Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello..been a long time.

Gosh it has been a long time since I blogged.  The Facebook and Zynga Podcast is currently not running, not sure if they will be coming back.  If they do I certainly will pick up blogging about it so you can stay up to date.

I just sat reading my blogs gosh I totally forgot about the things I wrote about and on some how angry I was.  YIKES!!!  Laughed when I read a few about my exes, no I wasn't bitter...LOL

Life has had its ups and downs for me.  Pushed myself through until recently when a friend's wife has began to attack me for no reason.  She doesn't know me but my name possible knows what I look like.   I have done nothing to her to make her do this.  Her husband he is a dear friend and would do anything for him as any of my friends.  The thing is, its not that she accusing me of anything with him.  She is attacking me about writing books, going back to school, working with elected officials on a bully program she says I am like him big dreamer.  

I know she is not happy in her marriage for no one would talk about there husband they way she does lately.  Calls him terrible names like big fat lazy ass.  Or complains about how he complains he is sick and how he is sick all the time.  She comment today to someone how he comes up with jokes and as posting them he laughs thinking he is so funny...NOT and he laughs in that laugh.  Whatever that means.   She is fed up with him acting like everyone loves him, adores him and wants to be his friend.  Married him to early should of gotten to know him better.  DUH!  

So I guess now she is tired of complaining and picking on him I am now the victim.  All good for today I have decided to no longer listen to what she is telling others and of course they come back to tell me.  Which of course was her plan.  Most I didn't mind for she is picking on me making a better life for me and my daughter.  Then she decided to say how all I've had is failed relationships.  The last one I chased to Florida.  Well when she sneaked on to husband's fb account to read up on me she should of read everything.  Last one got a job promotion and was relocated to Florida.  We planned to continue the relationship but after hours of talk we agreed to stay friends and see where it goes.  He is very busy as am I so we agreed just to be friends.  Long distance they don't always work out.  Next year when I go to Florida I will make a point to see him and see if the spark is still there, if neither of us are dating at that time.  

So back to her, I truly hope she finds some inner peace.  If she is that miserable or no longer in love with her husband she really should divorce him and allow him to find love as well allow herself to find it.    

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