Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How could he??????

So my daughter's father is back at it again.  Why can't he just move on and live life??   Now I come to find out that he didn't have access to my accounts like I was originally told.  Come to find out that someone I thought I trusted and never thought would hurt Alexis gave him all the emails between us.  That is like handing him the smoking gun. So now he is back to fighting on custody!!!  I don't mind the fight for I know I will win in the end no matter what he has.  I am more blown away and upset that this person would just email him all our emails.   The were personal between me and him.  Plus why now after all these months?  Why not give it to him 5 months ago.  NOW???   Such bad timing to, my mom is not well and I have my appt with breast surgeon this week and now this.  I believe that what they say God wouldn't bring to it if he didn't think you could get through it.  So I pray to Him to give me the strength to fight through it all.   NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE MY CHILD FROM ME...EVER!!!!!!   A friend asked me what I was going to do to get even....NOT A THING!  OH wait maybe one day I will let Alexis ask him why he did it.  NAH wouldn't put her through that.  He has to live with himself as well look himself in the mirror and then one day answer for it.   I asked my lawyer to get the email it was sent from so I can see that it was really sent from this person.  For part of me can't believe it.  I am praying and hoping the lawyers are wrong about it.  He got them from somewhere just where?


  1. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this. I know what you mean bad timing and all. I'm praying for you so much. I went through something like that before and the person that was working with my kids father was a very good friend of mine. It hurts.


  2. Thanks Caroline. I don't understand how someone I loved so much and trusted would do this. Sure we had a huge break up and don't talk but never thought he would do this especially knowing it could hurt Alexis. At times I want to find the way to pay them back but in my heart I know its wrong. I believe that he will have to answer for it one day. Worse part is he says he is a man of God if so he would never of done this to me or more importantly to Alexis. And due to his ego he won't dare email me to discuss it or defend himself or say he didn't do it. In the end I will make peace with it for my sake and Alexis'. As for him, he will always be a friend and have a place in my heart, why? because I do believe in forgivenss and letting go. For if I don't it will just destroy me and he did that once already not getting a second chance to do so.