Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zynga & Facebook Podcast 9/27/10

John Sweeney returned this week to his podcast show along with his co-host Joanne. They were back as Mr. and  Mrs. Sweeney, if you didn't know they got married.
Ok lets be clear once again, I know John 25 years so I can pick on him, its in no way a reflection or towards Joanne in anyway,  she sounds like a lovely girl. Just me picking on John.
So Joanne if you read this ..Congratulations on your wedding I wish you all the best.  John is a great man, you are one lucky lady and vice versa.

Usually I pick on John, make a few laughs but this weeks its tough but will give it a try.   They started the show talking about getting married.  As many of you know if you saw John's 65 million post (we should call him The Don of Posting, lol) on the wedding they had a Mafia Wars wedding, correction the First Mafia Wars Wedding. Zynga was nice to supply them with MW hats etc as well gave the couple a honeymoon.    I am sure many of you read their love story, so sweet right?  They sound so perfect and happy...BLAH  LOL  Don't they know their couples out there miserable they don't want to here some happy love story, they want you miserable too.....LOL   Wonder what the true story is???? HMMMMMMMM  LOL :-D

Well you just wait my friend like many of us know... you get that piece of paper...sure in the beginning still nice, honeymoon phase then when you are least expecting it...............................BAM!!! everything as you know it changes, you are no longer you or able to do what you want or like to do, your life as you as you once knew it..OVER...ROTFLMAO...then you are miserable like the rest of us. OH WAIT... I am single.  You will be miserable like the rest of the married couples  LOL   I will be living up the single life,which consists of sitting home on the weekend, eating ice cream and watching some horror flicks! lol  But I am single and don't have man drama nor relationship drama. :-)  Oh and no one to answer to, do as they say etc.  AAAAHHHH silence!!  Just me and my daughter, nothing better :-D
Now that I got that out of my system for now..LOL  John, you are such a great  friend. I love that you are happy and being such a good sport.  As long as we have a good laugh and no one gets hurt that's all that matters :-D

I truly do wish John and Joanne all the best. I wish them lots of luck, love and happiness.
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney!!!!! 

Now on to the show, first I highly recommend you listen to this show there was a lot of information .....Nate from Zynga was a guest on the show. Nate is one of the Community Managers at Zynga. Their job is to help strengthen the community, be advocates for the community as well review the forums\board all for Mafia Wars. They are looking for more people to make a connection, build friendships. Nate talked about how Zynga is starting to communicate with the players, they realize communication is key and working on improving it.
John asked Nate if Vegas Loot was going to be gift able and if so time frame on when it will happen. Nate did say some of the loot would be gift able but not determined when it would be. For they need to work on program issues to make it happen as well economic impact as well. Will consumables be gift able, taking into considerations and looking into it further. John suggest maybe make them were the players buy them with their Vegas chips.
John mentioned how many players were talking about how their update on MW home page were disappearing. Page would refresh and information would be cleared out. Nate said they are trying out new things for better displays. Sometimes things work sometimes they don't. Also those with larger mafia families will lose a lot for the is only so much that can be displayed at one time. Again Zynga working on improving it.
The next topic were the slot machines and a debate with a few people hit the jackpot but only getting paid a 1,000 a month. Nate said yes, its like hitting the lotto you get annual payments same here. Its keeps people interested in playing the game. Plus its fair to the other players.
Next they discussed Mafia Wars Clans and registering them and having a clan database. Nate said they are talking about it. For the clans as well the trading groups. The game was designed as individual play but soon players started clans, came up with their on vocabulary etc. So Zynga looking into doing more with the clans etc.
Nate the mentioned the Mafia Wars Event in Las Vegas, originally set for Oct 15-16 but was postponed due to the huge interest. They want to give the players time to make arrangements etc to attend so now be scheduled for some time in January or February of 2011. You can met other players, MW developers will be there, you can get things to play the game etc.
The was a question about why you have to wait 24 hours to accept gifts like pignatas or super loot. Nate said its only fair to new players and keeps things balanced.
A caller called in, he wanted to know if there was a chance of Zynga putting players in rank within 30-40 levels of each other. Nate said it was a big feedback they were getting and looking into this and the rules of engagement for fighting. Second caller wanted to know why gifting in Fishville is easier then in MW. With MW it takes so long. Nate said he would have to talk to the Fishville programmers and see how they do it. He has to look into it further. Third caller looking to find out if Beta gifting tool was a rumor or fake. Nate said its a fact, its out of beta but not sure when it will be released. Gifting tool will allow you to send multiple gifts.
Before Nate left John did ask if the stamina boost would be brought back. Nate said they were very popular and will probably come back but doesn't know for sure.

