Friday, April 8, 2011

Time For Zynga To Be Tied To The Hot Seat Till We Are Satisfied

As many of us know the situation with Zynga is getting out of control.  First lets talk about how they are killing us with missions or events.  Like Mafia Wars this week the false identites wasn't even over when the new one Cyber Warfare started.  I am fed up with all these events and missions.  Missions what a joke, tell people go win 30 fights in NY. Okay so I go to fight and wind up with levels like 1200, 1700, even 7000 um Zynga I am only level 667 how the heck am I beating them.  Yes I took others advice and fought anyway for I might get lucky...LOL  not even close got my butt kicked.  I know that fighting is part of the game and all for it but i would like fair play.   Talk about fair play what is up with AC you can't play it on the actual site you have to go to another website to play it.  Why not just open up to everyone????  Like I want to have to go to another page just to play another city.  Have a city let everyone play it end of story.  They do the same with other games can't get certain items unless you able to access the game via your cell phone.  WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???   I know isn't that a form of discrimination.  Oh sorry you are not fortunate enough to have a fancy phone so you can't be like the rest of us and play or have certain items.

I play ALL of Zynga games and fed up with all of them.  They keep making changes and don't tell anyone, its like to bad like or lump it.  They have it were we spend so much time doing missions you can't enjoy the game as well it takes away from socializing on Facebook.  I have so many friends that have quit playing because they realized they were spending hours on the games and had no time to talk with family or friends.

Worst part is people are complaining, threatening to stop play or have stopped playing.  Zynga decided lets take some people and put them in a room.  We will call them PAC (Players Advisory Committee) fancy for saying let them take the heat and shut the players up.  Some of you may not be aware of PAC and wonder what its about.  Well like I said they took a bunch of MW players who have either podcasts, groups etc to collect data\complaints and take them back to Zynga.   Some players see it as away to shut them up as well as another obstacle.  Now Zynga doesn't want us to talk to us directly they want us talking to a bunch of players who have no answers.  They have to go back to Zynga to get our answers so how is that helping.  Just a wast of time and frustrating plus some feedback is some of PAC members rude.  So why are we going to go to them for help or give our input. You don't like someone's idea or think there complaint is silly well that is fine but not your call not to take it to Zynga. Your job as a PAC member is to take to them.

As many of you know I blog about one of the podcasts, The Facebook and Zynga Podcast, host John Sweeney.  For the last two weeks he show was about players calling in and telling him what their complaints are or thoughts etc.  John is a PAC member and trying to get as much information he can to take back to Zynga.  So I do recommend the show, call in and tell him what you think or make a complaint etc. Shows are Monday at 6pm EST.

Complaints I am hearing or have with Zynga and games, losing gifts while accepting them been doing it on both MW and Farmville, losing reward points in MW, games not loading at all, of course the missions, oh the new mini energy packs in MW (they are a joke)

I think its time players hold Zynga's feet to the fire. Make the games work, slow down on events and missions and get them to work properly.  I know for myself its just a matter of time that I quit,  I have already cut back my time on the games, next step is quitting.  Zynga I want to play the games but also have time to socialize with my friends.  I don't want to be told I can't have a city or item either because I don't have a good enough phone or dump money into the game.  HELLOOOO  do you realize the economy is bad??  Many people are out of work and lucky they can feed their family forget dumping money into games.  Oh so instead of understanding that we discriminate yet again. Oh sorry you are struggling and have no money, well to bad you can't have items etc.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Facebook Zynga Podcast 3/14/11--Mock War 3/17 info in blog

I must say this week is going to be a short blog for the most part.  John and Tre were having technical issues, they kept breaking up so hard to hear.

Ok so John started out the show with the Obituaries.  One that touched everyone in the Mafia Wars world was a young boy name Matty, he was 10 and lost his battle to cancer.  The MW community had gotten together and did a mock war for him at one point to help with medical treatments and to help him live a better life.  He changed the lives of many people.  He was lots of fun and special to everyone.  (As a mother of a 9 year old I could only imagine what it would be like to lose my child, my heart and prayers go out to Matty's family.)  

Next John had Joey Giggles on the show.  John tried doing a NY accent, yes I know he comes from NY but he has been in Florida to long.  He lost his Brooklyn accent.  Sorry John fact is fact :-)  LOL
Joey started by sending his condolences to Matty's family.  He began talking about his work with Bill Zucker. Bill is a comedian\singer, he does funny songs like the twitter song, tarp song etc.  Bill works with people from Kelsey Grammer, Scott Baio and list goes on.  Also Joey had his own show on called Positive Experience.  Its all about bringing people's mind set to a positive place instead of negative.  He also has videos on     Once he left they discussed his Brooklyn accent, now he has a Brooklyn accent. John once again tried to be Brooklyn...NOT  ROTFL  We who know him know he still has Brooklyn in his heart, soul and blood even though he lost his accent.:-D

Mafia Wars News
New mini energy packs coming out this week.  6 mini 25% energy get extra 25% more energy.
On Thursday there were just so many bugs with the game.  It was very frustrating.  War feature went down.  The biggest bug was the masks, people were accepting them but it was registering.  So people collect the 40 and didn't register so had to wait till next day to collect all over. 

