Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I haven't been online for a few days but get back to a ton of emails about my fight with Zynga and another people's fight with them. 
Seems a few people have a lot to say about me and my fight, so I am going to clear things up!!!!

My goal is to get Zynga to clear things up, make changes, improve all the games and have better customer service. Now the emails I got are about other people who are fighting Zynga and their opinion on my fight.  Well I am doing my best thanks to some great friends who have been getting me all your complaints and what you would like to see happen with the games.  I currently have a whole document that has been sent and gets updated as needed and send when updated. You can send me any comments\changes to my email   NO I don't blog or post my conversations with them.  Why? Well the person I am talking to is in an executive position, who had the power to make changes or not and requested I don't openly post our conversations.   I respect them and the work they have done so I honor their request to not post information.  They are working as quickly as the can as well trying to make the changes people want.  NO this is not going to happen over night, its going to take time.  They understand that many gamers are frustrated.  They have a process that needs to be followed and changes just don't happend 1,2,3.  Meetings need to take place and then approvals on changes etc.  So yes its going to be a long road to travel but I believe they will make things right in the end.  Just have a little patience with them.
Now as far as any of the other people fighting with Zynga I have been in touch with all of them and invited them to join me.  They have either opted to continue the fight on their own, gave up or just never responded to my email.  My offer still stands for any of them. I am doing this because I have a passion for the games as well I want to help the gamers.  This is not about doing it faster or better then the rest.  This is about getting things fixed as well yes to help me get my foot in the door with another huge company.  They are monitoring all my work as well my blogs.  Also I am in the middle of talks about me getting my organization started and it being linked to a huge talk show.  Where I can get on and discuss these issues along with other internet issues.  I have a child support so yes I have a personal interest in why I am going through all this.  I don't lose sight that my first reason for doing it is to help the gamers.   I started for I was a frustrated gamer and then doors opened up where I could get a career.  I can't turn my back on that for I am a single parent and want the best for my child.  I also want the best for the gamers, so many of you out there were or are a huge help in helping me get this done.  Thank you all.   Also thank you all in supporting me on my career.  It means a lot to me and will never forget it or you.

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