John and Joanne are doing a great job, there was some feedback during show, not sure why.  Haven't heard that before.  Having Nate on was huge, it was great to actual hear a voice from Zynga.  Nate sounds like a nice guy as well interested in what the gamers have to say and looking into what will make things better for the gamers.

Nate was a great sport for he was under the weather and hung in there. Joanne was her peppy self, John I don't know he was out in space and need an upper...ROTFL  Just kidding, John also under the weather.  I hope John and Nate are both feeling better.
There is a page everyone should got to and join, its updates you scams on if they are true false etc.  Its a great page I as well John highly recommend it.     Link to scam sniper:

Friday, September 17, 2010

As they take their vows

Today is a bitter sweet day.  As two of my exes take their vows today I take the next step into the next chapter of my life.  We can always hope and dream that one that got away comes back.  For some it happens for others it doesn't.  I pray for all the best for them and me.  I have no regrets, just wish I did things differently. 

Earlier in the week I was angry and bitter gosh so many emotions.  I then vented, cried and screamed.  I felt so much better and made the final break. For one ex he truly is a wonderful man and a very dear friend.  A lot of my friends reading this will be shocked I am saying this.  He is, just because we didn't work out doesn't me he isn't a good person.  Wasn't in the cards and that's ok, I still have a great friend.
I wish him and his new wife nothing but luck, love and happiness.  I am very happy for him. 

For the other one well I wish him the best. As much as I want to be happy I can't.  I don't wish anything bad just can't show a whole lot for him.  I know that I am better off and glad it ended when it did, he just did so many wrong things.  Ones that are just unacceptable or forgiveable.

So instead of feeling sorry for myself or wishing bad things.  I embrace my new life I start today.  For now the ties I held on to for so many months have been released.  I am proud of myself for in the past I would of made bad choices and said horrible things etc.  I have grown plus have had so much pain in my life I don't want anymore.  Things happen in our life for a reason.  God wants them to go this way.  I always have my memories wish I will reflect on in a good way.  No one can take what I felt away from me or take my memories. 

Today is a great day for these two men and for me.  They start a new life.  For me, I let go and start a new.   I will always be there for my friend no matter what it is, what time or day etc.  I am there, for I don't turn my back on my friends.

I had many friends tell me what I should or shouldn't do.  I love them for caring but in the end its what makes me happy.  I had some good laughs with friends too.  You have the one girlfriend who just makes fun of the guys and you laugh so hard your side hurts.  That helped me a lot. I have one friend we were talking about our exes and I said forget their ears ringing they must be burning for all the talking we are doing about them.  She turns around and says forget their ears, I hope the family jewels are burning, burning so bad they burst into flames.  ROTFL  No she's not angry or bitter.  It was a good laugh but not something I wish on anyone.  Then you have the friends who go looking for information, then call you wth it.  Some things I won't lie made me feel so much better.  Just because you are replaced doesn't mean it was by someone better. In the end though its not my problem or my past etc its someone elses.

Don't say goodbye, Cause goodbye means walking away, And walking away means forgetting -Peter Pan   I never want or will forget, its part of my life!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time to tell my story about the exes getting married.

