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Zynga & Facebook Podcast 10/4/10

Before I start..keep an eye out for my story on John Sweeney, The Man behind Facebook Zynga Podcast.

John started out this week's show sending out condolences to friends, clans who have lost a member or family members.  There were quite a few last week.

I recommend you take time to listen to show.  My blog this week is a brief outline.  I am under the weather, as well taking care of a sick child with other personal things going on so my head just not into it this week.  Sorry John promise it will be better for next show.   
 Here is the link to the show:

Next John and Joanne discussed a new group they started, A Safe Haven For Abused Women & Children. The site has discussion groups, resources as well John is working on getting counselors, and other help.  Also trying to get law enforcement aware of the group to have them let victims know about it.  The group is for everyone, women, children, men, elderly.  They are trying to contact centers around the country.   Joanne talked about how its a hard topic to look at. Some don't know they are in an abusive relationship till its to late.   There are all types of abuse, physical, emotional, verbal on not just women and children but men, the elderly etc. Not just mom and dad abusing their children could be a family member doing it.  John is trying to get news media involved, celebrities, he has a judge in the group.  He wants this group to be a place to go even if you don't talk and just look around get the information you need to help.  There is a skype room called A Safe Haven For Abused Women & Children. If you are interested you can drop John an email and give him your skype id.  John's skype id is JohnSweeney65.  The numbers are 1 out of 3 get abused, very scary numbers.  As many know, John is a Reverend so anything discussed with him is confidential.  He can't discuss it with Joanne or anyone else.  You are free to talk to any of the admin on the site.  They are either experiencing it, have experienced it or are other forms of help.  Reach out if you need it please.

John then went on to Facebook news.  He talked how they made changes.  They changed the way your friends list is now.  They used to be in alphabetical order now its random based on activity.  John thinks it stinks.  Also they took away the ability to find your fan pages. You know have to go to a new link for them. Facebook/pages/browser.php.  They categorized everything but didn't break it down very well.  Nice idea but it really needs work as well put a link on our page to get access.  They are trying to hard, not in right direction and screwing up FB experience.  Also still trouble with adding friends saying you don't know them so you can't add them.   

They took a call, the caller wanted to tell John or she said exactly this "You are one of God's Angels on Earth. The work you are doing with your group, I am giving you an A+"  She was putting the link to his group on her group site.  She told him it was truly amazing what he was doing and God Bless him and Joanne. He said how they are just trying to help people, that is all they want to do.  For they are fine in life and looking to give back.

The next call was Ed from Evil Ed Podcast.  They talked about the Facebook fan pages and how they are set up now.   About how more ads are on the pages then before.  That is so much different then 6 months ago, never got pinked boxed.  Talked how bigger companies can buy names from Facebook so members are at 15,000 +. Were some a smaller page like Ed's only has 3,200 and thats after working hard for 3 months.  The little guy has to spend, can't afford to where the big guy if they do spend they can write it off, little guy can't. Ed mentioned Monster Mash 2010, sponsered by Evil Ed.

John got back to Facebook, talked about how the stories are getting condense and less visible.  How they are not showing the comments, making you have to go click to see comments.  Its a social site and want people to socialize but making harder for us to do that.

Then on to Zynga news, talked about the pigs  you got over the weekend.  One MW changed that John likes is the way we war.  No longer warring with friends, war with others who are not your friends.  John likes that you can either ice, war or do both on a person.  You can achieve Warlord Achievement, you can only help in 5 wars to receive the rewards.  John posts all news on the Facebook Zynga Podcast fan page. On that page he has the MW tool bar. Zynga is still running cross promotions.  Talk about the new reward program in MW. Looking to reward those who play a lot as well pay money into the game.  There is certain loot at certain levels.  Zlotto is still going on where you get pick up things for some Zynga games.  Now if you get the 3 keys you will get a sneak preview to a new game coming out this fall.   One new game is Warstorm, its a card game and could be geared for younger audience.  John says its good, has nice graphics, music.

John and Joanne will have a website called and will be up and running within 2 weeks.  In the meantime he asks for everyone to watch their fan page for news coming out this week from Zynga.  Their next show is not till Oct. 18th they will be taking off for Columbus Day.  

No jokes this week.  I couldn't due to the seriousness of the show.  Domestic Violence is a big problem.  Many are so afraid to get help or get out.  I hope many go to John's group and get help they need.  I hope some will reach out and talk or ask for help.  John like I said is a Reverend and hope many take advantage of that.  It is confidential.  
the link to John's group:

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