Friday, April 8, 2011

Time For Zynga To Be Tied To The Hot Seat Till We Are Satisfied

As many of us know the situation with Zynga is getting out of control.  First lets talk about how they are killing us with missions or events.  Like Mafia Wars this week the false identites wasn't even over when the new one Cyber Warfare started.  I am fed up with all these events and missions.  Missions what a joke, tell people go win 30 fights in NY. Okay so I go to fight and wind up with levels like 1200, 1700, even 7000 um Zynga I am only level 667 how the heck am I beating them.  Yes I took others advice and fought anyway for I might get lucky...LOL  not even close got my butt kicked.  I know that fighting is part of the game and all for it but i would like fair play.   Talk about fair play what is up with AC you can't play it on the actual site you have to go to another website to play it.  Why not just open up to everyone????  Like I want to have to go to another page just to play another city.  Have a city let everyone play it end of story.  They do the same with other games can't get certain items unless you able to access the game via your cell phone.  WHAT'S UP WITH THAT???   I know isn't that a form of discrimination.  Oh sorry you are not fortunate enough to have a fancy phone so you can't be like the rest of us and play or have certain items.

I play ALL of Zynga games and fed up with all of them.  They keep making changes and don't tell anyone, its like to bad like or lump it.  They have it were we spend so much time doing missions you can't enjoy the game as well it takes away from socializing on Facebook.  I have so many friends that have quit playing because they realized they were spending hours on the games and had no time to talk with family or friends.

Worst part is people are complaining, threatening to stop play or have stopped playing.  Zynga decided lets take some people and put them in a room.  We will call them PAC (Players Advisory Committee) fancy for saying let them take the heat and shut the players up.  Some of you may not be aware of PAC and wonder what its about.  Well like I said they took a bunch of MW players who have either podcasts, groups etc to collect data\complaints and take them back to Zynga.   Some players see it as away to shut them up as well as another obstacle.  Now Zynga doesn't want us to talk to us directly they want us talking to a bunch of players who have no answers.  They have to go back to Zynga to get our answers so how is that helping.  Just a wast of time and frustrating plus some feedback is some of PAC members rude.  So why are we going to go to them for help or give our input. You don't like someone's idea or think there complaint is silly well that is fine but not your call not to take it to Zynga. Your job as a PAC member is to take to them.

As many of you know I blog about one of the podcasts, The Facebook and Zynga Podcast, host John Sweeney.  For the last two weeks he show was about players calling in and telling him what their complaints are or thoughts etc.  John is a PAC member and trying to get as much information he can to take back to Zynga.  So I do recommend the show, call in and tell him what you think or make a complaint etc. Shows are Monday at 6pm EST.

Complaints I am hearing or have with Zynga and games, losing gifts while accepting them been doing it on both MW and Farmville, losing reward points in MW, games not loading at all, of course the missions, oh the new mini energy packs in MW (they are a joke)

I think its time players hold Zynga's feet to the fire. Make the games work, slow down on events and missions and get them to work properly.  I know for myself its just a matter of time that I quit,  I have already cut back my time on the games, next step is quitting.  Zynga I want to play the games but also have time to socialize with my friends.  I don't want to be told I can't have a city or item either because I don't have a good enough phone or dump money into the game.  HELLOOOO  do you realize the economy is bad??  Many people are out of work and lucky they can feed their family forget dumping money into games.  Oh so instead of understanding that we discriminate yet again. Oh sorry you are struggling and have no money, well to bad you can't have items etc.

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