Here we go.  Ok many see me posting on my page about how two of my exes are getting married this week.  Heck same day and time they must of talked and planned it that way.  Broken Angel yes but going to be a Strong Angel.  You can break me, hurt me but you won't knock me down.

So lets start with the latest ex.  He was a cheating, lying, selfish Bas***d.
I caught him over and over, cheating, lying etc.  I took it for I loved him and wanted us to be together.  Here is a helpful hint, your child don't like them, that's a HUGE sign.  I took his crap over and over.  Eventually came to a point I was just using him for his contacts because he had ones I needed for somethingt I am working on.  Thankfully after the break up he let me still us those contacts.  So he comes to me today and invites me to his wedding. REALLY?!?!?!  Why would think I would want to be there???  He is marrying a woman like 8 years older then him. What is that about?
The only reason he got let go was because I was walking on the avenue with Alexis and she spotted him, then asked why he was hugging and kissing another woman.  Gosh my heart shattered, why did my child have to see that.    So today he has been posting on his FB page about his upcoming wedding I finally had to hide it all. Then sending out emails to people who in turned emailed them to me.  Thanks.

Final note on this ex I don't really care what happens..especially with all he put me through also after coming to me and inviting me to wedding. Do I think they will make it? I doubt it buy hey who knows.

Now on to the next ex.  Well surprise surprise, I just found out that while he was talking to me he was also talking to his future wife.  He couldn't wait to talk to me, tell me how he was never losing me again, love my daughter couldn't wait to be her daddy.  In the meantime he is talking to another girl, having an online romance with her.  Tell me he is so sad we can't be together especially for the holidays I go and buy him gifts.  Then I felt bad for that was all i sent and tells me they were the best things for that is all he got and was alone!!! WTF    He was telling me how we were going to be married etc  in the meantime he is telling someone the same thing.  He came to town to see his family and claims he was sick.  Apparently he was not for I understand she was her with him.  WTF again.  My daughter cried for days for she was so sick and blamed herself for us not being able to see him.   My daughter went out of her way to make friends with him for she wanted to see me happy and was so looking forward to a new daddy.  He told her how he was going to play in the snow with her, take her place, do daddy things with her.  Crap man this guy promise to come and save me from the hell I was living in and he knows what i mean by that.  Why he had the opportunity to leave me alone.  We stopped talking in August and yes because I was a total nut case. I am not going to lie.  For I got insecure and felt something was wrong and became totally insane.  BUT I WAS RIGHT SOMETHING WAS WRONG!!! Tell me he has eyes for no one else but me.    Why not just walk away at that point. sure i wrote a letter asking for forgiveness.  Said we were fine, we discussed having a baby.  I went to dr got told had to see a high risk ob\gyn, so i go thinking we are having a baby.    Start the ball rolling to get custody in order\child support etc.  Tell him look I got to take you off Alexis' page for going to lawyers about her dad.  Next thing I know he stops telling me he loves, stops talking to me, we would poke each other a few times a day that stopped . I used to post things on his page, getting deleted.  again WTF  ..So the gut always knows, I knew there had to be someone else for he never deleted my post......So instead of breaking up with me he lets me find out on FB  WTF again.  Then he saw the wrath of Donna I was ready to crush him and good.  Oh if he is reading this I was the one that helped you with your thing I don't want to say what for then people will figure out who you are.  But I was the one who sent you all the emails told you what they were saying. As well you promised to give me a spot.  Hard to get into for then it gives to much information but you know what I am talking about. You never gave me a chance!!!   I spent days and hours emailing you stuff. 
Worse part of it all Alexis got her heart broken.  She went out of her way to send things for she felt bad he was alone.  Damn it he even told her he loved us and that true love can't be broken...I deserved better then that.  After all the years I totally deserved better.  Sure right now I am mad and if he was in front of me, oh what I would do to him.  But I am mad for the fact that I had to find out again this way him posting something.  When it happened I just asked for an answers, he deleted me out of his life.  Ok I understand for the wrath of Donna was getting intense.   I still deserved some answers, well I guess I just got some. 

