Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good News for me & A big THANK YOU to John "can you hear me now" Sweeney lol :-D

WOO HOO!!!  My blogs about John "can you hear me now" Sweeney's podcast on Zynga &Facebook are a big hit with some people I have contacted about writing jobs.  One or two wished I had been more professional then funny...BOO that's no fun :-D  I get the point and will have to see if I can do that, kind of hard when its a friend you are writing about.  You want to pick on them or be funny.   They also liked my blogs on Zynga and Facebook they just wish I had more facts as well more feedback through my group on Zynga.  Will take their advice and work harder on it for I need one if not a few of them to give me a job.

So thank you my dear friend John Sweeney for being so passionate about Zynga and Facebook, creating your show, for being a great host and sport! So when you are famous don't forget the little people who helped get you there! :-D Who am I kidding, DON'T FORGET ME!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?  ROTFL  

Oh let me explain the can you hear me now, John last week on his podcast had technical difficulties, he was so boring he made himself fall asleep, his head hit his laptop and crashed the show...ROTFLMAO.. no serious he had technical troubles and sound went so no one could hear him.  So later if you went back to hear the recording of the show at the point he realizes no one can hear he tries over and over to fix it and kept saying Can You Hear Me Now! So my new name for him is John "can you hear me now" Sweeney. :-D  

Please join my group(ahem Mr. Sweeney I joined and promote all yours...LOL), post your complaints, opinions, suggestions etc.  The group is small right now but trying to make it bigger.  So please join and tell your friends about it. I am working on Zynga viewing the group once a week, I got it to happen once I think. I got told someone would look but have not been able to confirm it.  I did request they view the group once a week, Mondays @ 6pm or to give me a day a time so I could open the group to public view for them.  Still no word on that or anything else but I will keep trying. I open the group every Monday at 6 and leave it open for an hour just in case.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life is a struggle\Men

Life in general can be a struggle but when you are a single mom with nothing its a huge struggle.  If you knew me when I was 17,18 or even 21 I was the type that always smiled, did for others and worked hard.  I continued to do that even when I met my first husband but within time I changed.  I changed to a point I didn't know me anymore.  I thought well I am happy and in love. Oh and I did love my husband so much.  He died at the age of 36 and I was 30 and I changed again ..for the worse.  When my husband was alive we went out 7 days a week I am lucky I kept my job.  Soon I realized it was bad and stopped meeting him.  Trust me it took several years, worse is when people would tell me things we discussed or did and didn't remember. I had an old friend tell me they say me in 1995 before the moved out of state and I don't even remember that!!! So when he died the drinking went into overdrive I couldn't get enough, was so bad quit my job of 12 years.  Lost the rest of me that was left.  Then I met my daughter's father, gosh I was so lonely that a bug could of gotten my attention. Don't get me wrong he was very nice and went out of his way to let me know he was interested.  Soon I was working on finding me again and getting back to the true Donna.  Soon he showed signs of being controlling, red flags..didn't see them then.  Even then I still tried, gosh we had broken up so many times.  I moved out of his apartment to many times to count.  Soon I got my own but was long before he was at my place all the time.  We struggled financially as well as our relationship.  I had some money and instead of saving it or investing it...I gave it to him to open a business.  Well in less then 3 months I was flat broke!  Was getting ready to throw him out when I found out I was pregnant.  So I tried to make it work for the sake of the child.  I kept thinking it will get better.  Well in time I gave up looking for Donna for he just was so controlling and with a new baby, well she was more important and still is. As the years went on I still thought hey this will work but as children get older the more they cost.  Well I begged and pleaded him to get a better job as well let me work.  No my child will be raised by her mother.  I wouldn't of minded if we were in a better place financially. Ok so I stayed home and today I have no regrets about it.  I won't tell him lol but I agree children should be with a parent until school years.  So school years came and still he want me not to work so I could be there for her.  Again struggling, why make us struggle.  

