then get the facts right!!!  At least I am not blind to seeing a cheating partner of not just one but two.  Jealous I am making something of myself?  Jealous I am going to be very successful?  Jealous I am doing it without using people? Jealous I am doing it the right way and didn't cheat and hurt others along the way?  Jealous I am Honest? 
You tell people you are going to do things for them do it, not temporarily or until you get bored with it you do if for however long it takes to get the job done.  Or you have exhausted all avenues and then tell people that.  Just don't leave them hanging.    

Monday, July 26, 2010

Isn't life funny

Life is so funny at times.  Why is it the guy or girl gets it after the break up?  Then they want to bend over backwards for you.  Why didn't you do it when we were together?  Then the come back with the best line...I didn't know I had it so good till I lost it!  WHAT!?!?!?  Get lost!  This last guy couldn't of had it any better.  I learned from past mistakes and relationships and put 110% into this one.  I don't talk marriage to just any guy I date, this guy I did for I really thought that is where we end.  Then I got side swiped and things went a whole other way.  At first I thought its fine and all, then over the weekend the hurt, betrayal, etc hit like a ton of bricks.  My problems, I trust to quickly then get burned bad.  It stinks to get hurt like this again just 6 months after the last huge break up.  I don't think I have a heart anymore.  I know I love my daughter, my family and friends but men not anytime soon.  
I must say and can't believe I am saying it, he has been helping with some things for he has major contacts and agreed to still help me.  He really wants to see me be successful and be able to take care of my daughter.  It will be hard in the beginning but I can't walk away from this opportunity.  I need to take care of me and my daughter so yeah I need his contacts.  Part of me feels he owes me that much!  I know no one owes us anything relationship either make it or break it.  When its a break it you have to move on but at times we feel we deserve something even if its wrong.  I have cried and cried now I am done, I can't hold on to this like I did the last one.  The last one took about a month or two to get over and almost destroyed me and my life.  Not this time, I will think about it at times I am sure but just need to remember the fun we had while it lasted.  Plus this time I know that what went wrong, he is so busy with his career and trying to move up.  I am busying trying to get my career off the ground.  We didn't talk enough plus never had time for each other.  He took days off to do other things and not see me.  Or he wanted to see me but I didn't have the time etc.  Just went round and round and in the end we just kept getting either mad at each other, fighting or getting on each others nerves.    There was a lot that took place on his part the last few weeks, major that I couldn't over look.  He did things he knew I hated and could be a deal breaker.  He now is sorry and wants to make things right but its hard to look past some things.
I wish him all the best in his life and career.  Maybe some months down the road we can be friends.  For he may of did some stupid things but in the end he really is a great guy!  

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We all love and dislike Zynga, they have the good days then they have really bad days.  Lately I have noticed and heard people getting frustrated and giving up the games or saying they are not going to play.   

They have made several changes to all their games.  Most people are very confused and frustrated with Mafia Wars for the just keep changing and adding etc.  You can't keep up and want to scream.  Going to open a new city or country just open it why all this bs about having to get certain things get access.  I realize they are testing it out then just test it with a few mafia members.  Pick certain people from different levels and try it out.  All good then give everyone access.  I love the game I really do, just hard to keep up with all the changes.  We all have lives outside of Facebook and Zynga, we are very busy and stressed. So we just want to come to FB, get lost in the game and get rid of stress.  Not come to FB and the games to get more stress from changes or the worse the games don't load.  

If you have a complaint, comment or suggestion please join my group on Facebook and post on the wall for Zynga to see.  Its called Zynga Please hear us!!!  For if all goes well Zynga's Executive Board will be viewing the page.     http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=132777846758728&ref=ts

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Single is better!!

