Monday, January 24, 2011

The Facebook & Zynga Podcast 1/24/11

John started out the show with the obituaries.

Then got started by talking about accounts that got suspended due to players who got illegal reward point injections.   They had a caller who had gotten taken on is John's blog on the matter

Evil Ed called in about the illegal reward points, he feels the people that bought the rewards are just as guilty. People need to follow the terms of agreement. Sportsmanship is what its all about.  Some players want a easy way to get a better character.

Mafia Wars News: bury a mole is finally over.  Italy chapters 6,7,8 delayed on opening, Zynga said maybe this week.  Zynga tried to do shark tank what a complete failure.  Trying to make it so you could fight people in certain brackets.  Just failed sure they will work on it, they did ask for our thoughts on it.  We will try to help them work on it.  Don't limit us on who when can fight.  *My note they need to figure something out that is fair..I am level 580 and I am getting beat by 1100+ not fair*  Listen to show for more details on the shark tank.  

Facebook reversed themselves about giving out our phone numbers and addresses.  After getting complaints from users about it they have decided not to give out the informations.  FB has removed suggest a friend on a page due to  a bug and they are trying to fix it.  

Correction on a death notice.. Godmother of JRZ Lily Bauman she is alive and well according story she had to fake her death in order to protect her family.  We will be investigating it more and are waiting for all the facts before we pass judgement. If it is true then hats off to her for doing what she had to to protect her family but if it is found to be untrue then we will tell you all about this as it world be a cruel sick joke she pulled on the Mafia Wars community & other friends. Watch for updates !!!  

Caller asked about Rewardville...its a cross promotions and you collect z coins and so you can buy loot for the games that you play.  Will be rolled about to a few then eventually out to everyone else.

Tre York talks about mock wars that going on in the MW world.  Got to the Pinnacle War page under discussion board for more information. 10,000 loot items giveaway again go to the discussion board for more information..have to post clan name and admin name to collect the loot.  Get all clan members to post.

I couldn't get all the information John or Tre gave at the end about mock wars and events because they were talking to fast due to the end of the show coming. Here is the show link if you want to check it out

Help out a Single Mom in NYC...

I am a Single Mom in need of a job to take care of my 9 year old daughter.   Need to find something fast!!!  My daughter is such a sweet, loving, caring little girl who currently been having health issues due to knowing we could be losing our home.   I could go into things as far as support etc but that gets me no where.  He is who he is...lets leave it there.

I have many years experience.  I worked for Prudential Securities for 12 years.  Started out as a HR Assistant to one Recruiter eventually went to two. One point one Recruiter became the company's Relocation Coordinator.  So I was the relocation assistant as well.  Eventually I was given the Relocation Coordinator job along with being a HR Assistant\Admin Asst.  Then worked for the Manager of HR as their Administrative Assistant as well being the back up secretary to HR Director.  I was eventually promoted to the Executive Secretary for the HR Director along with splitting the relocation job with another HR Assistant.

I am very hard working person.  I am looking to work in the Brooklyn, NY area or NYC.  I would love to possible find something i can do from home or maybe have in office and home.  This way I can work around my daughter's school schedule.  If anyone works in any school who maybe looking for office work or something else that would be great. I am currently finishing up studies to get certificate for Teacher's Assistant.

Please email me if you can help....Thank you so much!!!

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