Friday, June 4, 2010


updated 6/7/10  Again I am not bashing other groups or people working with Zynga.  I am working just as hard as them and have a lot of things going on.  This is about the players and what they need or want.  Some spill out changes before they are sure they will be done, other spilling out lies, other just working hard and when know actual what's going on for sure then we will share it not before. 

First let me say I am not bashing any other groups or people working with Zynga.  I know there are a few and seen all their posts.  Only one I can say is working as hard as I am and doing what is right by the gamers. Others all they are doing are threatening and fighting Zynga.  In the words of Dr. Phil..."How's that workin for ya?"   I am sure its not for they are not taking that crap.  Are their still major problems?  Sure and they know it.  Some things they can fix very quickly other they can't.  They are working on the problems and no it won't be as quickly as you would like.
Most of the employees there are very nice, helpful and understanding but push them and the will back off from talks.  If you talk and treat them in the proper manner they will do the same to you. 
I was working very hard to get things resolved but currently have a major medical issue to be dealt with.  I am not giving up this fight at all just will take less of my time but will fight just as hard.  I have also reached out to someone who I think can really help.  They have asked me to draw up all the complaints and issues with Zynga and Facebook.  This person is helping me get my new organization together.   They are famous and people respect this person.  I like the way they handle issues and feel a sit down with them and these two companies we can eventually get what we want.  So feel free to leave me comments on either or email me  Tell your friends, mafia family, farmville neighbors etc.  Lets unite and get the job done!!!! 

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