I think I am done with having a relationship for a while.  Gosh I really know how to pick em!!  I know all relationships have ups and downs but why lie, what is the reason for it?  For when he gets caught he gets the Wrath of Donna!  LOL but true I hate being lied to.  I can forgive one maybe two depending on the lies.  Worse part is the guy I am with now other then the lies is awesome well he is great.  I know how can I say that with the lies, we've had our share of problems and some my fault.  I have not been perfect but better then I was with my last guy.  That guy took major crap and really got the wrath of Donna.  Plus now I have Alexis to think about I want her to see what love really is not what she has witness up to now.  Her father and I had a terrible relationship.  Gosh why I stayed that long and dealt with that I will never know, well I do know. I did it for her, but in the end was wrong. The next guy got her to know him and bam he was gone, now this guy she hasn't spent time with but here and there.  See him on the street or took me up to get her before school came out.  No long period of times for I don't want her getting attached.  Plus she never stops talking about the last guy.  Thank Goodness I am at a better place with that or I would be a mess.  Got to say though he was terrific with her as well me.  I was the idiot not him.  I expect him to my strength and to hold me up through some tough things and didn't talk to him about it first.  Thanks to him I did get my crap together as well as my life.  He never told me I couldn't do something.  I watched how he did things to succeed and want to the same.  He never once told me I was a disappointment, waste or stupid.  He wanted the best for me and Alexis, he pushed me to get that.  I am not quite all together but getting there.  Love the whole Zynga project its exciting but very frustrating.  I just love trying to help people.  Now just waiting some other things that are in the works for me.  I am focused and will be successful in my life.  As for love well maybe not so successful at least not right now.  I need to still adjust to being a single mom as well once school goes back get adjusted to new schedule. Plus deal with her father with child support, visitation, etc.  On top of all that look for a new place and move..OH JOY!!!  A new place will be good for Alexis and I, be a new start to our new life.  Now to decide to we keep the guy or dump him...hmmmmm Need to hear what he has to say for himself then sleep on it.    My theme song is You'll See by Susan Boyle what a song.  I can see me and my life when i hear it.  

update 7/18. so i talk to him and he clears up why he lied and apologized, brought flowers....should of been diamonds..LOL  Anyway so I agree to let it all go and start a new.  Well how wrong was I to do that!!!!  Talking to him now and telling him I need to get Alexis to the library on Tuesday so she can get her summer books.  Now I know he took Tuesday off, thinking oh he will offer to drive us in this heat.  NOT!!!!  Ok now library is near her school its a bus ride and a 3 block walk.  Not bad but in 100 degrees its bad.  So he is telling me leave very early when its not bad and you will be fine.  REALLY!!!!! Now making jokes like maybe library will come to your house...if you ask nicely maybe they will.  He thinks he is funny...he really needs to think again.  So now come Tuesday if he doesn't take us we are officially done.   How can he be okay with it?   How can he make jokes about it?  Telling me how he sees people in NYC passing out or close to it and you are ok with letting your girlfriend and her daughter go out in it, wait for a bus etc.  Even the great ones go bad sooner or later.  I am so upset and hurt beyond belief. I am totally crushed and heartbroken.  I am praying and hoping he realizes what a jerk he is being and offers Tuesday.   What an idiot I am!!! Will I ever learn????  Good thing I am working on my goals and career that will keep my mind off the heartbreak if it happens.  who am i kidding when it happens.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So I spent most of my morning getting my books into Cheerios Spoonfuls of Story contest.  Today is the last day to submit your book or books.  

As I was doing it I was thinking about my life.  Gosh we all have are ups and downs.  Go through good times and bad, find love then get our hearts broken.  I have been writing a book about my life and the things I faced, losing my husband, losing my dad, the men I dated before and after my husband.  I did pick some winners i said to myself ...girl what were you thinking...LOL  And there were 2 or 3 that I really had deep feeling for or loved.  So as I write my book many of my friends off Facebook have told me just tell it all, lay it out there on one guy even make things up to make him look worse.  So when I got to the part when we first met I typed just as is then it would be many years later till we talk again.   I sat and stared at the screen, asking myself do I really want to lie and make this guy look bad.   So I went back to the old emails and read them.  As I sat crying I realized how could I hurt someone I care so much about.  Not fair to him nor to me and my heart.  Sure if I was writing this months ago when I was hurting I would of had no problem making him look bad.  I have dealt with and moved on.  In the end he still my friend and care about him dearly.  I wish him nothing but the best and happiness.  Thought about leaving him out but why, its part of my life and a good part even if I did get my heart broken.  I still think he is a great and sweet guy.  