Mock War
2nd Endorsed War by Zynga, Starts March 17th and goes till March 20th. Its St. Paddy's Mock War.  Link

Tre talked about the free for alls but was hard to hear him.  So do check out the Facebook & Zynga Podcast Fan page or Pinnacle War page for more information.  Also if you have a mock war or free for all you want mentioned on the show email Tre York.

This is it for at this point things went real bad with hearing them. They were talking about helping Japan but not sure what they were saying.  You can always visit the Facebook and Zynga Podcast Fan They had a young lady on named Susan she was announcing her engagement but I not sure of all details due to the breaking up.  Then show went down after that.  

Had some emails regarding issues or comments people wanted me to blog about and I will next week.  Just didn't feel right to do it this week, due to the passing of young Matty.
I wish everyone a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!  STAY SAFE IF GOING OUT PARTYING.  To all the MW members  going to the meet and greet in Florida this weekend have a wonderful time, again stay safe. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Facebook Zynga Podcast 2/21/11

That is right I am blogging about the show. I am not letting anyone stop me. John knows where to find me if he has any issues with my blog.  He was not the one to contact me to shut me down it was a friend of his.

What a great show tonight!!  I don't know what it was but things ran pretty well and mood was great.  John must of taken some happy pills, well he did mention he was out last night so maybe he was still drunk...LOL  ONLY KIDDING!!!  

John was joined by Tre and Jeremy who was filling in for Joanne who is sick. Sending her get well wishes.

John started out with the obituaries...big improvement with those this week.  

Mafia Wars News:
Talked about the Dead Man Talking mission (all these missions are a pain can't get to the game)
Broken Heart event coming to end..FINALLY one day left.  Talking how in the beginning of the event hearts were being subtracted not added.  
They talked how missions need to get spaced out for players are getting overwhelmed.  Tre says catering to those players who have gotten through everything and have nothing to do.  Lower level players will get frustrated and quit.  My opinion, they do need to space things out.  Lower level players are very overwhelmed and looking to quit.  Not just MW all the Zynga games. They are shoving missions down our throats they need to back off a bit.

Ancient Relic is a new and it ends March 1st.  Don't think it can be done several times. For the last item doesn't open until Friday which means you will have to go crazy over the weekend to get stuff by Tuesday.  The Grand Prize is great.  

Tre ~~Travis Mack is a friend and his girlfriend's mother passed after a long battle of cancer.  He is holding a free for all March 9th Check out the Facebook Zynga fan page or the Pinnacle War page for more information or contact Tre.  Its free but donations are welcomed.  He is helping with funeral expenses so please come by show support and have fun.

Rick Olsen of the groups Bogus Pomp and The HubbTones.  Rick talked how Bogus Pomp does Frank Zappa music.  1993 Frank Zappa died and we all remember where we were.   Like were many knew were they were when John Lennon died.  1994 Rick and friend Jerry Outlaw started this to remember Zappa and the got received so well, in the US and Europe.  Its a celebration of his music not just for us but for the people there.

On Sunday, Feb 27th the band is holding a benefit for a good friend Debra who is a photographer.  Someone broke into her trunk and stole all her equipment, which put her out of work.   $10 requested donation.  It will be held at Local 662, 622 Central Avenue Downtown St. Petersburg FL, starts at 8pm. Check out Facebook page for The HubbTones.  Bogus Pomp there are videos on Youtube.

Back to MW news
They talked about how they changed the wishlist.  Some things you can send as a gift and put on your wishlist. Now Zynga pulled them from gifting as well wishlist.  Tre~~i hate when they change something and you get used to it and adjust it how you play the game.  Then they come along and change it again. I hate when they do that.  Also I am getting tired of all the pop ups, they are getting so annoying.  They need to find a better way. John~~ I suggest a long time ago that they do ticket tape, lets us see what they want us to see and if we see something we like we will click on it.  I agree with the pop ups, I was trying to ice someone and i kept getting heart pop ups.  I don't want to lose my ice over pop ups.  

Zynga News
Poker Conference-March 18th and 19th in Las Vegas at the Palms. Instead of playing computer poker you can play the real thing.  $100,000 in prizes. $125 gets you in or $530 gets you in as well a room at the Palms.

Facebook News
Monopoly is now on Facebook.
Changed the relationship status, they have more to pick from now.  (still waiting for living with, dating a ..cheater, liar, loser or deadbeat..LOL)
Photos changed more of a viewers microsoft.  Some wanted to know about how to save a copy. Hit F5 and will make photo look normal and you can save from there.
A nun in Spain got kicked out of her convent for using Facebook to much.  
Maryland Dept. of Correction is asking new hires and recertification employees to give them their FB login information so they can check their pages before hiring or re-certifying them.  ACLU is all over this.  FB is a private matter shouldn't be used to determine if you get a job or not.  ACLU has to win if not it will change things in America and not good.  This is just going to far.  FB is entertainment and to socialize.  

