Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today is the day I remember the greatest man in my daddy.  Not a day goes by I don't miss him.  Right now though I miss him more then ever, I wish he was here to help me and Alexis as well as protect us.  If he was here now he would be kicking major butt for me :-D   I know he is looking down and wishing he could help.  I believe he is my guardian angel and has helped me when he could. 
My daddy was and still is my hero.  He was a wonderful husband and father.  I look at some men today and they are not even half the man my father was.  Many men today don't care about their wives or girlfriend, their child or children.  Many just lie to get what they want out of life or to make them look better.  When they get caught or close to getting caught the dump the person and move on.  Some men today don't value love and relationship its all about getting laid.  Sorry to put it that way but its the truth.   You can be having a normal conversation with a man give him enough time he will spin to a conversation about sex.    In the last year I've had my share of men who just lie and cheat or just want sex.  So I have decided to expose them all.   I already had one girl thank me for giving her the heads up on the guy she is dating.  Well should say was dating she broke up with him.  After talking to me she had him tailed and found out he was dating not one but two other girls.   See just a bunch of dogs, no that's not fair to dogs who are loyal and trustworthy.  Just a bunch crap on the bottom of your shoe. 
So today on Father's Day I remember the great dad that I had.  Wish my daughter had a father like that.  She is so sad today that she isn't going to see him.  He opted to work instead, I would comment on it but in the middle of a custody battle.   So just leave it as is.    I think about all the great dads out there that are doing right by their child or children.  My heart goes out to those that don't have a dad maybe he died or for some the dad just opted not to be in their lives.   So to those single moms who have to be both mom and dad..Happy Father's Day to you.  Its not easy don't I know it but in the end are child or children will love us and thank us for all that we do or did for them.
Any man can be a father it takes a special man to be a DADDY!!! 
Happy Father's Day!!!  Enjoy your day but make sure everyday you enjoy your child or children and let them know you love them.
I love you Daddy!!  I miss you!!! 

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  1. Happy Father's Day !! Great post. I miss my Dad too.