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Zynga & Facebook Podcast 9/27/10

John Sweeney returned this week to his podcast show along with his co-host Joanne. They were back as Mr. and  Mrs. Sweeney, if you didn't know they got married.
Ok lets be clear once again, I know John 25 years so I can pick on him, its in no way a reflection or towards Joanne in anyway,  she sounds like a lovely girl. Just me picking on John.
So Joanne if you read this ..Congratulations on your wedding I wish you all the best.  John is a great man, you are one lucky lady and vice versa.

Usually I pick on John, make a few laughs but this weeks its tough but will give it a try.   They started the show talking about getting married.  As many of you know if you saw John's 65 million post (we should call him The Don of Posting, lol) on the wedding they had a Mafia Wars wedding, correction the First Mafia Wars Wedding. Zynga was nice to supply them with MW hats etc as well gave the couple a honeymoon.    I am sure many of you read their love story, so sweet right?  They sound so perfect and happy...BLAH  LOL  Don't they know their couples out there miserable they don't want to here some happy love story, they want you miserable too.....LOL   Wonder what the true story is???? HMMMMMMMM  LOL :-D

Well you just wait my friend like many of us know... you get that piece of paper...sure in the beginning still nice, honeymoon phase then when you are least expecting it...............................BAM!!! everything as you know it changes, you are no longer you or able to do what you want or like to do, your life as you as you once knew it..OVER...ROTFLMAO...then you are miserable like the rest of us. OH WAIT... I am single.  You will be miserable like the rest of the married couples  LOL   I will be living up the single life,which consists of sitting home on the weekend, eating ice cream and watching some horror flicks! lol  But I am single and don't have man drama nor relationship drama. :-)  Oh and no one to answer to, do as they say etc.  AAAAHHHH silence!!  Just me and my daughter, nothing better :-D
Now that I got that out of my system for now..LOL  John, you are such a great  friend. I love that you are happy and being such a good sport.  As long as we have a good laugh and no one gets hurt that's all that matters :-D

I truly do wish John and Joanne all the best. I wish them lots of luck, love and happiness.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney!!!!! 

Now on to the show, first I highly recommend you listen to this show there was a lot of information .....Nate from Zynga was a guest on the show. Nate is one of the Community Managers at Zynga. Their job is to help strengthen the community, be advocates for the community as well review the forums\board all for Mafia Wars. They are looking for more people to make a connection, build friendships. Nate talked about how Zynga is starting to communicate with the players, they realize communication is key and working on improving it.
John asked Nate if Vegas Loot was going to be gift able and if so time frame on when it will happen. Nate did say some of the loot would be gift able but not determined when it would be. For they need to work on program issues to make it happen as well economic impact as well. Will consumables be gift able, taking into considerations and looking into it further. John suggest maybe make them were the players buy them with their Vegas chips.
John mentioned how many players were talking about how their update on MW home page were disappearing. Page would refresh and information would be cleared out. Nate said they are trying out new things for better displays. Sometimes things work sometimes they don't. Also those with larger mafia families will lose a lot for the is only so much that can be displayed at one time. Again Zynga working on improving it.
The next topic were the slot machines and a debate with a few people hit the jackpot but only getting paid a 1,000 a month. Nate said yes, its like hitting the lotto you get annual payments same here. Its keeps people interested in playing the game. Plus its fair to the other players.
Next they discussed Mafia Wars Clans and registering them and having a clan database. Nate said they are talking about it. For the clans as well the trading groups. The game was designed as individual play but soon players started clans, came up with their on vocabulary etc. So Zynga looking into doing more with the clans etc.
Nate the mentioned the Mafia Wars Event in Las Vegas, originally set for Oct 15-16 but was postponed due to the huge interest. They want to give the players time to make arrangements etc to attend so now be scheduled for some time in January or February of 2011. You can met other players, MW developers will be there, you can get things to play the game etc.
The was a question about why you have to wait 24 hours to accept gifts like pignatas or super loot. Nate said its only fair to new players and keeps things balanced.
A caller called in, he wanted to know if there was a chance of Zynga putting players in rank within 30-40 levels of each other. Nate said it was a big feedback they were getting and looking into this and the rules of engagement for fighting. Second caller wanted to know why gifting in Fishville is easier then in MW. With MW it takes so long. Nate said he would have to talk to the Fishville programmers and see how they do it. He has to look into it further. Third caller looking to find out if Beta gifting tool was a rumor or fake. Nate said its a fact, its out of beta but not sure when it will be released. Gifting tool will allow you to send multiple gifts.
Before Nate left John did ask if the stamina boost would be brought back. Nate said they were very popular and will probably come back but doesn't know for sure.

John and Joanne are doing a great job, there was some feedback during show, not sure why.  Haven't heard that before.  Having Nate on was huge, it was great to actual hear a voice from Zynga.  Nate sounds like a nice guy as well interested in what the gamers have to say and looking into what will make things better for the gamers.

Nate was a great sport for he was under the weather and hung in there. Joanne was her peppy self, John I don't know he was out in space and need an upper...ROTFL  Just kidding, John also under the weather.  I hope John and Nate are both feeling better.
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