Tre talked about different events. please check out the Pinnacle Fan Page under discussion for what is going on.  Axe does Hatch It nights on Mondays, EOH has a event on Wednesdays Pinnacle does one on Thursdays.  So check out his page for more here is the link

He also talked about a new family he joined XP its a handful of daily players they having a good time and socializing.  Check out XP Pages if you have trouble finding contact Tre and he will help you.  The are going to have member of the month ..this month Matt Johnson. He has done so much for the group to get is started etc.    Tre took a few minutes to talk about the physical rehabilitation he was in Quality Life.  They work with serious injuries. He seen things he has never seen before.  All in All Quality Life is remarkable.  When he got there they welcomed him, smiling and lots of love.  He thought this isn't going to last but it did.  They have a great staff, they help with anything. They have people working there to handle all your needs.  Make sure you are safe in every way.  He did mention a few names thanking them.   

John mentioned SIN is having a fundraiser for Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Here is John's blog for more information 

John will be going to San Fran to Zynga to be part of the PAC Players Advisory Committee.  So he will update everyone on what happened on next show.
John has started a social page, you can join, play MW or Farmville.  He is still working on it.

Need to contact Tre here is link to his page
Again it was a great great show, maybe its the weather.   Have a great week!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Facebook Zynga Podcast 2/14/11

Sorry folks no blog this week. I had it done and ready to post.  Was contacted and for reasons I won't get into this week's blog has been squashed.  Will see if I can salvage some of it to post but that's not me. If I can report it all no sense reporting anything.  Thank you to all that have sent me comments etc.  Keep up the great work.  Found out about another podcast that does MW news so will give them a listen and maybe switch to them.  Hope you all have a great weekend.
Oh one thing I will mention from this week's show that is important.  There is a fund raiser on March 12th check out Pinnacle War Page for more information on this and other events

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today is Valentine's Day, so Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.  Everyone gets so worked up over this holiday and not sure why. 

First when you think about St. Valentine we should think about just that the Saint.   He is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, bee keepers, engaged couples, epilepsy, fainting, greeting happy marriages, love, lovers, plague, travelers, young people.  

Here is some information on  st. Valentine.  Valentine was a holy priest in Rome, who, with St. Marius and his family, assisted the martyrs in the persecution under Claudius II. He was apprehended, and sent by the emperor to the prefect of Rome, who, on finding all his promises to make him renounce his faith in effectual, commended him to be beaten with clubs, and afterwards, to be beheaded, which was executed on February 14, about the year 270. Since he was caught marrying Christian couples and aiding any Christians who were being persecuted under Emperor Claudius in Rome [when helping them was considered a crime], Valentinus was arrested and imprisoned. Claudius took a liking to this prisoner -- until Valentinus made a strategic error: he tried to convert the Emperor -- whereupon this priest was condemned to death. He was beaten with clubs and stoned; when that didn't do it, he was beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate [circa 269].
Saints are not supposed to rest in peace; they're expected to keep busy: to perform miracles, to intercede. Being in jail or dead is no excuse for non-performance of the supernatural. One legend says, while awaiting his execution, Valentinus restored the sight of his jailer's blind daughter. Another legend says, on the eve of his death, he penned a farewell note to the jailer's daughter, signing it, "From your Valentine."
So my question is why do American companies take holy events and turn it into a big holiday to make money.  That wasn't what St. Valentine stood for, he stood for love yes.  Love that was everlasting and was shown everyday.  Not just one day a year and we help these companies make millions.  This morning I walked by a deli I pass everyday,last week 12 roses $9.00, today they are $20.  As for buying boxes of candy, heck wait till tomorrow they will be half off.  You can get two for the price of one!  
Its so sad how many people take love for granted, mock it, or disrespect it.  I hear of people getting married not because they love each other, its just because.  For some its they feel they won't find anyone else to be with them.  So they try to boost their ego up for its so low in their mind, they truly believe they are not attractive,to fat or skinny, teeth no teeth etc. So when the first person that they meet gives them the slightest attention they put their hooks into them.  Soon they get married and within a few years are miserable and want out.  Then you have the ones that meet people online, I am not saying you can't find love that way.  Let's be real for a moment, you have these people who met via playing games like Mafia Wars on Facebook.  They are so into the game, they talk about, do all sorts of things regarding it, they are in love.  REALLY???? REALLY NOW!!!  You've got to be kidding me!!!  Plus I do a blog for a podcast show and I've had a few listeners email me, how they met a guy or gal via Mafia Wars or other Zynga games and told me, it doesn't work out.  One couple was together for 2 years, thought they were so in love.  Well they both stop playing Mafia Wars within 3 months they were over.  They came to find out they had nothing in common.  They spent their time at work, came home played online and on weekends were out with friends, they had no us time. When they did all went downhill, for when out with friends even then they hardly interacted, now had time and had to interact~~~ silence is all you heard.   When things were good it was because they were mostly talking about what was going on with Mafia Wars, Facebook or other games they played together. That was the only thing they knew or had in common.  For they did try to work it out and talked.  Turned out he wanted children, she didn't.  She wanted to move to another state, he wasn't leaving his family.  She loves cats, he is allergic, he loves dogs, she can't stand them.  I would laugh but its not funny.  For here are two people who spent 2 years not really knowing their partner at all.  Moved in together after a year so now one has to move and start over.    NOW before the couples that are together come after me...I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS TRUE FOR ALL CASES.  I am saying you should confirm you are in love and its just not the love for the game\games.    
I even heard from someone about another couple that has no clue their relationship is over.  Everyone else sees it but they don't.  One partner is begin to resent their partner for all the time they spend on pc, having no time for anything else.  Unless its something they want. Partner's says he\she is all about themselves and what they want out of life. Gets included just because they have no choice but to include them.  So instead of talking to partner has opted to start talking to other people and no I don't mean friends.  Guess they are on the hunt for their new game partner.  Guess GAME OVER will be flashing soon for this couple. 
Love is a wonderful thing, don't take it for granted.  Show the one you love, that you love them everyday!!!  Not just on a Valentine's Day!  You don't need to spend money even, just  a nice note or poem goes a long way.  Just call and say I love you and care.  Relationships are not perfect we all have our faults. Don't hold it against the person work through it.  We all know when the relationship, person is no longer the one.  We all hope they are but not everyone is the one.  Sometimes the one is  the one you haven't meet yet or the one you let get away.  Either way find your true love and happiness.  Don't be stuck in unhappy relationship it will slowly destroy who you are.  This I know first hand!
I am a lucky woman for My Valentine calls me Mommy!! That's the best ever!!!       Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!  May Love Find You!!!  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Facebook Zynga Podcast 2/7/11

