Tuesday, June 29, 2010

48hours left to get your complaints, comments etc in for ZYNGA

Don't miss out!!!!!  Only 48 hours left for you to get me your complaints, comments, suggestions etc for Zynga.  Come on I know you have something that is bothering you or have an idea for them.
Don't miss out for who knows if you will have another opportunity like this.  They are listening but for how long none of us know.   So lets get them to know how we are feeling, what we would like to see etc.
You can leave comments here or my Facebook inbox.  
Unlike the others working with Zynga I have a different contact then them and know where they are at with things etc.  

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today is the day I remember the greatest man in my life...my daddy.  Not a day goes by I don't miss him.  Right now though I miss him more then ever, I wish he was here to help me and Alexis as well as protect us.  If he was here now he would be kicking major butt for me :-D   I know he is looking down and wishing he could help.  I believe he is my guardian angel and has helped me when he could. 
My daddy was and still is my hero.  He was a wonderful husband and father.  I look at some men today and they are not even half the man my father was.  Many men today don't care about their wives or girlfriend, their child or children.  Many just lie to get what they want out of life or to make them look better.  When they get caught or close to getting caught the dump the person and move on.  Some men today don't value love and relationship its all about getting laid.  Sorry to put it that way but its the truth.   You can be having a normal conversation with a man give him enough time he will spin to a conversation about sex.    In the last year I've had my share of men who just lie and cheat or just want sex.  So I have decided to expose them all.   I already had one girl thank me for giving her the heads up on the guy she is dating.  Well should say was dating she broke up with him.  After talking to me she had him tailed and found out he was dating not one but two other girls.   See just a bunch of dogs, no that's not fair to dogs who are loyal and trustworthy.  Just a bunch crap on the bottom of your shoe. 
So today on Father's Day I remember the great dad that I had.  Wish my daughter had a father like that.  She is so sad today that she isn't going to see him.  He opted to work instead, I would comment on it but in the middle of a custody battle.   So just leave it as is.    I think about all the great dads out there that are doing right by their child or children.  My heart goes out to those that don't have a dad maybe he died or for some the dad just opted not to be in their lives.   So to those single moms who have to be both mom and dad..Happy Father's Day to you.  Its not easy don't I know it but in the end are child or children will love us and thank us for all that we do or did for them.
Any man can be a father it takes a special man to be a DADDY!!! 
Happy Father's Day!!!  Enjoy your day but make sure everyday you enjoy your child or children and let them know you love them.
I love you Daddy!!  I miss you!!! 


 Are you a Zynga player of one or all of their games?  Great let me help you!!

I am on a deadline and its near the end so I am giving you all a last chance to speak your mind about the games.  Tell me what is bothering you, changes you want made, comments or suggestions.  The time is now, I have their attention and have them listening.  Lets finally get them to make some changes, we all know they won't make all the changes we want but lets try.    I know of 3 other people out there fighting with them and most of them are just being told what they want to hear so they go away.  Zynga is willing to listen if done the right way.  I have respected them and not posted any conversations or any negative comments.  We are all frustrated with them but if you don't treat they with respect they won't do the same for us.  So I have been totally respectful and professional with them.  I do it because its the right way to deal with corporations but also due to a friend who got me in the door with them.

So please leave comment here, email me on FB with any thoughts etc.  I have a wonderful contact who can make a difference.  They are one of the top people who has a say if a change is made or not.  So take the opportunity now to help make a difference.  The clock is ticking, they are listening now lets not let the opportunity pass us by. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How could he??????

So my daughter's father is back at it again.  Why can't he just move on and live life??   Now I come to find out that he didn't have access to my accounts like I was originally told.  Come to find out that someone I thought I trusted and never thought would hurt Alexis gave him all the emails between us.  That is like handing him the smoking gun. So now he is back to fighting on custody!!!  I don't mind the fight for I know I will win in the end no matter what he has.  I am more blown away and upset that this person would just email him all our emails.   The were personal between me and him.  Plus why now after all these months?  Why not give it to him 5 months ago.  NOW???   Such bad timing to, my mom is not well and I have my appt with breast surgeon this week and now this.  I believe that what they say God wouldn't bring to it if he didn't think you could get through it.  So I pray to Him to give me the strength to fight through it all.   NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE MY CHILD FROM ME...EVER!!!!!!   A friend asked me what I was going to do to get even....NOT A THING!  OH wait maybe one day I will let Alexis ask him why he did it.  NAH wouldn't put her through that.  He has to live with himself as well look himself in the mirror and then one day answer for it.   I asked my lawyer to get the email it was sent from so I can see that it was really sent from this person.  For part of me can't believe it.  I am praying and hoping the lawyers are wrong about it.  He got them from somewhere just where?