Final not on this ex:  he truly is a friend and jaws dropping.  Oh yeah he hurt me bad so bad and just did again when I read something he just wrote.  I never ever lied to him, just very insecure, afraid of getting hurt.  And look what happened, got hurt and was right to be insecure.  I was into the relationship 100% sure I was not perfect but now I see neither was he.  Why he is still my friend well he wasn't for many months.  He made the requested recently and I sat staring at it.  Wasn't sure what I wanted to do.  It took me a good hour before I accepted.  For I wasn't sure what the intention was behind it.  I went for it and prayed it wasn't going to lead me to more hurt and pain.  I had forgiven him but  I will never ever forget.  The hurt I felt in January I just felt again after reading what I did.  For I had the opportunity to date someone here and didn't for I was so loyal to him.  I was so IN LOVE WITH HIM.  So as for him now.. I love him, from the first time we spent together  (ROTFLMAO inside joke) till now.  I will always love him.  He will always have a special place in my heart and that is an honor. For only one other man has that, my late husband.  Why does this man get the honor, because he was my first love, something he doesn't even know, well he knows now if reading this.  I don't want to lose him out of my life again.  All he really had to do was talk to me, just call me and tell me he found someone else.  It was the least he could of done being we are friends for so many years as well to do it out of respect. The guy I knew was always a kind, friendly, funny, caring person.  Part of me feels he still is that way. Part of me thinks he has totally changed, but guess its the hurt talking.  Gosh one thing I will never forget about him is he has the most beautiful smile and eyes, they just made me melt.  Mr X if you are reading this, really all you had to do was talk to me.  I don't understand why you didn't.  I am very happy to have you back in my life as a friend.  I may not sound ok or sound mad etc its just I got information that shocked me and hurt. Plus I had to find out that way. Also let me say I am sorry for losing it at the time.  I know I said some hurtful things, but I was hurting my whole world was shattered.  I wanted you to feel what I was feeling.  I want to cause you so much pain.  Instead just decided to heal myself and my heart.   All in all I am good, I have made my peace with it all.  Love is love even when we make peace we still hope and hurt at times.  All you had to do was be honest, then say you were sorry.     I truly wish you and your future wife all the happiness,love and luck in the world.    

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Facebook Zynga Podcast~~~9/6/10

So lets get started first let me say, Jeez the one week I need John to be professional he decides to goof around..well thanks a lot John....LOL  Man he changes direction like the wind.  All in all I love him NOT!!!  He is killing me!!

Anyhow, let me start with John had his game face back on this week. He sounded great, he was more in control and had lots of life. Unlike last week he sounded like he was doing us all a favor. :-D  Joanne was on as co-host.

So John started out by sending out condolences to several peoples families and clans that lost people this week.  Lets take a minute to pray for those families. 

Of course I can't blog without a complaint! What would my blogs about his show be without at least one.  So he is thinking now what?  This week it wasn't him it was a caller who was cutting him off.  LOL I know this again, I am sorry its a pet peeve of mine plus its hard to get the information.  At least it wasn't them this week :-D    Then I have to remember that it is a fun podcast and not so formatted so things will happen.  That is not a bad thing!!!  Don't need everyone emailing that I am being mean.  All I am saying is John and Joanne doing it in a more relax format.  Example the friends calling in and joking around etc. 

So onto the shows information enough picking on John, for now. lol  John talked about a site called Global Resource Center, website is\resource\home.  He has more information about this on the Facebook Zynga Podcast fan page on FB.   Basically they will have FB news\scams\Zynga news\Internet news.  John has a subgroup for the show\his blogs.   I don't have much on this for at this point of show John did get lower for some reason.