First I have a few listener's comments again this week and they weren't holding anything back.  Some may ask why use listener's comments, well this way it helps John on fixing any problems or at best he knows how some are feeling.  I  hope to help him improve his show and help it succeed.  He has something good here but has to stay on top of it to make it work, plus now going to have a radio show. We all know you have to be on your game or they cancel you, so I hope this helps him improve the show were necessary or make changes if necessary. Plus my blog is nothing compared to what he could get once he hits the air waves.  Those critics are tough and can make or break you.

Let's just get to it, this was one of the worst shows, I am sorry to say that but from what I heard from people listening to the live show,  the connection of the show was horrible.  Static, echoing and  the show was going in and out. I also heard it when I listened to recorded podcast, was tough understanding what they were saying.  I think hosts may have been still drunk or very hung over from their Super Bowl parties, they seem to not be speaking so clearly...LOL  Seriously I don't know what they are using as equipment but even with Joanne every time she speaks you get this load blast of sound before you hear her.  One listener told me while they were talking to some women from MW, the show went out for a few minutes and couldn't hear what she said.   

John was of course joined by Joanne and Tre York. They started show with obituaries that's all I will say about that.  Listeners had comments but I am just not going there again.

A group of  women from Mafia Wars  were on the show.  Its a new group that Tre learned about. Worldwide Mafia Women.  Tre and John spent more time trying to flirt then to find out what the group was about, John really thinks he is all that and the women love him... kidding--not ROTFL (seriously kidding).  Thanks to Joanne asking them to tell us about their group we may never of found out.   I am still not totally sure, for they didn't really get that much into it.  They are social clan but do fight and such.  Have entered Mock Wars sponsored by other clans.  They are having a Tough Women contest, pick a gentleman who has agreed to let us hit him and the ladies hit him at least once.  These ladies did a trip to Chicago and they saw the gangster graves and put a rose on Al Capone's grave.  Posted pictures up on Facebook & Zynga Podcast. This group won one of the contest that Tre ran and won 10,000 in loot so they did ask them what they planned to do with it.

Poison US, Paula Teck called in about a free for all this weekend 2/11-2/13.  GM has a dog that has medical problems so we are having a fund raiser to help with the cause.  Posted on Facebook Zynga Podcast page.

Then went into MW news, Big Game Event, some people are still looking for rings, Zynga said they are coming. 3 rings for the winning team, losing team gets nothing.  Fight list is being revamped and coming real soon.  The new redesign looks pretty good, new graphics and hope they can find people alive to put on list. You can go to Zynga forum and give your two cents.  New animals to be build, so now you collect raw meat to feed animals.   "They spent so much time talking about buying reward points, I don't buy them as many I know.  Let's keep it to what we want to hear about or give us the help we need"   Until Valentine's day you energy refills every 8 hours. Some good news finally from Zynga.

Talked about how a hacker who stole poker chips, Zynga chips over billions of dollars worth.  He only made $85,000 from selling them.  

Tre spoke about different events going on.  Go to Pinnacle War discussion board to learn more about them.

Facebook news, they stole 1 million profiles from FB and made it part of their dating sites . Story on  They made an application on FB they got all the users information and they put pictures of the people on the site.   FB does not have the proper security feature to protect its users.  It comes to show you how valuable your information is to these companies.  The need to make it then any application let them access our name and user idea.  Then if we want to go and give them information then we would be a fault not FB.   US Congress is pressuring FB about protecting us and not giving out our phone numbers etc.  Congress wants to know how much info was given out. FB doesn't really care about the government for they don't have any real restriction on Internet.  Should be we opt in and not opt out.
FB rolling out new photos, media viewer and high definition photos.  Some news I just felt not appropriate to write about.  Guess news in FB is slow.   Discussed their new radio show coming on Saturdays at 7pm Est. starts Feb 19th.  Information is on their fan page.  At least they will have professional engineering so there won't be any problems or at least shouldn't be.