I haven't been online for a few days but get back to a ton of emails about my fight with Zynga and another people's fight with them. 
Seems a few people have a lot to say about me and my fight, so I am going to clear things up!!!!

My goal is to get Zynga to clear things up, make changes, improve all the games and have better customer service. Now the emails I got are about other people who are fighting Zynga and their opinion on my fight.  Well I am doing my best thanks to some great friends who have been getting me all your complaints and what you would like to see happen with the games.  I currently have a whole document that has been sent and gets updated as needed and send when updated. You can send me any comments\changes to my email countrygirldonna@aol.com   NO I don't blog or post my conversations with them.  Why? Well the person I am talking to is in an executive position, who had the power to make changes or not and requested I don't openly post our conversations.   I respect them and the work they have done so I honor their request to not post information.  They are working as quickly as the can as well trying to make the changes people want.  NO this is not going to happen over night, its going to take time.  They understand that many gamers are frustrated.  They have a process that needs to be followed and changes just don't happend 1,2,3.  Meetings need to take place and then approvals on changes etc.  So yes its going to be a long road to travel but I believe they will make things right in the end.  Just have a little patience with them.
Now as far as any of the other people fighting with Zynga I have been in touch with all of them and invited them to join me.  They have either opted to continue the fight on their own, gave up or just never responded to my email.  My offer still stands for any of them. I am doing this because I have a passion for the games as well I want to help the gamers.  This is not about doing it faster or better then the rest.  This is about getting things fixed as well yes to help me get my foot in the door with another huge company.  They are monitoring all my work as well my blogs.  Also I am in the middle of talks about me getting my organization started and it being linked to a huge talk show.  Where I can get on and discuss these issues along with other internet issues.  I have a child support so yes I have a personal interest in why I am going through all this.  I don't lose sight that my first reason for doing it is to help the gamers.   I started for I was a frustrated gamer and then doors opened up where I could get a career.  I can't turn my back on that for I am a single parent and want the best for my child.  I also want the best for the gamers, so many of you out there were or are a huge help in helping me get this done.  Thank you all.   Also thank you all in supporting me on my career.  It means a lot to me and will never forget it or you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Reveal not going to be so big

Well it was supposed to be a great month and having my big reveal which is so exciting for me.  Now can't be so happy due to so many personal issues.  Alexis has broken her finger and hospital didn't set right so now seeing an orthopedic surgeon on Monday.  My mom is sick right now with a virus, oddly comes from China, Australia or the Islands but not 100% of that.  Thing is if they can't clear it up it could turn into stomach cancer. She had one round of antibotics and cleared it up a little.  She is now on round two.  I ask for prayers for her and Alexis.  Also not doing a huge reveal because I have the breast surgeon to see and who knows what will happen there. As well have continued issues with my daughter's father.  Also the greatest man I have turned into an A-HOLE!!!   Guess not even the great ones are really great.  I am working through it for I really really like him and care deeply.  I am not ready to say the 3 words especially now.  I understand he doesn't like that I put so much time in on my blog and zynga but its a passion I have.  I did realize that I was allowing it to consume my life.  Outside of the time I spend with Alexis I am working on writing up my proposal for Zynga, on my blogs or working on my business or writing books.  Really no time for him, not that I planned it that way.  I am just want more for Alexis and I so willing to work around the clock.  I have been working on organizing my time but he is still upset.  He was helping me for awhile but he got busy with work plus he feels Zynga not worth all the effort I am putting in. I see it differently.  I hope we can survive this.   So May 6th was orginal Big Reveal date on that date I had lost 90lbs was hoping for 100.  Have put some back on with the stress in my life but back to working out.  So when I hit 100 or more will be celebrating and posting pics so keep an eye out.   Will have before and after, I am so excited and in the words of Alexis..."Mommy you look hot"  :-) 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Reflecting on Life

