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The Facebook Zynga Podcast~~~9/6/10

So lets get started first let me say, Jeez the one week I need John to be professional he decides to goof around..well thanks a lot John....LOL  Man he changes direction like the wind.  All in all I love him NOT!!!  He is killing me!!

Anyhow, let me start with John had his game face back on this week. He sounded great, he was more in control and had lots of life. Unlike last week he sounded like he was doing us all a favor. :-D  Joanne was on as co-host.

So John started out by sending out condolences to several peoples families and clans that lost people this week.  Lets take a minute to pray for those families. 

Of course I can't blog without a complaint! What would my blogs about his show be without at least one.  So he is thinking now what?  This week it wasn't him it was a caller who was cutting him off.  LOL I know this again, I am sorry its a pet peeve of mine plus its hard to get the information.  At least it wasn't them this week :-D    Then I have to remember that it is a fun podcast and not so formatted so things will happen.  That is not a bad thing!!!  Don't need everyone emailing that I am being mean.  All I am saying is John and Joanne doing it in a more relax format.  Example the friends calling in and joking around etc. 

So onto the shows information enough picking on John, for now. lol  John talked about a site called Global Resource Center, website is\resource\home.  He has more information about this on the Facebook Zynga Podcast fan page on FB.   Basically they will have FB news\scams\Zynga news\Internet news.  John has a subgroup for the show\his blogs.   I don't have much on this for at this point of show John did get lower for some reason.

Next he spoke of a site called Kelsey Live. com.  Yes its Kelsey Grammer the actor.  Its a one stop shop for social networks, Twitter, FB, MySpace etc.  They also have tv shows, music, sports etc. John feels the site has potential if they work it right.  Kelsey has twitted John. So John is on Twitter if you want more from him.  Gosh how much more of him can we take...LOL  He is all over my page what about yours?  :-D  So back to the site, it doesn't have games like MW or Farmville etc but it has arcade games. It has right now about 18,113 members.  There are celebrities on the site.  John likes that you can combine all social sites in one spot.

John talked about how its Labor Day and the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  He did a lot of work for it was he was a kid, still does when he can.  He hoped everyone helped out with what they can.  I think many of us did something for it when we were kids.  I told my daughter about it, she is looking to do something for next year.  We currently do lemonade stand for St. Jude's Hospital.   Jerry's kids need the help too.  So please try and send something.  Every little bit helps.

So to the first caller, she wanted to say hello as well discuss security issues.   She has her FB wide open to everyone for she is an artist and wants it that way.  She wants the information available.
John mentions how that is not only open to FB but to the web.  He has his wall open to everyone but hides the rest of his page.  You have to hide the information you don't want out there.  At one time all FB information was private you had to make it public now its reverse. 
Caller of course said people shouldn't put things they don't want seen on page.  As well it comes down to personal responsibility then to FB. At least that is what I think was said.

They then spoke about Facebook Places. John explained how its for you mobile phone and can't track you unless you are using phone and logged in.  You can't be tagged without your consent.  It tells your friends where you are if you want them to know.  Talk about getting even lazier now instead of calling friends we let them track us through Facebook Places.  HMMM I think now this might come in handy for something.  Whoo Hoo thanks for the heads up.

Next caller having Zynga problems.  He bought Zynga points one minute they were there the next they were gone.  He has been contact Zynga and no such luck.  John suggested Live Chat caller said it just a loop and took him back where he started.   He asked John for help, John gave him two phone numbers then told him if he didn't get anywhere to email John.  John offered to talk to Zynga to see if he could get it fixed.

Third caller mentioned that the previous caller could cancel credit card purchase and when Zynga comes for money then get your points.  They got into the credit card information again and how if you buy something your credit information is stored and you have to go and remove it.
The caller wanted to know about FB credits.  Do you get them based on how long you are on site etc.  John says everyone got 20 credits when the started it and when you buy something for games you are given a few extra.

John then got into FB news.  Talked more about disabling accounts and how it is slowing down.  Could be do to people complaining and companies like Zynga complaining.  Ok John didn't use the work complaining he used another..John now now and you call yourself a Reverend!!  LOL

There are still issues with adding people to your account.  You can't do it if you don't know them personally.  It will ask and you need to say yes if you are looking to build up your MW family etc.

New Security Feature coming out, this one John likes.  Many people leave work, home, library etc and forget to log out of their Facebook Acct.  Now people can come along and post things that can be damaging.  So FB new feature is you can go to acct security and all active sessions will be listed and you can then close them down.

Another good feature is when you are away from pc and know you logged off you can now get email and text when acct is logged into.  Then you have the ability to go to above feature and end session.  John recommends this and to get email and text.  If you get email or text John highly suggest you change password immediately.  He says you should changed password every month.

FB came out with Credit Gift Cards now available at Target.  Use these on your game purchases instead of your credit card.  This way you don't have your credit information on file and can't be stolen. FB coming out with this to be sure they get there 30%. Hey in the end its all about money.  Like they don't have enough as it is.  

Next up was San Juan, how it turned into a nightmare for Zynga.  People didn't access, some got white screen, page reloading etc.  Just an total nightmare.  Zynga told John that it would be back and they would give everyone time to finish it.  Sadly those who started have to start all over.  Now that is a bummer.  Zynga needs to test these things out to be sure the server can handle it.  Don't work don't put it out there.  

John mentioned how Zynga and Facebook are listening to the show so if you have issues tune in.  John mentioned his mafia pages, Don Sweeney Pimping Club for Mafia Wars, Don Sweeney Pimping Club for other games and he as many more.  He doesn't pimp now because of all the problems with the disabling of adding to many people etc.  So they are self pimp sites now.   As well he doesn't want to get disabled.  I remember when he first started Don Sweeney Pimping Club, he was a hit and soon got disabled.  He had to start all over again and it was no fun for him. He had a lot of great friends to be there for support and help him start over.

He thanked everyone for their support and for listening. They are there to help and keep everyone informed with what is going on.  Like I mentioned last week, he could have a good thing with this if he stays on the right pace. Tonight's show was good, he was more on his game.  Was glad to hear him with more life, not so happy he was in a goofy mood.  I have people listening to him tonight and he does this. UGH  LOL  Rather they heard this week then last weeks, that truly would of killed things.  

Final Note:  John and Joanne will not be doing on show on Sept 20th for they are getting married on Sept 17th. So send Joanne all your condolences oh best wishes...LOL  Kidding John! Really stop by and wish them both all the best.  Myself and John's other friends are taking bets odds are 50-1 he goes through with it, if so then its 1000-1 he lasts a year.  ROTFLMAO  Again ONLY KIDDING!!!!  You know we all love you.   Alexis and I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.  Tell Joanne if she needs a good divorce lawyer  I know one...LOL  
Congratulations to you both and all the best!!!!

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  1. Gosh not up that long and got an email Ok goofy, i mean playing around in a funny way. Or like calling Joanne Honey...NO I AM NOT AGAINST THAT!! make that very clear I think its sweet just I had people listening for something and hoped it was more on a professional level. hope that clears things up. I think they should have fun with it.