Want people who met on FB, MW or any Zynga games for Valentine's Day show. So all you love birds come to fan page and posted it on the wall.  Listener's comment "Do they really think we care or want to hear about this.  Who really cares if a bunch of people met this way and fell in love.  No, I am not single and miserable, I am married to a lovely lady for several years, we met by being stuck on an elevator, now that's exciting! Sad part most of these couples will be divorced. Why for eventually MW\FB\Zynga will wear off and than you will have to look at the person and interact.  That's when they find out there really is no love and only thing they had in common was FB|MW|Zynga.  My wife and I were stuck for 2 hours, we got to know each other, laugh and support each other.  Wonderful experience, I wish these couples could experience something like that. So on that note, I won't be listening to Monday's show for its all fake in my opinion."

Not really much to talk about or big important information to report about, just basic stuff.  The show is on if you want to listen to it.

I am sorry when this show first started John gave us so much great information, helped people with the games etc now its more lets chat and eventually we will get to the news.  They also had callers, now not so much.    Few listener's comments~~~~ "I have listened in a few times and just no longer have an interested in it."   " I know John for a few months think he does a great job, the show has lost something."  "I hear they are starting a radio show was going to listen in but not sure now after this show, was horrible"  " I know John about two years now, I like him better when he just did Don Sweeney's Pimping Club, he is a different person now.  He was so helpful back in the day now he has no time for us little people."  " I know all the hosts want to have fun, have a few laughs etc. but being its only an hour they don't really have that kind of time.  Seems things of importance get rushed because they spent to much time talking about personal things. Needs to be a better outline and better balance of items\power. Make us feel like you are there for us."   
My opinion, I think they should pick two major things to discuss each week.  Fill everyone in on those two things.  I know FB and Zynga are always changing you could do a show everyday with the way things change.  Can't say well no chatting just stick to business for that will be no fun for you guys.  Have a timed outline so you can stay on track and not find yourself hurrying at the end.  

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Facebook Zynga Podcast 1/31/11

John was joined by co-hosts Joanne and Tre York.  Show is now a featured show on

Show got start with obituaries and sending out condolences.  John needs to let Joanne do these, women have more feeling in regards to these things.  Not saying John doesn't have feeling or compassion for I know he does.  I think reporting it every week taking its toll on him.  Can't be much fun starting every show this way.  Comment I got was he sounds like its such a chore to do and knowing him for a few months I know that's not him.  He is a very caring and compassionate person. Maybe they should consider not doing them at all so no one gets offended. 

MW News Shark tank was brought back and you had to be level 1,000 soon was reduced to members at level 600 but as soon as it went up it came down.  Zynga's comment we are reviewing the data on how this experience went.  Be done with already Zynga.  Italy levels 6,7,8 are open.  Loot drops are lousy, 35,000 Lira to do a job.  Discussion lead to with MW everyone gets used to a changed suddenly Zynga changes again.  Many players get so mad, fed up and just quit.  Zynga is losing money with players who spend money on the games.   My opinion..I know Zynga has to keep the games interesting or they will lose players.  Them changing things is getting frustrating for now it seems every other day there is a change.    Comment: Zynga needs to let the players know changes are coming or were made.  Plus how it effects or if it effects the way the game is played.  

Hallow warriors, have no idea what this has to do with MW.  Tre got some good loot from it.  They came out with crack the safe that was their way of getting more members to play MW.  If you this you couldn't delete 5 players from MW and add them back.  You had to pick 5 new members for you mafia family.   John said there was a pretty good car at the end of it.

Especially guest Colin, boycott of Zynga not only MW but all games.  Colin tells us how people are upset about bookmarks or people cheating on the games.  Top 20 clans want a boycott on reward points when energy is out go do something else.  Don't buy points, we want to hurt Zynga's pocket for we want Zynga to go after the people using this cheating methods.  Zynga has the codes and refuse to do anything about it.  Top players talking about class action suit..those who got caught got band for a week and now back playing.  Colin says they will back doing it again once the next new script comes out.  John-I hear Facebook going after them on different angle.   Serious looking at it with legal department.  Colin- its not fair for the people who go out work and put what the can in the game then get beat by people who are cheating.  Tre- I know for a fact that Zynga likes losing money, they are not hear for players or games. They just want to make money.   Is it fair to be sitting at pc, playing the MW meanwhile the guy beating you up is using the script, sitting at the bar having beer. Join Zynga Boycott Page,link on the Facebook Zynga Podcast page.  Some people use the scripts because of medical reasons, they can't click or laid up for a period of time.    Great topic and they really got into, listen to the show if you want more information.  
My opinion once a cheater always a cheater.  Zynga will either do something about it or won't depends on how much energy and time its going to take.   Many people on FB are not happy about these people who use these scripts and cheat.  

Tre York discussed a contest where 30,000 loot items given out to 3 clans.  Will be working on future things.  Pinnacle War Page, discussion board tells you about mock wars or events going on.

