Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Facebook Zynga Podcast 8/30/10

Okay so where do I start?  Let me first say I am sorry to John for he may not like this blog or my other one. 

This week the show was slow.  John started out joking about can you hear me now in reference to last week show.  Explained why the show went down and such.  John is again joined by co-host Joanne.  Joanne seems to be the dominant one out of the two.  Even when speaking she is much louder then John not sure its their equipment but you can hardly hear him. 

They spoke more about FB disabling accounts and how FB becoming more anti social.  As well talked about how FB has no real customer service and having privacy issues.

Spoke about how people were putting up real hit list and 3 people were killed.  As well a girl in England thought she was talking to teenager went to meet the person and was killed.  Facebook needs to jump on this a lot quicker.  John mentioned in the middle of the night he saw nude photos being posted on feed. (We know he loved that..LOL) 

The show was mostly on FB, them disabling accounts, law suits and other things.  Want more information you can listen to John's podcast or check out my other blog, will be posted to my FB page soon.  They did touch on things from last week because showed got cut off for technical difficulties just seemed so dragged out for the first 40 minutes.  Plus its a call in show, he used to announce that at the start of the show with number no more. Plus he would repeat during show again no more. Joanne did mention it once.  I wish we got to hear more from other players.  No one is on skype or typing in live chat either I guess.  He had 4 calls and only 2 were about Facebook or Zynga.  I know he has lots of friends who want to show support but players want help and information.   I had said he was 80% professional in last blog but not so much this week.  He sounded very tired or just out of it.

They did touch on Zynga briefly about how they are ending Cross Promotions at the end of month (August) but turns out its still running.  Touched on how the Pignatas promotion was a failure.  You can only collect 3 in a 24 hour period and it only ran for the weekend.  DUMB!!!  Zlotto was talked about, it has some good things if you are interested. 

First a reminder, John is a very dear friend and I say what I do out of friendship and care for him.  This week show wasn't his best.  I don't know he just seemed out of it, he was talking but had no life in him.  Joanne had more life in her voice.  I know John well enough to know that this is a passion of his and wants to help everyone but also for this to be a stepping stone for him and his career.  He has to put his game face back on.  I know he cares for the gamers but this show he sounded like he was out of it.  Plus they were doing better with the talking over and this week it happened again. I know it happens not sure it can't be totally fixed.  You lose what is being said by one as the other cuts in. I don't know that either of them know they are doing it, again may be their equipment.

John has something really good here, he could take this so far.  He said that FB, Zynga and others are listening.  If so then he should have an outline for how he wants the show to go.  Show them he has it together and is 100% pro.  He has put to much time and effort into FB\Zynga to get them to listen.  Don't want them to bail for some stupid thing like can't hear him etc.  Even I have something in the works and they are going to start listening this week.  So I need you to put your game face on, get the juices flowing and liven up!! :-D

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