Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good News for me & A big THANK YOU to John "can you hear me now" Sweeney lol :-D

WOO HOO!!!  My blogs about John "can you hear me now" Sweeney's podcast on Zynga &Facebook are a big hit with some people I have contacted about writing jobs.  One or two wished I had been more professional then funny...BOO that's no fun :-D  I get the point and will have to see if I can do that, kind of hard when its a friend you are writing about.  You want to pick on them or be funny.   They also liked my blogs on Zynga and Facebook they just wish I had more facts as well more feedback through my group on Zynga.  Will take their advice and work harder on it for I need one if not a few of them to give me a job.

So thank you my dear friend John Sweeney for being so passionate about Zynga and Facebook, creating your show, for being a great host and sport! So when you are famous don't forget the little people who helped get you there! :-D Who am I kidding, DON'T FORGET ME!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!?  ROTFL  

Oh let me explain the can you hear me now, John last week on his podcast had technical difficulties, he was so boring he made himself fall asleep, his head hit his laptop and crashed the show...ROTFLMAO.. no serious he had technical troubles and sound went so no one could hear him.  So later if you went back to hear the recording of the show at the point he realizes no one can hear he tries over and over to fix it and kept saying Can You Hear Me Now! So my new name for him is John "can you hear me now" Sweeney. :-D  

Please join my group(ahem Mr. Sweeney I joined and promote all yours...LOL), post your complaints, opinions, suggestions etc.  The group is small right now but trying to make it bigger.  So please join and tell your friends about it. I am working on Zynga viewing the group once a week, I got it to happen once I think. I got told someone would look but have not been able to confirm it.  I did request they view the group once a week, Mondays @ 6pm or to give me a day a time so I could open the group to public view for them.  Still no word on that or anything else but I will keep trying. I open the group every Monday at 6 and leave it open for an hour just in case.

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