Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Issues with ZYNGA!!!

This picture shows how many of us feel when Zynga games don't work!   I have sat for weeks, months trying to get them to listen and talk.  Now we assume they are listening but they have nothing to say back.  Why oh Why Zynga do you torture us???  

So the new topic for me with Zynga is fairness!!!  With MW there is a new city Mumbai for a limited time so what is the point of it. To make it things worse you can go into it unless you have 635 people in your mafia!! How frustrated am I that I have 634!!  What annoys me is what about the people that don't even have 50 or 100 people in their mafia?? Same thing with their other games like Frontierville you can't buy a General Store unless you have 5 neighbors.  What about someone who has 1 friend or no friends?  Sad as it maybe its the way of the world. So we make them feel worse because they can't play the game like others because they are a loner or have no friends.  The games should be made fair to play!!!!  None of this you have to be at level 700 to get certain things in MW.  None of this you have to have so many neighbors to have a store etc.   Should be like they have with gifts, each level you reach something new opens up.    With MW and the Mumbai issue well I guess players could go to pimping clubs like Don Sweeney's Pimping Club for Mafia Wars and get more people.  Only thing is will the get enough before Zynga pulls Mumbai from the game. Then you have people don't want to do that for they worry who they will add to their page.  Lets face it there are some nuts out there. I have run into a few with the pimping.  There has to be a way to make all the games fair for everyone.  What about the children on here playing, we don't need to put them at any more risk.                                                                                         

So my battle with Zynga continues and more issues get added.  Will I ever get anywhere with them...UM I DOUBT IT!!!  I think Mark Pincus is to busy raking in the dough and driving his fancy cars to car.  The longer we keep helping him live like this the longer we will suffer.   We saw the other day  what kind of people work at Zynga.  They are about to blow up a huge armor truck, Scott had no idea what he was doing or saying, the camera guy was all over the place then when its time for the big bang they stick Snoop in the way!!!!  Duh camera man can't you see he is blocking the shot!!!!  Then we had to put up with Snoop's foul language, hello Zynga didn't you tell him no foul language you know kids play the game.  So you know they would be watching what kid wouldn't want to watch a truck blow up.  Then the blow up the little bit we did catch I have to say...LAME!!!  

With the project I am trying to get off the ground I am hoping will lead to me getting to talk to Zynga and Facebook.  Just a nice sit down about all the issues and concerns that are out there.  Get the answers we want instead of the standard...we are aware of the problem and in the process of correcting it.

So join my group and post your complaints, suggestions etc.  Get yourself heard..if they are listening!!

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