Facebook news, Mark Zuckerburg's fan page got hacked.  :-D  What happened after that FB decided to bring out new security measures and bring back old ones.  They brought back identify someone by their picture.  We all know no one uses their own avatars.  Tre-I wish they would give you a list find your wife, husband, brother etc.  Its aggravating.   Find out who logged into your page and log them out of your page.  Its a good feature, you disable them then change your password so they can't get back in.  You can get email or text telling you when someone logs in.  They came HTTPS, secured Facebook, like shopping online or bank..the lock at the bottom of the page telling you its secure.  The games don't have it, all Zynga games have it.  

Page owners, FB lied to us removed suggest a friend due to bug but they just removed it all together.   So you need have your fans to share the page to get more members.  Now they also have if you got to Starbucks and say you like an ad comes up.  FB has that all games have to use FB credits by July.   

John, I have been getting hounded ..its the final thoughts about Lily Bauman, GM of JRZ who faked her death.  Basically, she is saying she had a family emergency and fake her own death. John had a chance to speak to her and explain the whole thing to us.  She also said she was going to send him proof to show it was real.  He told her she didn't have to but wanted to and here it is 4 days later still nothing, has to many holes in story.  She doesn't have to justify it that is fine, we are upset by how she came back from it, her attitude.  John thinks the whole thing is bull and was over in 3 days and stay dead for 2 months.  Rumors going on about so many things  He doesn't  like being made to look like a fool, announced her death, memorials were done, loot given out, gift card purchased in her memory.  He thinks its just wrong.  He says, if you need a break fine, disable your account and activate when you are ready to come back.   She supposedly died and had your sister take over account.  People are investigating the situation.  He has a problem, as a Reverend  about what her clan did over weekend, they put up a picture of Jesus with middle finger up.  That was so wrong.  (My opinion on picture...that is so so so wrong)
Tre's opinion on it-"if you can't be honest with me then I don't want anything to do with you.  If money was given, that is when you should say this is wrong and should of said this is what's up.  Say I am so sorry to make it up or you did this i still have it and give it back.  Don't want to comment on to much on this for don't know all the details. If someone I knew did it i would be so pissed.  I lost a person from a clan, Dolly, she was so nice new I was new, helped me gave me guidance. I was hoping someone would tell me it was a prank just so I could interact with her one more time.  I understand she was pushing 90 and she was a daily MW player.  Without I am sure she is lonely, I know from where i am there are days I get lonely. I get online and talk to family, friends to keep me sane."  Comment from a listener... First the picture of Jesus, that is an awful awful thing to post. FB should make them take it down. I don't know her but after hearing all the stories out there, the whole thing doesn't sound kosher.  I am upset that money was spent out in her name etc and she doesn't even offer to pay it back etc.

They are looking for couples who meet via MW to be on their Valentine's Day show...BARF!!! ROTFLMAO!!   Like us single people who will be miserable on Valentine's Day wants to hear about people being in LOVE...blah blah   I think I will skip that show!  I will sit watch a horror flick and eat a pint of ice cream  or a box of chocolates.  :-D  Comment from a listener:  Will be skipping that show, have been single for many years.  Last thing I want is to hear about people meeting over MW and being all in love.  Do a show for us single people.  Do something that helps us meet women or for the women, men to meet. 

ATTENTION:  Hi!  My name is Donna and I am a single mom looking for work and an apartment.  I live in the Bay Ridge\Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, NY.

I am looking for apartment in the Dyker Heights area, preference would be between 79th St and 86 St, between 12 avenue and 14th or 15th Avenues.  Of course I am flexible for its an emergency that I find one ASAP.

I am looking for work in the Brooklyn area, if necessary will go into NYC.  If anyone knows of any work from home like customer service rep, appointment setter etc.  I would love that this way I can have a flexible schedule. As well save me money as far as after school program and sitters when school is off etc.  

I have many years experience.  I worked for Prudential Securities for 12 years.  Started out as a HR Assistant to one Recruiter eventually went to two. One point one Recruiter became the company's Relocation Coordinator.  So I was the relocation assistant as well.  Eventually I was given the Relocation Coordinator job along with being a HR Assistant\Admin Asst.  Then worked for the Manager of HR as their Administrative Assistant as well being the back up secretary to HR Director.  I was eventually promoted to the Executive Secretary for the HR Director along with splitting the relocation job with another HR Assistant.

I am very hard working person.  I am looking to work in the Brooklyn, NY area or NYC.  I would love to possible find something i can do from home or maybe have in office and home.  This way I can work around my daughter's school schedule.  If anyone works in any school who maybe looking for office work or something else that would be great.

Please me message here on Facebook if you know of anything or have any information.

Thank you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Facebook & Zynga Podcast 1/24/11

John started out the show with the obituaries.

Then got started by talking about accounts that got suspended due to players who got illegal reward point injections.   They had a caller who had gotten taken on is John's blog on the matter

Evil Ed called in about the illegal reward points, he feels the people that bought the rewards are just as guilty. People need to follow the terms of agreement. Sportsmanship is what its all about.  Some players want a easy way to get a better character.