So here I am gosh 9 years later and I still have major struggles.  Trying to find work is so hard with the economy.  Her father still insists I stay home and he will cover my expenses but he can't at times.  So now I am working on making a job for myself that is right.  I have come up with a few ideas and have reached out to many people and hoping something comes through.  This time I want to work but love what I am doing.    In the meantime I have been rediscovering the old Donna.  Took a huge heartbreak to make it happen.  I went back and read emails, then thought at times Old Donna was there and at other times thought who was that person.  I was under a lot of pressure and should of talked to the person more.  Either way I learned a lot about myself and swore I would work on getting the old me back.   I worked so hard and got there almost 100%.  Then dated someone new and was giving them the old did walk all over that.  He just used my nice sweet personality.  Then I decided time to use him which I did for a connection to help on one of my projects.  He had no idea he was being used for I just put my sweet charm on and got what I needed.  Now I was starting to feel bad and thought I should come clean.  Well then I found out he was cheating for the first time, so opted not on coming clean.  Long story short that ended recently.  He knows what he lost, tried to work things out but it was to late talk about burning the bridges behind you.  Heck man he blew them up!!!  It was tough for awhile for he just kept trying but he finally got the message. I at least hope so!   

Life is a journey and a struggle, we have to make the best of it but more important be happy and love life.  I am happy that the old me is back for the most part.  I am happy that I am smiling again, I'm sweet and nice but cross me and then you see a whole other side of me.  :-D  I wish that I hadn't ruined some things in my life but I guess they happen for a reason. Whether they weren't meant to be at all or just not meant to be at the time.  Either way I can't dwell on it, just go with life.  Show my daughter the best life, give her all that I can and make sure she is always happy and healthy.  As for mommy, well I know my day will come as far as love, I know I want it someday soon but I am ok for now.  Finding work and taking care of my daughter and I is more important.  

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Facebook & Zynga Podcast 8/23/10 show

Tonight John was back from being off last week.  Was really looking forward to tonight's show.  Sadly John had some technically difficulties and sound was lost to all listening.  

John has rescheduled the show for this Monday.  Even though we couldn't listen at the time part of the show can be heard then you can hear John doing a Verizon commercial...Can you hear me now?  ROTFLMAO.  Sorry John you are a very dear friend but it was just to funny listening to that part.  Those of us waiting to hear the show come back got to listen to this awful music.  I finally had to shut speakers and just keep checking in.  

First John sent out condolences for Craig James' family.  He lost his battle to cancer and was a member of the Knights of Justice KOJ Clan.  So I take a moment to say a prayer for Craig's family. 

John then started talking about FB and them disabling accounts.  What is up with that?  I have heard of so many getting shut down and for little things. If you account gets disabled read John's blog for advice on what to do..

Then he discussed how FB has no help center or customer service, they do everything through emails.  John mentioned how FB should hire people even as part time workers and help the California Economy. They need the  help plus they would get Government help.  FB could even do work at home customer service etc.  You go to what they call the help center and you type in what you are looking for and if you don't find it in all the hundreds of things that pop up.  You then type your question in like a forum and a gamer answers it not FB themselves.  

There is so much bs going on with disabling accounts.  John covered Clans in a war report the higher level players from the other clan.  OR now people are calling other users jobs and telling there boss about them playing during working hours.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?  THIS A JUST A GAME!!!  Even John says that on tonight's show.  As well he says it about having fun and if you want to Ice him go right ahead.  WHOO HOO I am icing him right after this..LOL  Then to think people spend thousands on these games.  I can't even imagine doing that.

John then touched on how Zynga doesn't want you to get disabled for then you can't play the games.  Zynga agrees with FB as far as fake accounts.  They go along with FB's policies.  Zynga is looking into options  as well as bettering the games.  Have to remember that depending on how big a task, the longer it will take.  Zynga is taking a lot of heat for so many things.  They can't be blamed if you get disabled on FB.  People get mad when things go wrong with games, its normal even I do it especially lately. The right thing to do is notify them and see if they correct it or not.  Again it is just a game no matter what game you are playing.

Well when John finally realized no one could hear he did try to fix the problem but eventually the Brooklyn in him came out!!! John tisk tisk the language you used, I can't believe you talk like that!! Not you, no way..yeah right..LOL   I must admit I got a good laugh at listening to you say hello or can you hear me over and over.  And anyone reading this again he is a very dear friend so not picking on him.  HECK I am so picking on you...:-D  In a good friendly way!!  A copy of that show would be great for the reunion next year!!! Kidding..maybe LOL

Final note: John Sweeney is doing a great job with his podcast, I would say he is 80% to being a pro.  John, you didn't think I would give you 100% this soon did you?  LOL  As well doing a great job with his fight against Zynga and Facebook.  John is the type of guy that gives his all to whatever he does.  He has inspired me to go out, do something, finding something to fight for.  Thanks to him I am working on several things to get either on the air, in a book or an organization. He was also doing a great job on the Evil Ed Pod but has recently resigned from that to focus on his reporting career.  Here is the link to his column

If you want to listen to his podcast from tonight or hear him scream at pc here is the link   You can also listen to past shows if you missed them.  I will be blogging his shows except next week the blog won't be till the end of the week.  