Next he spoke of a site called Kelsey Live. com.  Yes its Kelsey Grammer the actor.  Its a one stop shop for social networks, Twitter, FB, MySpace etc.  They also have tv shows, music, sports etc. John feels the site has potential if they work it right.  Kelsey has twitted John. So John is on Twitter if you want more from him.  Gosh how much more of him can we take...LOL  He is all over my page what about yours?  :-D  So back to the site, it doesn't have games like MW or Farmville etc but it has arcade games. It has right now about 18,113 members.  There are celebrities on the site.  John likes that you can combine all social sites in one spot.

John talked about how its Labor Day and the Jerry Lewis Telethon.  He did a lot of work for it was he was a kid, still does when he can.  He hoped everyone helped out with what they can.  I think many of us did something for it when we were kids.  I told my daughter about it, she is looking to do something for next year.  We currently do lemonade stand for St. Jude's Hospital.   Jerry's kids need the help too.  So please try and send something.  Every little bit helps.

So to the first caller, she wanted to say hello as well discuss security issues.   She has her FB wide open to everyone for she is an artist and wants it that way.  She wants the information available.
John mentions how that is not only open to FB but to the web.  He has his wall open to everyone but hides the rest of his page.  You have to hide the information you don't want out there.  At one time all FB information was private you had to make it public now its reverse. 
Caller of course said people shouldn't put things they don't want seen on page.  As well it comes down to personal responsibility then to FB. At least that is what I think was said.

They then spoke about Facebook Places. John explained how its for you mobile phone and can't track you unless you are using phone and logged in.  You can't be tagged without your consent.  It tells your friends where you are if you want them to know.  Talk about getting even lazier now instead of calling friends we let them track us through Facebook Places.  HMMM I think now this might come in handy for something.  Whoo Hoo thanks for the heads up.

Next caller having Zynga problems.  He bought Zynga points one minute they were there the next they were gone.  He has been contact Zynga and no such luck.  John suggested Live Chat caller said it just a loop and took him back where he started.   He asked John for help, John gave him two phone numbers then told him if he didn't get anywhere to email John.  John offered to talk to Zynga to see if he could get it fixed.

Third caller mentioned that the previous caller could cancel credit card purchase and when Zynga comes for money then get your points.  They got into the credit card information again and how if you buy something your credit information is stored and you have to go and remove it.
The caller wanted to know about FB credits.  Do you get them based on how long you are on site etc.  John says everyone got 20 credits when the started it and when you buy something for games you are given a few extra.

John then got into FB news.  Talked more about disabling accounts and how it is slowing down.  Could be do to people complaining and companies like Zynga complaining.  Ok John didn't use the work complaining he used another..John now now and you call yourself a Reverend!!  LOL

There are still issues with adding people to your account.  You can't do it if you don't know them personally.  It will ask and you need to say yes if you are looking to build up your MW family etc.

New Security Feature coming out, this one John likes.  Many people leave work, home, library etc and forget to log out of their Facebook Acct.  Now people can come along and post things that can be damaging.  So FB new feature is you can go to acct security and all active sessions will be listed and you can then close them down.

Another good feature is when you are away from pc and know you logged off you can now get email and text when acct is logged into.  Then you have the ability to go to above feature and end session.  John recommends this and to get email and text.  If you get email or text John highly suggest you change password immediately.  He says you should changed password every month.

FB came out with Credit Gift Cards now available at Target.  Use these on your game purchases instead of your credit card.  This way you don't have your credit information on file and can't be stolen. FB coming out with this to be sure they get there 30%. Hey in the end its all about money.  Like they don't have enough as it is.  

Next up was San Juan, how it turned into a nightmare for Zynga.  People didn't access, some got white screen, page reloading etc.  Just an total nightmare.  Zynga told John that it would be back and they would give everyone time to finish it.  Sadly those who started have to start all over.  Now that is a bummer.  Zynga needs to test these things out to be sure the server can handle it.  Don't work don't put it out there.  