Over this past weekend I was speaking with my mom and we talked about my life.  I was always such a happy child who had a ton of friends.  Mom or Dad never saw me for I was always out playing or at a friends.  Even when got to high school and started working in Century 21 Dept Stores, I had lots of friends.  I was always smiling and laughing.  A bunch of us from Century hung out at this bar Kilcar House where I met even more friends.  The bond we all had was awesome.  Many of us went to watch a local band Head Over Heals perform at different bars etc.  I dated a really great guy but was tough for he was in the navy, eventually it came to an end. Gosh he was so funny and could always make me laugh.  Then my friend Chris started dating this guy and man was I soooo jealous  he had the greatest eyes and smile, they just made me melt.  Plus he was tall, dark and handsome.  His voice gave me chills, every time I saw him my heart just raced.  We had a moment after he broke up with my friend but sadly he got set up with someone else before we could go anywhere.  I was so crushed.  He always brought a smile to my face.  Years go by and many many bad boyfriends I found my knight and shining armor, my husband Joe.  He swept me off my feet with hello.  I fell for him hard and fast.  He always made me feel special and loved.   I was always top on the list next to his two daughters.  He called me at work and knew how to cheer me up if having a bad day.  Or when I got home had flowers or gift for me.  We really had some great times and laughed so much.  Then his mom got sick and he couldn't handle the pressure he began drinking heavy, then she passed he became a full blown alcoholic.  Never admitted this to anyone other then family.  He couldn't get the booze in fast enough, he was heartbroken from losing his mom.  His brother and I tried to save him, i begged, broke down crying etc.  Nothing worked and almost 2 years to the day of when his mom died he died.  My world shattered!!!!  Why did God take my hero, my best friend, my husband, my one and only true love.  How could Joe just leave me all alone?  It wasn't fair I didn't do anything to deserve to be a widow at 30 and be left alone.  Well this July 7th it will be 13 years since he passed, and just realized recently that I have been carrying so much guilt.  For 13 years I have blamed myself and punished myself.  Punished myself by picking the wrong guy and staying with him for 11 years.  Sure I got a wonderful beautiful daughter out of it all.  In looking back we should never of been together but I was still grieving and just needed to be loved.   Then May 9,2009 that man from Kilcar came into my life again.  I thought this can't be true no way I have that kind of luck.  Still had the great eyes and smile oh and the voice all still made me melt.  I found the love of my life, who knew you could fall so deeply in love again.   I was so happy but instead of welcoming the way I should of I sabotaged it, not once several times, I got so scared.  My daughter's father really did some job on me so I couldn't open my heart up but I sure as heck did try.  You know he is a great guy for my Alexis to this day still talks about him.  She met my new guy, asked her what do you think?  Her response, he is ok and nice but he is not J***.  Took me by surprised for she has never met J*** just talked to him online.  She said J*** was always interested in what she said, he cared about what she had to say or about her school work.  He encouraged her to do well in school, was very helpful and she likes him.  She is studying so hard for herself and me but also to show him that she kept her promise to him to do well in school. She said she could let herself down, let me down or let him down.  Hello he isn't part of our lives anymore.  Doesn't matter mommy i made a promise and need to keep it.  Alllll Righty Then!! 
So yes I know have this guy who is great and enjoying my time with him.  Only thing is Alexis and her feelings, they haven't spent much time together for I didn't want another J*** situation where she starts to like them etc, then its over and she gets crushed.  That happened once it will not happen again if I can help it.  She was telling people that J*** was going to be her step dad and how great he was. She still hopes that maybe someday he will be part of her life.  I will not spoil her dream for now.  For in the end he is truly a wonderful person and friend.  I am first to admit I was horrible after he broke my heart.  I wanted to hurt him and make him pay.  I even tried to reach out and help him with a project he was working on for I had a better contact then him.   Never heard from him and that's ok.  Just the kind of person I am, will reach out and help friends if and when I can.  So I went ahead and made the contact and working with them as well starting up an organization with help of some big guns.  If J*** decides he wants the help or wants to join us in the fight he is more then welcome.
So now that I have a this breast surgeon to go see and find out what's going on there I reflected back on my life and I must say I have changed.  That girl who was sweet, nice always smiling and laughing went to being a widow how turned bitter, sad always crying or yelling right up till Jan 9 2010 when she got her heart crushed.  Then I went in search for that girl who was sweet, nice always smiling and laughing.  I am not fully there but very close.   Regrets...NO WAY!!!  My Joe was my world, Alexis father is just that, J*** was the love of my life and best friend, to me still my  friend.  Sure no one wants to lose their husband but he was taken for a reason.  I will always love him and there are days I miss him so much it hurts.   Alexis father well not much to say there just hope he does right by her.  J***  will always have a special place in my heart for making my daughter feel special and making me happy for a few months.  Plus he is was my friend first and always will be.  I got his back covered whenever he needs it. 
I have started writing a book about my life and experiences.  I want people to know and maybe learn from my experiences.  Let some people know who much the touched me and let others know how screwed up they were for turning their backs on me when Joe died.  Its no holds barred.  Time to let go off all the anger, sadness and hurt. Time to focus on happiness, enjoying life with Alexis, finish writing my book along with  children books and building my organization and business.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My man