Please keep giving John all your support and help!  Can you hear me now???  LOL  Couldn't help it!

My Day 8/23/10

What a day I had today!!!  First I have not slept more then a few hours the last few nights.  I am like a walking Zombie.  I have so much to do so I just keep pushing.  Anyway today I go out and run into an old friend, well not really a friend.  She hung out with me and my friends 25 years ago.  So she has been on FB and Myspace etc looking for the old crew.  So she found some and filling me in on some.  Most I already knew what they were up to or close to it.  She was telling me about one guy and the things coming out of her mouth I was like REALLY?! I was confused for I have spoken to this person.  Then starts to tell me how they look and how they don't look the same.  Heck man none of us do we got older, no he is totally different.  I am not sure what she meant by it but wasn't wasting my time..LOL  This a guy that I was friendly with and adored, don't want anyone talking about him badly or any of my friends.  

So we've had rain all day and don't mind if I had no where to go.  So I come home. I do some studying, play some games with Alexis. I am all good just waiting for 6pm to listen to a friend's podcast.  So I do all the mommy things I had to do..:-D   So my friend had technical difficulties on his show so that was a bust.  I listened to it later on.

A neighbor comes to my door to inform me they were having work done.  DUH you wake me every morning with the banging.  She wanted me to know that the contractor ripped down a wall that had nest of mice.  The all took off and odds I will get some!!!  WTF!!!  So I said no yelled didn't you know they were there??? Oh yeah but didn't think to tell him.  What did you think would happen when he ripped down the wall.  They would smile and say hello then wait for the wall to be rebuilt.  NO sign of any yet, so tomorrow I am out to get traps.  I hate that I now don't have a man...ROTFL.  Now I have to be strong and handle it and show Alexis you don't need a man.  BUT I NEED A MAN FOR THIS...:-D  Called Landlady she said not much you can do for them but put down traps.  That's what happens when you have dirty neighbors.  I can't wait to move the heck out of here soon. 

Alexis and I saw a ladybug flying in the house they say its good luck. I sure hope so.  Hope it brings me the luck I need right now to take care of her and I as well be a huge success.   

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Issues with ZYNGA!!!

This picture shows how many of us feel when Zynga games don't work!   I have sat for weeks, months trying to get them to listen and talk.  Now we assume they are listening but they have nothing to say back.  Why oh Why Zynga do you torture us???  

So the new topic for me with Zynga is fairness!!!  With MW there is a new city Mumbai for a limited time so what is the point of it. To make it things worse you can go into it unless you have 635 people in your mafia!! How frustrated am I that I have 634!!  What annoys me is what about the people that don't even have 50 or 100 people in their mafia?? Same thing with their other games like Frontierville you can't buy a General Store unless you have 5 neighbors.  What about someone who has 1 friend or no friends?  Sad as it maybe its the way of the world. So we make them feel worse because they can't play the game like others because they are a loner or have no friends.  The games should be made fair to play!!!!  None of this you have to be at level 700 to get certain things in MW.  None of this you have to have so many neighbors to have a store etc.   Should be like they have with gifts, each level you reach something new opens up.    With MW and the Mumbai issue well I guess players could go to pimping clubs like Don Sweeney's Pimping Club for Mafia Wars and get more people.  Only thing is will the get enough before Zynga pulls Mumbai from the game. Then you have people don't want to do that for they worry who they will add to their page.  Lets face it there are some nuts out there. I have run into a few with the pimping.  There has to be a way to make all the games fair for everyone.  What about the children on here playing, we don't need to put them at any more risk.                                                                                         

So my battle with Zynga continues and more issues get added.  Will I ever get anywhere with them...UM I DOUBT IT!!!  I think Mark Pincus is to busy raking in the dough and driving his fancy cars to car.  The longer we keep helping him live like this the longer we will suffer.   We saw the other day  what kind of people work at Zynga.  They are about to blow up a huge armor truck, Scott had no idea what he was doing or saying, the camera guy was all over the place then when its time for the big bang they stick Snoop in the way!!!!  Duh camera man can't you see he is blocking the shot!!!!  Then we had to put up with Snoop's foul language, hello Zynga didn't you tell him no foul language you know kids play the game.  So you know they would be watching what kid wouldn't want to watch a truck blow up.  Then the blow up the little bit we did catch I have to say...LAME!!!  

