Saturday, August 4, 2012


Lately I have been hearing or seeing people complaining about their partner or cheating on them.  Why do people do this?? Why not get out of the relationship and move on.  

Recently I've had a friend's wife ragging on me, what's her problem who knows.  Today after talking to a friend I came to realize she is either jealous of me or threatened by me.  Has to be both in my opinion for she has gone on to people about me writing my books.  One is a children's book and one is a novel, its about my life.  I think she is worried if her husband is going to be in my book and what will it say.  Well I guess she will have to wait till it comes out and buy it to see if he is in fact in it.  I feel sorry for her, for I really don't think she knows what a great guy she has. I know from friends we have in common on FB the only way she knows what is going on with me is she waits for the right time and sneaks on his FB page.  She knows how to deactivate the settings to show the device didn't log on so he has no clue.  Why tell people are you looking to get caught.  I've had these friends tell me to tell him or they ask me why am I not telling him.  He is my friend, I don't want to be the one to crush him or have him hate me for telling him.  He needs to find out on his own or she has to fess up.  She is obviously going through something. For all of a sudden she now has nothing nice to say about him when he is not around in public or to friends on FB.  Funny I was thinking the other day, you know your relationship is in trouble when your partner isn't complaining on FB for you to see.  Shouldn't be that way but lets be real everyone post what is going on in there lives or when they are fighting with some etc.  Seems she wants more out of life, I say that for her way towards me.  Why be mad at me for writing, wanting to go back to school or she knows either through him or his FB that I am working on a bully program.  She says all bad and negative things, to me that is someone who is jealous and needs or wants more in her life.  Hopes none of things come through for me, wants me to fail for rumor has it he thinks I am full of shit or already failed and not saying anything.  Neither of those are true, I am working hard and yes can write as well play on FB.  I am good at multitasking. 
She goes around calling him horrible names and saying horrible things.  I think man could you say anything worse.  She tells people she is tired of riding his coat tails and doing all he wants to do.  He thinks she is so into it but she really isn't for its not bring in the money she expected.  I laughed when I heard that for that is what you are after money!!!  Says when goes to things he acts like he is famous and everyone just loves him.  He flirts with women and she knows they are thinking not a chance buddy.  She calls him a fat lazy ass and he should get his head out of his computer.  He should stop dreaming and get a real job.  I tell ya, to me that sounds like someone is just not in love or just no into the man any more.  Whines that his either always sick, doesn't feel good, something is aching etc.  Tired of being his nurse maid.  WOW!

Relationships are not easy but harder when one is out bad mouthing the other.  She has no idea how lucky she is.  I was married to a wonderful man was I was 28 1/2 when we married and he died suddenly when I was 30. Yes we had 7 1/2 years together but who would of thought just like that he was gone.  He was 36 years old, no one truly knows heart break until you lose the love forever.  Don't get me wrong we had our problems, nothing like my friend his wife.  I would never walk around calling him names especially to friends, business people etc.  So many people take love, marriage and life for granted.  Even my daughter's father he was so wrong for me I knew it but I stayed for reasons no one should stay for.  Then had an old friend find me, who I adored when we were younger.  That didn't work out, heart break sure nothing as bad as losing my husband but hurt bad enough.  After him I just was picking anyone to date for I didn't want to be alone and till fill the void and hurt.  Today I am glad to say I am in no rush to find someone.  Even though my friend's wife told people she won't divorce him for she doesn't want me to have......LMAO  NO WAY SISTA!!!  And if that is why you opt to stay well you are cheating him and yourself out of happiness.  Stop faking it, tell him and move on.    

I know so many people and there are so many people out there looking for love and can't find it.  They are searching for years and not even close to finding the one.  Here is this woman mocking marriage and worst off going out calling her husband names.  Horrible!!!!  

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