My current boyfriend well he is a nice guy. We are having fun, lots of laughs and some good fights..lol   What a relationship without a few fights?    :-D  Seriously I hate fighting and especially when its over something he doesn't understand.  He is trying but when he gets really mad he has a bad habit of throwing things in my face.   I don't like that he searches deep down for the things that will really hurt my feelings. And if he goes out drinking and talk to him its worse.  So now we don't talk on the nights he goes out to have a few.  I won't take that kind of bull.  Someone told me the other day, you know what the say a drunk always tells the truth.  Wasn't something I really needed to hear.  Even though I have heard it before,just didn't need the reminder.  For then I sat and thought about all the things he has said when drinking.  So now our relationship is jeopardy and he doesn't even know it.  I know I need to sit down and talk to him.  I really want to work this out and get passed it all if we can.  He really needs to stop throwing things up in my face especially the really hurtful things.  Not my fault that I loved someone and was planning a baby with them.  Not my fault that person can have children and funny thing is I am not even sure of that.  I am assuming the other guy is able to have children because we discussed having one.  Plus it was before you so why are you throwing it in my face.  If I cheated on him with this guy and discussed a baby then I can see but even then I wouldn't stand for it.  I've had my share of abuse, mental, emotional etc. and not going to have it again in my life or Alexis'. Plus now that I think about it what gives him the right to tell me what I can and can't do with my body.  If I opt to have another child that is my right and if he can't nor wants one why can't I ask someone to donate sperm.  I mean really what is so wrong with that.  Better to ask someone you know then a stranger at least then you know what you are getting.  I mean we are not married nor live together yes in a relationship but who knows where it will go. I don't know I have that kind of time to wait.  I want to enjoy the feeling of being pregnant and feeling the baby kick etc.  It so special.  Then down the road can adopted if we opt to have more if we are together. 

Sometimes I wish there was a way to turn back time. We can't and the things that have happened in my life made me who I am today as made me strong.  Sure years ago I was a nice, shy, sweet, caring girl today I still am but stronger so tend to say things before I think which gets me in trouble or hurt.  I am proud that I built up my confidence but need to learn when to say things and when not too.  I want Alexis to see she has a strong, confident mom who is also nice and caring.  For I want her to be the same. She is so shy, but sweet, loving and caring.   Just want her to be strong enough to take care of herself.  Back to karate class for both of us.  Then we will be ready to for anything...LOL  

Monday, July 12, 2010


I must say Zynga is amazing!!! Not in a good way!  For those of you fighting down at the lower level ...Good Luck!  My group is dealing with people at the top, I mean the top can't go any further and getting nothing.  I really believe that they just don't care what we think or feel.   We took the professional and calm way,no threats etc, couldn't of been any sweeter or else I would of been sick.  

Gave them complaints, suggestions and all we asked in return was feedback. We told them we understood that things that had to be fixed would take time but we wanted to be assured they would be fixed.  Our suggestions, we know not all or any would be accepted but to explain why or at best tell us they were discussing it.   We apologized for bothering them being they are very busy people but we wanted to be sure we were heard.  If the people at the top don't answer then who will.....UMMMMM NO ONE!!!!  They go two steps ahead then all of a sudden take 10 steps back.  Its so frustrating and I even offered to help them out.  I was and still am willing to continue to collect complaints, suggestions etc and contact them...I even offered just to do it once a month so not to be a bother!!!!  

So for those of you that gave me complaints, suggestions etc I thank you for the help.  We worked hard to get all the information and gave Zynga the opportunity to work with us.  As you know we went to them with game issues but also several other issues.  Issues that are very important to us who are parents.  I am NOT giving up!   Sure its frustrating and I am pissed off they haven't responded!  That's okay just gets my Scottish attitude up and I work harder.  I will still approach them on a professional and calm manner with a twist of attitude.   Zynga its not that hard...just work with us.  Listen to us, change the things we want changed, make the games better etc.  Heck worse case just get the games working with no glitches.  

I am still working on getting a certain tv host to help us out.  Right now that person is on vacation but will continue to work on them.  

Zynga lets work together so us gamers can play and be happy.  Oh and you really need to work on notifying us of changes prior to it happening.  Let us test changes out and see how we feel about them.  Some things you think are great...we hate!!!