With the project I am trying to get off the ground I am hoping will lead to me getting to talk to Zynga and Facebook.  Just a nice sit down about all the issues and concerns that are out there.  Get the answers we want instead of the standard...we are aware of the problem and in the process of correcting it.

So join my group and post your complaints, suggestions etc.  Get yourself heard..if they are listening!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Slow week No Zynga & Facebook Podcast

Well its a slow week for John Sweeney decided to take a day off from podcast.  What a life?! LOL  Just kidding.  Yeah right how dare he take off!!  :=D  So will resume blogging about him and his show next Monday.  He continues to work very hard on Zynga and Facebook information and getting it out on Facebook.  I know how hard and tough it is.  For I have been trying to get Zynga to listen to complaints etc and they don't acknowledge you.  Or if they do they give you the standard answer or their form letter.  I continue to fight this battle along with my other day to day things.  I have been working on a project and if gets picked up part of it is to get Zynga and Facebook to do a face to face interview.  Along with some other internet companies.  All has been submitted so now I just sit and wait...yeah no I continue to look into other ways to make this happen.    

Well the Giant\Jet game was on Monday, I am not a fan of either plus preseason games are a yawn.  For they don't want anyone getting hurt.  Game picked up a little then the Giants blew the Jets away 31-16. What else is new for the Jets. :-D  Me being a Dolphins fan I was happy they lost preseason or not.  I am looking forward to the season starting for I love my football and hockey!  Give me a jersey, jeans and a beer and lets watch the game! 

So I went out today to run some errands and I ran into my most recent ex.  We said hi and talked outside a store, a woman's store so he says to me there is my girlfriend.  Door was open so can see in, so I see a woman about 50 and another woman say 30s and beautiful. So I am thinking you piece of sh*t you are rubbing that in my face.  What I didn't call or text you back two days ago so you ran and got the first thing that came along.  So the beauty comes out and goes on her way.  He was in the middle of telling me how great I looked and didn't realized I lost so much weight I figured he knew where to meet her.  WAS I WRONG!!!  The other woman in 50s comes out and say ok honey I am ready.  ROTFLMBO!!! Gosh I was having a bad day till then.  Now the woman was attractive for her age.  But he is a guy who is my age 43 but looks mid to late 30s, hot too UGH hate admitting that.  Its always great when you run into an ex and their new girlfriend is either old or not good looking and you think wow you left me for that!!!  Well while waiting he was nice enough to inform me she was one of the women he cheated with.  REALLY?!?!?  You had to tell me that why?  Then I think why her and what does she have.  I guess no self worth how can she stay with someone like him. Then again she probably has no clue on him and his ways. When she came out he did introduce me as his friend....FRIEND REALLY!!!  We are not even close to friends after all he did.  Then the guy has the nerve to call me hours later..what a piece of work.   To tell me he misses me so much, he loves me, wants another chance and I look awesome. That he never meant to hurt me or cheat on me.  BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!  Heard that before then he did it again.  Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you there is no third time.   Plus all the other things he did or didn't do.   I am just happy I am strong enough to move on.  Sure I stopped to think about the good times, the laughs etc and as much as it brings a smile to my face.  I have to remember the bad too and that outweighs the good.  Its sad for I really had thought this was the one.  Some ask me do you plan to date again.. UM NO well not anytime soon for I have to much on my plate.  Even with him I had to much and we fought so why do it all over again.  

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Facebook & Zynga Podcast 8/9/10 show

Well John Sweeney had his second podcast tonight.  Tonight's show was 45 mins instead of 30.  First let me say again that John is a dear dear friend, I know him over 20 year so I can say anything and get away with it (I hope) LOL :-D  

First John was not as nervous as last week, actually he was pretty steady.  I am impressed..yeah so not..LOL   I ask the same question as last week, Dude where the heck is your Brooklyn Accent?...Jeez Man!!! :-)   All kidding aside John did very well and will be a pro in no time.  

