Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Facebook & Zynga Podcast 10/25/10

I am back to blogging about John's show.  Took some time off for it was to boring...LOL just kidding.  Personal things got in the way and this weeks blog not as informative as others, just not myself.    I do encourage everyone to listen to this show as well as the prior one. Prior one had Nate from Zynga on.  Will put the link at bottom of blog.

Well this week they discussed several things.  I must say this week John was off his game but in fairness he was under the weather. So before I go any further I know he reads my blogs..Mr. Sweeney you have to get your rest so you are better and can be a help to others.  Be sure to start doing this for don't make me come down there and get all up in your face Brooklyn style--for you know I will!!!!  LOL  Seriously you need to take care of yourself.

Ok so back to things.... His co-host Joanne did eventually join the show.  John discussed the Wall St Journal article about Facebook privacy issues how the game applications are giving user information out to third parties.  Zynga has stated they don't do that at all.  Facebook is taking action now to stop this from happening but in the meantime when you start a new game and you hit allow they are getting your information.  You can try to call these people and have your information removed but in the end they still wind up with your information.  Its just a lose lose situation.  Let's hope FB keeps their word and fixes it.  Also Canada has it where they opt in to things and that is how it should be everywhere.  We have to opt out of things.  

John then discussed that all MW members are now in Italy.  Its like Vegas but you can pick to do either energy or fight jobs you don't have to do both. If you want skill points do both but you must not click on boss job till your done with both energy and fight jobs.  Consumables there is a link for them.  Click on the link it takes you to the job that gives them to you.  You will need a lot of them for Italy.

Then he talked about the missions or as i like to call them the dreaded missions. Me personally i love them and hate them.  You have family members hounding you to get others to finish or delete them. Or I start one run out of energy and get deleted for not finishing it the first time.  Anyway..John talked about how the loot stinks now.  He likes the changed they made on missions where you can click on the person to email them to remind them.  Adding more people to missions where you need 6 or 7 people.  New cross promotions coming out with Frontierville and Farmville you will get limited addition items etc.   They are great as long as you play those games.

THOR Group developed a tool bare for mafia wars.  You can go there page or go to John's The Facebook and Zynga Podcast page for the link.

Do listen in if you can to the show especially last week with Nate from Zynga. 

For the shows I was going to post the link but forgot they now have a website you can go to
Just in case here is the link to his shows

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