Mafia Wars News: bury a mole is finally over.  Italy chapters 6,7,8 delayed on opening, Zynga said maybe this week.  Zynga tried to do shark tank what a complete failure.  Trying to make it so you could fight people in certain brackets.  Just failed sure they will work on it, they did ask for our thoughts on it.  We will try to help them work on it.  Don't limit us on who when can fight.  *My note they need to figure something out that is fair..I am level 580 and I am getting beat by 1100+ not fair*  Listen to show for more details on the shark tank.  

Facebook reversed themselves about giving out our phone numbers and addresses.  After getting complaints from users about it they have decided not to give out the informations.  FB has removed suggest a friend on a page due to  a bug and they are trying to fix it.  

Correction on a death notice.. Godmother of JRZ Lily Bauman she is alive and well according story she had to fake her death in order to protect her family.  We will be investigating it more and are waiting for all the facts before we pass judgement. If it is true then hats off to her for doing what she had to to protect her family but if it is found to be untrue then we will tell you all about this as it world be a cruel sick joke she pulled on the Mafia Wars community & other friends. Watch for updates !!!  

Caller asked about Rewardville...its a cross promotions and you collect z coins and so you can buy loot for the games that you play.  Will be rolled about to a few then eventually out to everyone else.

Tre York talks about mock wars that going on in the MW world.  Got to the Pinnacle War page under discussion board for more information. 10,000 loot items giveaway again go to the discussion board for more information..have to post clan name and admin name to collect the loot.  Get all clan members to post.

I couldn't get all the information John or Tre gave at the end about mock wars and events because they were talking to fast due to the end of the show coming. Here is the show link if you want to check it out

Help out a Single Mom in NYC...

I am a Single Mom in need of a job to take care of my 9 year old daughter.   Need to find something fast!!!  My daughter is such a sweet, loving, caring little girl who currently been having health issues due to knowing we could be losing our home.   I could go into things as far as support etc but that gets me no where.  He is who he is...lets leave it there.

I have many years experience.  I worked for Prudential Securities for 12 years.  Started out as a HR Assistant to one Recruiter eventually went to two. One point one Recruiter became the company's Relocation Coordinator.  So I was the relocation assistant as well.  Eventually I was given the Relocation Coordinator job along with being a HR Assistant\Admin Asst.  Then worked for the Manager of HR as their Administrative Assistant as well being the back up secretary to HR Director.  I was eventually promoted to the Executive Secretary for the HR Director along with splitting the relocation job with another HR Assistant.

I am very hard working person.  I am looking to work in the Brooklyn, NY area or NYC.  I would love to possible find something i can do from home or maybe have in office and home.  This way I can work around my daughter's school schedule.  If anyone works in any school who maybe looking for office work or something else that would be great. I am currently finishing up studies to get certificate for Teacher's Assistant.

Please email me if you can help....Thank you so much!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Facebook & Zynga Podcast 1/3/11

Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful Christmas or Holiday Season.

Let me just remind everyone that John Sweeney is a very dear friend and know him over 25 years.  He is a very nice, kind and okay guy...LOL  no seriously he is a very nice person and a great friend.  He knows my blog is something I love doing as well once again I have someone viewing for a writing position.  So yes I will be tough and say things that need to be said etc.  He knows its not to harm him in anyway but at best to maybe help improve his show or for him to see what people are hearing and feeling.

So I am back blogging about Facebook and Zynga Podcast but this time in a different manner.  I will need a week or so to get back into the swing of things.  You will hear what was said along with comments from others that listen to the show as well. Didn't get a big feedback this week maybe better luck next week.  I thought I would try something new for the New Year, reason why blog is late. Well that and I just got my heartbroken yet again..I am so done with men and hate them, so this should be a really good blog (John let me say sorry ahead of time :-D)....LOL lets get this blog rollin....

Well they started off by talking over each biggest pet peeve!!! I know its going to happen..i just hate it plus hard to hear what is being said.    The podcast at times had TMI (for those don't know what that means To Much Information) one listener's comment was do we really need to know all that personal stuff...Then of course technically issues now not sure if its on John's end or its  For I have been having trouble he last few shows.

John announced the obituaries one comment I got was it was very cold, no feeling  behind them.  Now I have been listening to John's show since day one and him doing the obits and I have to say it didn't seem  cold more like he wasn't himself.  Thinking he may have been under the weather for him maintained that demeanor for the whole show.

The shows first guest was Mr. Black Knight of Scam Sniper.  Who talked about different scams going around on Facebook.  You can check out his page to get more information.  One he did discuss was a warning out of the UK. It was about pedophiles talking to school children, befriend them as a classmate, trying them to put on web cam or get personal information.  As parents we need to be careful and be sure our children understand and use the web, Facebook etc.  Let them know there are dangers out there.  I am a parent and I check my daughter's pc everyday.  You should be checking their history as well take the actions to block everything. Parental controls are there to help but you are the one in control as well in control of what they are doing.   Also talked about emails or wall posts about checking out a video you are in or need to fix your log in information etc.  Just ignore them as well report as spam.  For more information on these scams or other's check out Mr. Knight's page on Facebook.  He has a lot of great information on his wall.