NOW about the show!!  A little crazy at time with people talking over each other for John had Joanne as co-host tonight.  So hard to hear or get all the information. Guess a kink he will have to work out.   It's great that he has Godfathers of Clans on the show or they call in to support him.  Good to hear what everyone is thinking about regarding the issues with Facebook or Zynga. Only problem I see is he has to make the calls shorter if he sees he has other calls.  For tonight he had a GF on and the call went pretty long so then at the end of the show John was rushing to take as many calls as he could then got caught short so had to hurry the person up.  Yes I know its only his second week, just giving a helpful suggestion. John, please don't take that the wrong way.  Just you know how people can get..oh i waited for 20 mins and he never took my call or he rushed me and didn't get the answer i wanted....then they are telling everyone on FB.  Better to fix it now then have an issue later I say. :-)  One other suggestion ..log on instructions for podcast.  I noticed a lot of people couldn't figure it out or couldn't figure out how to get the sound so maybe post something in the live chat before the show starts.  Maybe even post it as the showing on so those coming late know what to do.  Also information on how to listen via Skype.

Otherwise the show was very good.  He talked about the Facebook Credits issue.  People you need to be very careful when you are using your credit card online.   Facebook has screwed up again, if you used a credit card to buy something on FB its now stored there.  So if someone hacks your account they now have your credit card number.  For more on this you can listen to John's show, I have it posted in a blog and I am sure John has it posted on FB page---!/pages/The-Facebook-Zynga-Podcast/145826638767230?ref=ts  I will be posting the link to his podcast below so please go and listen to tonight's or last week show(here is that link  Hear all that was said, there was discussion again on tonight's show about using bookmarklets.  You need to be careful using them.  More on those on his first show.  

John mentioned that you should changed your password every month which is recommended.  As well he explained that if you get pink box stop posting on FB for 24 hours.  That means you are 10 posts from having your FB page shut down.  Man can you believe that crap.  Then to get page back is a horror could take hours or up to months...LOL  They have got to be kidding on that.   His next show is an hour and hope he gets to cover a lot more.  I know most of his followers are Mafia Wars gamers but hope he talks about the other games as well.  They did joke around about playing Farmville as much as some are addicted to Mafia Wars others are addicted to Farmville, Frontierville, Petville, Whoville oh wait that is from When The Grinch Stole Christmas.  LOL  Just hoping its the show opens up to many more topics etc.  I am being very brief for I want you all to go and listen to John's Podcasts.  He is putting in the time and effort to get us the information we need or want so please go listen.  Keep up the great job John!!!  And get that Brooklyn Accent back...LOL  

Just a quick plug on some things I am working on...As many of you know or may not know I have been working on getting Zynga to hear us as well. John has been battling this a lot longer then I but I got in on the fight.  WHY i will never know...LOL  No I did it because I had a lot of gamers coming to me and talking about the issues with all the games.  They were getting frustrated had been to other groups (Not Johns) trying to get help and got nothing.  No one was monitoring the group. So I started a group on FB Zynga Please hear us!/group.php?gid=132777846758728&ref=ts  You can go there and post your complaints or suggestions etc.  The group is supposed to be viewed by Zynga on Monday afternoons. Is it happening who knows for I can't get them to give me any answers.  Please go to the group and post things for I am using the information for another project I am working on.  If all goes as I plan, Please!! I could possible have a sit down with them and Facebook.  Heck I might as well start talking to Google before they launch their social network page.  Get them to do it right the first time! 

John's next show is August 23rd at 6pm EST~~ here is the link go and set a reminder..go now!!! :-D

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well I am ready to flip out...LOL  I have lost all my GF points, have jobs I finished in NY open again, not sure what is going on with my energy packs.  

As many of you know I have been working on trying to get someone to hear us about our complaints etc.  I have been all the way to the top and still nothing.  But I am SOOOOO  not giving up, I am working just that much harder.  I am currently working on a proposal that I hope leads to a sit down with both Zynga and Facebook.  

So please I am asking whether you play mafia wars, farmville, poker etc and having issues please either email me on FB, join my group Zynga Please hear us or join my blog (links on my page under my picture) and tell me your story.  I can use all the information I can get to include in my proposal. 

I knew this mission would be hard from watching someone else do it but never thought this hard or that they would not answer me at all.   I will keep trying!!!  Thank you for all those that have been helping me out!!!

Do you live or did you live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn? Did you work in Century 21 Dept Stores? Did you go to Fort Hamilton HS?

Hi!!! A few of us are working on a reunion of the Summer of 2011. We are trying to get the word out now so by the end of the year have an idea of how many people may come.

