Sunday, June 20, 2010


 Are you a Zynga player of one or all of their games?  Great let me help you!!

I am on a deadline and its near the end so I am giving you all a last chance to speak your mind about the games.  Tell me what is bothering you, changes you want made, comments or suggestions.  The time is now, I have their attention and have them listening.  Lets finally get them to make some changes, we all know they won't make all the changes we want but lets try.    I know of 3 other people out there fighting with them and most of them are just being told what they want to hear so they go away.  Zynga is willing to listen if done the right way.  I have respected them and not posted any conversations or any negative comments.  We are all frustrated with them but if you don't treat they with respect they won't do the same for us.  So I have been totally respectful and professional with them.  I do it because its the right way to deal with corporations but also due to a friend who got me in the door with them.

So please leave comment here, email me on FB with any thoughts etc.  I have a wonderful contact who can make a difference.  They are one of the top people who has a say if a change is made or not.  So take the opportunity now to help make a difference.  The clock is ticking, they are listening now lets not let the opportunity pass us by. 

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