Then they announced some members that got married, the first mafia couple to get married in 2011.  Now I must say it is great that people are meeting via Mafia Wars or one of the other games. These are not the first set of people to every meet and get married.  I had been contact last year to look into this for reasons I won't get into and found out that yes, others have met and married way before now.  As well  some of those couples have children bring this up because.... the conversation turned to who would have the first mafia baby.  A listener's comment  Hello..children play mafia wars and could be listening in on the show. So shouldn't the language and topic be censored.  John always tells people or did at one time tell players to watch what they say or do on his pages for children are playing the game.  Well if they are following him wouldn't they be listening to his show.  Person had a point  my thought is maybe that needs to be taken into consideration not really sure.  Everyone is different when it comes to certain topics, use of foul language not sure how John can make everyone happy.  My personal thought if you are a man of God, no you should not be swearing but that's just my opinion...opinions are like hmmm brains we all have one.

Finally into some news. ....Spoke about Zynga's nightmare with the Christmas tree presents and getting the reward if you had a level 5 tree .  Another screw up with Zynga.  They kill me they keep coming out with mission after mission on all games and something goes wrong. Some games have so many you can't get to other things on the game.  They need to slow down and give us a chance to play and chat with friends. Other issues with the games are they don't load, you lose loot, GF points etc and they don't give them back.  John says how they busted their butts on New Year's Day and getting everyone their rewards if they were entitled to it. John feels they are starting the New Year off right....ROTFL..sure for him its great  he has contacts there. Its nice, I know for I used to have a contact there, now that they are gone things stink.  All us other players have to suffer with not getting help.  Need more information on Christmas tree nightmare check The Facebook and Zynga Podcast fan page.

Zynga teamed up with Best Buy giving $100,000 in prizes and red zone certificates.  Buy game card from Best Buy and get entered into sweepstakes and get a mystery crate.  John has links on his fan page and more information.

Tre York has discussed a mock that took place on New Years.  For those who don't know Tre is part of  Pinnacle War is link  check it out. Check out discussion board as well fan page gives you information on events coming up.

Facebook news..on your home page recent news and top news ..if click on recent news you can separate it how to see things, mafia war friends, family, friends etc.

Feel good story of the year, 10 year girl found a kidney donor with help of FB page.  Kathy Olsen who saw post and was perfect match for the little girl.  Power of social networking and what its all about.  Matching up people who need help, find lost family and friends etc.  Very nice story and glad to hear it.

Facebook and account settings, new security feature they don't talk about much. Go to home page click accounts then account settings.  Brings you to new page and have all your information, mobile, credit balance etc. Main thing is setting and go to account security, when you get there you will see if anyone is logged into your account and if so you can end activity.  You can also get notification through email or your phone so you can log them off your account.  When you see someone logged in and end it, then go and change password right away.

Then John spoke about a new law in California about making a page as someone else to defraud people etc.  Here is the link to John's blog on it...

In a nutshell it was an okay show.  I feel they are trying to get more and more discussed in just an hour and some things are getting brushed over quickly.  Very good information and most people won't go the fan page to find out more so maybe in the case less is more.  Or maybe John should take a poll and see what people want to discuss and do that for a half hour or so then give the news of what is going on with Zynga and Facebook.  I know being they are only on once a week its hard for so much comes up.  Not sure they can really do much about how the show runs.  For I know John wants to get as much out to everyone.  Maybe do a priority list, the most important things go first and work your way down.  I highly recommend everyone be a fan of their page as well they have a website

As I get back into the swing of blogging again these will have lots more information, links, comments etc. Anyone that wants to make a comment on the show, ways John can improve it, things you want him to talk about or anything in blog please contact me if you don't feel comfortable going to him directly.

Now a plug for me..John had done it on his show a few weeks ago
I am in Emergency Mode...with everyday that passes it just gets worse and worse for me.  I live in Brooklyn, NY.  Thank you.

I am a Single Mom in need of a job to take care of my 9 year old daughter.   Need to find something fast!!!  My daughter is such a sweet, loving, caring little girl who currently been having health issues due to knowing we could be losing our home.   I could go into things as far as support etc but that gets me no where.  He is who he is...lets leave it there.

I have many years experience.  I worked for Prudential Securities for 12 years.  Started out as a HR Assistant to one Recruiter eventually went to two. One point one Recruiter became the company's Relocation Coordinator.  So I was the relocation assistant as well.  Eventually I was given the Relocation Coordinator job along with being a HR Assistant\Admin Asst.  Then worked for the Manager of HR as their Administrative Assistant as well being the back up secretary to HR Director.  I was eventually promoted to the Executive Secretary for the HR Director along with splitting the relocation job with another HR Assistant.

I am very hard working person.  I am looking to work in the Brooklyn, NY area or NYC.  I would love to possible find something i can do from home or maybe have in office and home.  This way I can work around my daughter's school schedule.  If anyone works in any school who maybe looking for office work or something else that would be great. I am currently finishing up studies to get certificate for Teacher's Assistant.

Please email me if you can help me...Thank you so much!!!
Happy New Year to you and your families!