So are you from Bay Ridge? Work in Century 21 Dept Stores from like 1983-1986 or any year you are welcome to join us? Hang out at the Kilcar House, Bean Post, JJ Bubbles etc. 1983-1988 or any year you are welcome to join us. The years selected are the years that most of us worked at Century or hung out at these bars. Did you go to Fort Hamilton HS and graduate in the 80's or any year come join us?

Its going to be a blast!!!! For many of us we have not seen each other in years! A reunion is long overdue. Time to reunite, meet their wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, children and see how everyone is doing. I know for me, since I have made contact with old friends I am sorry I ever lost touch with them. We had some great times. I am looking foward to seeing them all again and having lots of laughs.

So let me know if you are interested! Get the word out to others. Its going to be a Rockin Party.
If you want to come please send me your email address there will be a mass mailing going out.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


They can't get the games to work right here in America!!!! So lets give it a go in Japan!!!!   Zynga going to work with Unoh to tweak its games. Oh boy that's a disaster waiting to happen!  GOOD LUCK THERE!!!!  

BusinessWeek Logo
Saturday August 7, 2010
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Zynga buys Japanese social game maker Unoh

August 06, 2010, 2:47 AM EDT
partner logo
By Dan Nystedt
Popular social game developer Zynga Game Networks has acquired Unoh and plans to use the Japanese game maker to launch mobile products in Japan, it said Friday.
Zynga, which developed popular games for Facebook, such as 'Farmville,' said the mobile products effort in Japan will be a joint venture between Zynga Japan and SoftBank, which has a Japanese mobile phone subsidiary.
The companies did not say how much Zynga paid for Unoh.
Unoh, of Tokyo, was founded in 2001 and created popular Japanese games, Machitsuku!, Band Yarouyo! and Kaizoku Chronicle.
Zynga Japan plans to work with Unoh to tweak its own social games for the Japanese market, Zynga said in a statement. Unoh will also be central to its efforts to develop new games for people in Japan.
Unoh's founder and CEO, Shintaro Yamada, will lead Zynga Japan's mobile efforts.


Can't believe Football season is almost here!! Only 5 more weeks..WOO HOO!!!

I am working hard on getting a spot to hopefully blog on the games.  I love my football.  So to be able to blog about it will be great and make money even better :-)

I live in NY but I am a Miami Dolphin Fan!! I am their #1 fan..LOL  I am sure all their fans are saying that.  I love when they play the Jets it so exciting being I live in NY.  Most of my friends are Jets fans so its a lot of fun to talk smack and make bets etc.  

I look forward to watching the games and writing about them, hopefully.  I am also hoping to do it for hockey too.  My other favorite sport, love the slamming players up against the glass etc.  Its such an exciting game!  

I am looking forward to hopefully blogging about this two sports for its something I love doing.  I know I am tired of blogging about my ex boyfriend.  Gosh you think the guy would get the hint.  I hope he has after my song postings on FB and the phone call we just had.  He wasn't very happy with my Who is holding Donna choice...aaawww poor baby..shouldn't of cheated twice more importantly didn't give my daughter the respect she deserved.   That's a big no no.  He says he would try harder not used to being around kids etc.  Please!!!!  I had a boyfriend who didn't have a child or around any and he treated her like GOLD!!!  So get real!!!  Also helloooo you cheated on my twice and still with the second girl,come on now.  I am good thanks especially after my posts and status post.  I got it all out of my system and ready to move on with life. I was on that road till he opted to get in touch.

Anyway enough on that...let me know if there is anything you would like me to blog about.  

Zynga and Facebook

What can I say???  Zynga is not giving back money to people who kids bought imaginary stuff that don't help play the games.  How can they even have the means for children to be able to buy things, like charging it to cell phone.  OH MY GOODNESS!!! You got to be kidding me!!!  Where are the cell companies..oh I know enjoying the extra cash they are getting.  Its a vicious cycle and someone has to stand up and get it to stop.  Ok a child stealing their mother's credit card..Yikes, that I guess is a hard one to argue.  My daughter knows not to go into my bag and when told to knows to get what she has to and get out.  She would never think of taking money let alone a credit card.  I get that people want to buy energy etc so they don't have to wait for it.  We keep lining Zynga's pockets and they are not even willing to listen to us or give anyone feedback.  Its all legal bs when the finally do say something or a formatted answer.  Please we are much smarter then that Zynga.  We know you are just feeding us a line to make us disappear.  