John mentioned how Zynga and Facebook are listening to the show so if you have issues tune in.  John mentioned his mafia pages, Don Sweeney Pimping Club for Mafia Wars, Don Sweeney Pimping Club for other games and he as many more.  He doesn't pimp now because of all the problems with the disabling of adding to many people etc.  So they are self pimp sites now.   As well he doesn't want to get disabled.  I remember when he first started Don Sweeney Pimping Club, he was a hit and soon got disabled.  He had to start all over again and it was no fun for him. He had a lot of great friends to be there for support and help him start over.

He thanked everyone for their support and for listening. They are there to help and keep everyone informed with what is going on.  Like I mentioned last week, he could have a good thing with this if he stays on the right pace. Tonight's show was good, he was more on his game.  Was glad to hear him with more life, not so happy he was in a goofy mood.  I have people listening to him tonight and he does this. UGH  LOL  Rather they heard this week then last weeks, that truly would of killed things.  

Final Note:  John and Joanne will not be doing on show on Sept 20th for they are getting married on Sept 17th. So send Joanne all your condolences oh best wishes...LOL  Kidding John! Really stop by and wish them both all the best.  Myself and John's other friends are taking bets odds are 50-1 he goes through with it, if so then its 1000-1 he lasts a year.  ROTFLMAO  Again ONLY KIDDING!!!!  You know we all love you.   Alexis and I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.  Tell Joanne if she needs a good divorce lawyer  I know one...LOL  
Congratulations to you both and all the best!!!!

ROTFLMAO!!! Got to love friends

Oh I just had the greatest laugh.  You have those friends that like for me the other day called to tell me news they knew would hurt me and upset me. 

Today I had a friend who turned the whole thing around.  Found out where one of the weddings is taking place. So my friend says come on we will get you a pregnant lady costume and go to the wedding.  When they say is there anyone one objects you stand up and yell out what about me and our love child....ROTFL.  So I said they may not have that part in the ceremony, so she says ok so when he is about to say his vows then you do it.  LOL  She is to much, then she says go and sit exactly where he can see you when he is taking his vows.  If you are in eye sight maybe he will say your name instead of hers like in Friends.  LOL  That's a good one.
Gosh she is to funny and what a friend.  Then we came up with some other things, it was good to talk evil but I don't have the heart to do something like that.  Well give me a few drinks I might do it.  :-D  Nah I was brought up better plus its just not me.  Besides let them have a nice day for after the big day its all down hill. They have no idea what they are about to face...LOL

Then we talked about a bunch of other things that went on in our lives.  What has gone on with me in the last year or so.  You don't realize how much until you talk about it.  In the end, I am happy once again.  I have been married so I know what its like, not easy. Once you have that piece a paper everything changes.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.  I loved my husband so much.  We were never fought or went to bed mad, got a piece of all went another way.   So single life is just what I want and need.  We really had such a good laugh at our past.

AAAHHHH great to laugh so hard.  That's a best friend there to help and be plot the revenge.  :-D  Only thing is the two of us would never for we don't have the heart or nerve lol.  Plus why hurt the poor girl and ruin her special day for that is the last time she will be truly happy.  Ok maybe knocking marriage to much do to my pain, maybe it could be wonderful.  Yeah right!!! LOL 
Need a marriage counselor or divorce lawyer call or email me.
Lived Happily Ever After is only for Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and the other Disney Princesses. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Exes and Marriages

Okay I need to get something off my chest.  For some reason all of a sudden I am getting emails and calls about two of my exes. 

