Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Reveal not going to be so big

Well it was supposed to be a great month and having my big reveal which is so exciting for me.  Now can't be so happy due to so many personal issues.  Alexis has broken her finger and hospital didn't set right so now seeing an orthopedic surgeon on Monday.  My mom is sick right now with a virus, oddly comes from China, Australia or the Islands but not 100% of that.  Thing is if they can't clear it up it could turn into stomach cancer. She had one round of antibotics and cleared it up a little.  She is now on round two.  I ask for prayers for her and Alexis.  Also not doing a huge reveal because I have the breast surgeon to see and who knows what will happen there. As well have continued issues with my daughter's father.  Also the greatest man I have turned into an A-HOLE!!!   Guess not even the great ones are really great.  I am working through it for I really really like him and care deeply.  I am not ready to say the 3 words especially now.  I understand he doesn't like that I put so much time in on my blog and zynga but its a passion I have.  I did realize that I was allowing it to consume my life.  Outside of the time I spend with Alexis I am working on writing up my proposal for Zynga, on my blogs or working on my business or writing books.  Really no time for him, not that I planned it that way.  I am just want more for Alexis and I so willing to work around the clock.  I have been working on organizing my time but he is still upset.  He was helping me for awhile but he got busy with work plus he feels Zynga not worth all the effort I am putting in. I see it differently.  I hope we can survive this.   So May 6th was orginal Big Reveal date on that date I had lost 90lbs was hoping for 100.  Have put some back on with the stress in my life but back to working out.  So when I hit 100 or more will be celebrating and posting pics so keep an eye out.   Will have before and after, I am so excited and in the words of Alexis..."Mommy you look hot"  :-) 


  1. That's so awesome 90 lbs. I eat pretty healthy but a lot of stress lately I have give in. Going to try to make a fresh start now since school is out.

    Will keep you all in my prayers. Sorry about the guy. I know I have a great husband but at times he makes me mad at some of the things he does. I wonder if I acted like that. It just reminds why women are so strong.

    Have a good weekend !! {{HUGS}} and prayers always.


  2. I was mad that I let myself gain some back. Right back into the swing of things. I feel great and look much better :-) I know its hard but I am here if you want support or just someone to talk to.
    You and your family are always in my prayers. The guy well I am trying to fix things but right now I need to be focued on me and what I want out of life. He can be supportive and help or go if he wants to. Tired of trying to change for others.
    Have a great weekend! {{{HUGS}}}