Facebook well this is the latest ~~~~ the Facebook Credit System.  This was posted by others on FB 

The last method of payment you used to purchase RPs from Zynga has been AUTOMATICALLY saved in Facebook!

This method will be used to pay for any RP purchases you make, and you do not get to verify anything before it is used. It will not even direct you to PayPal to verify the payment -- it is automatically authorized.

To delete these payment methods:

1) Go to Facebook Account, Account Settings
2) Click the "Payments" tab
3) Click the "manage" out beside "Payment methods"

If you used a credit card, there will be credit card information listed. If you used PayPal, at the bottom it indicates the email address used for your PayPal account. YOU MUST DELETE THIS!!!! If someone hacks your Facebook account, they can now make Facebook-related purchases automatically without any additional approval or passwords needed! I assume you will need to delete this information after every Zynga purchase.

This is a nightmare!!!! They fix one privacy issues they screw up another and this one is HUGE!!!  Someone hacks into your Facebook account they can make purchases.  WHAT THE HECK????  I hope you all saw the information on all this if not here it is thanks to John Sweeney who has been posting it for all to see plus his comments.  Be careful!!! 

Facebook has a major issue issue with their Facebook Credit System that can affect you if your account is ever hacked.

Alot of you have seen this message going out to the various clans and on peoples profiles :

The last method of payment you used to purchase RPs from Zynga has been AUTOMATICALLY saved in Facebook!

This method will be used to pay for any RP purchases you make, and you do not get to verify anything before it is used. It will not even direct you to PayPal to verify the payment -- it is automatically authorized.

To delete these payment methods:

1) Go to Facebook Account, Account Settings
2) Click the "Payments" tab
3) Click the "manage" out beside "Payment methods"

If you used a credit card, there will be credit card information listed. If you used PayPal, at the bottom it indicates the email address used for your PayPal account.

YOU MUST DELETE THIS!!!! If someone hacks your Facebook account, they can now make Facebook-related purchases automatically without any additional approval or passwords needed! I assume you will need to delete this information after every Zynga purchase.

Well this as it turns out is more serious that what it says. Yes, your information is saved after every purchase and you will need to delete it, if you can. Most people have been able to remove it on their own. But if you dont remove it, you will leave yourself vulnerable to any hackers who get into your Facebook account.

It seems all reward points purchases made BEFORE Zynga's recent 1 day blow out sale are SAFE, these where handled by Zynga directly. All purchases made afterwards where made through Zynga then converted into FB Credits, then Back into RP and this is how Facebook has gathered your details

BUT, and this is where the scary part comes in. If you used that credit card or paypal info to purchase an ad on Facebook for one of your pages then you are out of luck.

You can NOT remove your credit card info you will get this message :

Unable to remove this credit card because it is the primary funding source for your Facebook Ads account. To remove this card, you must first change your primary funding source from the Ads Manager. You may also close your Facebook Ads account to stop all advertising and remove all cards from your account.

Ok now when you try to remove your Facebook Ads account you will get this message :

This is your primary funding source. We will attempt to bill invoices against your primary funding source first. However, in the event that a payment fails, we will attempt to bill other funding sources associated with your account.

You cannot edit or remove your primary funding source. In order to remove this funding source, you must first make another funding source the primary source. To edit the billing details for this source, add it again and then remove the original entry for the funding source.

And this is even if that card expired you cant remove it with out giving them another one. So as you can see once again Facebook has left you vulnerable to hackers and they have refused to contact me or comment on this issue after numerous attempts. REAL NICE FACEBOOK.

They have once again left you, their VALUED user, exposed to the elements and with this open graph of theirs Hackers are becoming more of an issue everyday.

And this is not only isolated to Zynga but every social game, and Facebook credits purchase you make. Yes Every One. So you are at their mercy once again.

There are also reports of peoples accounts being double and tripled billed for purchases they never made.

So the bottom line here is that I am recommending that you be very careful with any game purchases or any purchases on Facebook for now. Until they address this issue and eliminate the bugs and allow your credit info to be completely removed with no restrictions I say dont buy anything on Facebook, if you need to buy game credits get a game gift card and enter it on the games site as that is still safe. And if you must make purchases through the game remember to remove that info so just in case a hacker does get hold of your Facebook account they dont get your credit card info too.