I couldn't ask for a better man in my life right now.  I say my guy or my man because saying boyfriend scares me plus it could jinx things.  Last two times it was a jinx didn't even want to changed my status on Facebook but did, so far so good :-)  
Now I did say I couldn't ask for a better man he has been very supportive with my work with my new organization as well as my discussions with Zynga.  Also by myside with my current medical scare.  He assures me all will be ok, we will get through it together but boy he does have his moments!!  :-)    My friend told me I need to chill out...LOL  He has been on vacation and has spent most of it with me.  He has been so sweet to drive me to pick up Alexis and bring us home due to the heat.  He is really doing all he can to make me happy and is. 
I just want him to be a mind reader and know I am upset or worried and be there.  Believe me if he knew he would be here in a flash or if working would be on the phone with me as long as he can be.  I am so afraid of losing him and really doing my best not to.  I have really calm down from what I used to be, Thank God.  I didn't like that girl at all,she caused me to lose a great man.  Wasn't about to lose another one so got myself together and I am feeling great.  Life is very happy and calm outside of the medical issue.

Won't Happen to ME!!!!

Never say never!!!  We all walk around saying the bad things won't happen to us.  I will never say that again or least hope not to!! 
The medical profession today needs to get their crap together.  How can an imaging place say two different things, Thank God for me having a good doctor.  So after speaking to doctor and discussion with my mom it has been agreed I need to see a breast surgeon.  I have spent several days crying even when the doctor said he is almost sure its nothing.  Well that's not 100% so there is still that small percentage that it could be something.  No there is no breast cancer in my family but my dad did die from colon, liver and lung cancer.  So yes I worry that i can get cancer.  I do all I can to make sure myself and my daughter eat healthy.  As well as we walk a lot, go to the park, play basketball or soccer as well do the wii fit.  Can't say if its in your genes you can't control it.  For I just heard of a story of a mom 44 or 45 no cancer in family, found breast cancer stage 0 and still had both breast removed for it got into her lymph node.  So no one is not at risk.  In October I always promote breast cancer month but we need to do it more then just one time a year.  Women need to stop thinking oh not me----YES YOU!!!  No matter what my outcome is I will be very active in breast cancer awareness.  For even a scare is enough to make you think about your life.  I got through my husband dying on me suddenly and that almost killed me.  I got through my dad dying and he was my hero that too almost killed me.  The two men I loved more then anything GONE.  Even found next love of my life from 20 years ago and next I knew he was gone, crushed me and almost destroyed me but picked myself up, moved on.  More importantly I have a beautiful daughter and NOTHING IS GOING TO TAKE ME OUT OF THE GAME...I WILL BE THERE FOR HER FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!!  Plus I have so much work to do and things to accomplish in my life!!!! 


updated 6/7/10  Again I am not bashing other groups or people working with Zynga.  I am working just as hard as them and have a lot of things going on.  This is about the players and what they need or want.  Some spill out changes before they are sure they will be done, other spilling out lies, other just working hard and when know actual what's going on for sure then we will share it not before. 

First let me say I am not bashing any other groups or people working with Zynga.  I know there are a few and seen all their posts.  Only one I can say is working as hard as I am and doing what is right by the gamers. Others all they are doing are threatening and fighting Zynga.  In the words of Dr. Phil..."How's that workin for ya?"   I am sure its not for they are not taking that crap.  Are their still major problems?  Sure and they know it.  Some things they can fix very quickly other they can't.  They are working on the problems and no it won't be as quickly as you would like.
Most of the employees there are very nice, helpful and understanding but push them and the will back off from talks.  If you talk and treat them in the proper manner they will do the same to you. 
I was working very hard to get things resolved but currently have a major medical issue to be dealt with.  I am not giving up this fight at all just will take less of my time but will fight just as hard.  I have also reached out to someone who I think can really help.  They have asked me to draw up all the complaints and issues with Zynga and Facebook.  This person is helping me get my new organization together.   They are famous and people respect this person.  I like the way they handle issues and feel a sit down with them and these two companies we can eventually get what we want.  So feel free to leave me comments on either or email me countrygirldonna@aol.com.  Tell your friends, mafia family, farmville neighbors etc.  Lets unite and get the job done!!!!