Friday, June 4, 2010

Won't Happen to ME!!!!

Never say never!!!  We all walk around saying the bad things won't happen to us.  I will never say that again or least hope not to!! 
The medical profession today needs to get their crap together.  How can an imaging place say two different things, Thank God for me having a good doctor.  So after speaking to doctor and discussion with my mom it has been agreed I need to see a breast surgeon.  I have spent several days crying even when the doctor said he is almost sure its nothing.  Well that's not 100% so there is still that small percentage that it could be something.  No there is no breast cancer in my family but my dad did die from colon, liver and lung cancer.  So yes I worry that i can get cancer.  I do all I can to make sure myself and my daughter eat healthy.  As well as we walk a lot, go to the park, play basketball or soccer as well do the wii fit.  Can't say if its in your genes you can't control it.  For I just heard of a story of a mom 44 or 45 no cancer in family, found breast cancer stage 0 and still had both breast removed for it got into her lymph node.  So no one is not at risk.  In October I always promote breast cancer month but we need to do it more then just one time a year.  Women need to stop thinking oh not me----YES YOU!!!  No matter what my outcome is I will be very active in breast cancer awareness.  For even a scare is enough to make you think about your life.  I got through my husband dying on me suddenly and that almost killed me.  I got through my dad dying and he was my hero that too almost killed me.  The two men I loved more then anything GONE.  Even found next love of my life from 20 years ago and next I knew he was gone, crushed me and almost destroyed me but picked myself up, moved on.  More importantly I have a beautiful daughter and NOTHING IS GOING TO TAKE ME OUT OF THE GAME...I WILL BE THERE FOR HER FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!!  Plus I have so much work to do and things to accomplish in my life!!!! 

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  1. Great way to think !!!!

    Take care and sending prayers and {{HUGS}} always !!!!