Odd enough they are both getting married this month, something I didn't know until today!  So thank you everyone for emailing and calling me to tell me.  Now that sounds like I am still hurting or have feelings.  Well I was in love with both- one more, no not saying which.  So does it sting a little yeah sure but I have worked very hard to put my heart and life back together. One will always have a special place in my heart.   I knew one was engaged the most recent ex I am shocked its very quick and she is much older than him.  Hey look I am the best looking, sweetest, caring, funny woman either of them ever had...LOL kidding ~~well :-D

My problem is I am getting calls and emails asking me how holding up.
One bunch of friends (ex marrying older woman) are calling for he wanted to know if I knew and what I was feeling. Okay now he knew I didn't know so did he do it on spite.  Did he do it to hurt me or to see if I would take him back. I am not sure, but he doesn't have a chance with me.  My thought is how do you marry someone so fast. You hardly know the person.  For this guy well he did me wrong more than once so he is done for good.  I don't even want to be friends with him and that is not like me. 

Now on to the other one, I am not really sure what's up with that.  For I know I have friends, who are friends with people he knows.  So now are they being nosey and want details or is it true he is asking down that chain to find out. Now this guy knows he could email and just ask me, talk to me etc.  I am in the process of trying to get more information.  Is it just people being nosey that is messed up for they knew how I felt about him.  If is him looking to find out well I will tell you..why you don't email me I don't here you go...I wish you the best of luck and happiness.  You are a sweet, caring person.  You are a dear friend and I'm always here for you.

The Facebook Zynga Podcast 8/30/10

Okay so where do I start?  Let me first say I am sorry to John for he may not like this blog or my other one. 

This week the show was slow.  John started out joking about can you hear me now in reference to last week show.  Explained why the show went down and such.  John is again joined by co-host Joanne.  Joanne seems to be the dominant one out of the two.  Even when speaking she is much louder then John not sure its their equipment but you can hardly hear him. 

They spoke more about FB disabling accounts and how FB becoming more anti social.  As well talked about how FB has no real customer service and having privacy issues.

Spoke about how people were putting up real hit list and 3 people were killed.  As well a girl in England thought she was talking to teenager went to meet the person and was killed.  Facebook needs to jump on this a lot quicker.  John mentioned in the middle of the night he saw nude photos being posted on feed. (We know he loved that..LOL) 

The show was mostly on FB, them disabling accounts, law suits and other things.  Want more information you can listen to John's podcast or check out my other blog, will be posted to my FB page soon.  They did touch on things from last week because showed got cut off for technical difficulties just seemed so dragged out for the first 40 minutes.  Plus its a call in show, he used to announce that at the start of the show with number no more. Plus he would repeat during show again no more. Joanne did mention it once.  I wish we got to hear more from other players.  No one is on skype or typing in live chat either I guess.  He had 4 calls and only 2 were about Facebook or Zynga.  I know he has lots of friends who want to show support but players want help and information.   I had said he was 80% professional in last blog but not so much this week.  He sounded very tired or just out of it.

They did touch on Zynga briefly about how they are ending Cross Promotions at the end of month (August) but turns out its still running.  Touched on how the Pignatas promotion was a failure.  You can only collect 3 in a 24 hour period and it only ran for the weekend.  DUMB!!!  Zlotto was talked about, it has some good things if you are interested. 

First a reminder, John is a very dear friend and I say what I do out of friendship and care for him.  This week show wasn't his best.  I don't know he just seemed out of it, he was talking but had no life in him.  Joanne had more life in her voice.  I know John well enough to know that this is a passion of his and wants to help everyone but also for this to be a stepping stone for him and his career.  He has to put his game face back on.  I know he cares for the gamers but this show he sounded like he was out of it.  Plus they were doing better with the talking over and this week it happened again. I know it happens not sure it can't be totally fixed.  You lose what is being said by one as the other cuts in. I don't know that either of them know they are doing it, again may be their equipment.

John has something really good here, he could take this so far.  He said that FB, Zynga and others are listening.  If so then he should have an outline for how he wants the show to go.  Show them he has it together and is 100% pro.  He has put to much time and effort into FB\Zynga to get them to listen.  Don't want them to bail for some stupid thing like can't hear him etc.  Even I have something in the works and they are going to start listening this week.  So I need you to put your game face on, get the juices flowing and liven up!! :-D