Monday, October 22, 2012

Social Network Radio/Tampa Bay Rockers For Veterans Benefit at Dale 1891

Its been a while since I have blogged.  My friend John Sweeney as many of you know stopped doing his Zynga and Facebook Podcast which I blogged about often.  Well now he has his own radio station   This blog won't be long, this just my way of saying thank you and telling them what a great job they all did with the event as well thank you  to John and his station.

This past weekend his radio station was live airing the Tampa Bay Rockers For Veterans Benefit at  Dale 1891.  It was all day event to honor and help our Veterans. 

There were 8 bands that played and they were all amazing.  They all had their own style and their own way to show their thanks to our Veterans.  As well some of them were Veterans and was amazing to hear their stories and the songs they wrote about their experiences.   I wished every American got to experience the event. 

Social Network Radio did an excellent job, had some technical issues in the beginning as well some bumps along the way.  John quickly did all he could to correct it quickly so his listeners could enjoy the event as if they were there.  Many Veterans were listening and were very thankful that he aired the event.  I was thankful for the event, for my dad was a Veteran.  I am sure if he was still with us he would of been honored.  

I ask everyone if you get the chance thank a Veteran, thank an active soldier.  They either put themselves on the line or are putting themselves on the line and ask for nothing..  a thank you will go along way, believe me.  

I ask everyone to check out John's radio station, he has 7 stations, my favorite is the Country Station :-)  as well the Live Station when they are live at an event.  I really hope that John replays this event for those who missed it, for it truly was a great event.


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