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The Facebook Zynga Podcast 1/31/11

John was joined by co-hosts Joanne and Tre York.  Show is now a featured show on

Show got start with obituaries and sending out condolences.  John needs to let Joanne do these, women have more feeling in regards to these things.  Not saying John doesn't have feeling or compassion for I know he does.  I think reporting it every week taking its toll on him.  Can't be much fun starting every show this way.  Comment I got was he sounds like its such a chore to do and knowing him for a few months I know that's not him.  He is a very caring and compassionate person. Maybe they should consider not doing them at all so no one gets offended. 

MW News Shark tank was brought back and you had to be level 1,000 soon was reduced to members at level 600 but as soon as it went up it came down.  Zynga's comment we are reviewing the data on how this experience went.  Be done with already Zynga.  Italy levels 6,7,8 are open.  Loot drops are lousy, 35,000 Lira to do a job.  Discussion lead to with MW everyone gets used to a changed suddenly Zynga changes again.  Many players get so mad, fed up and just quit.  Zynga is losing money with players who spend money on the games.   My opinion..I know Zynga has to keep the games interesting or they will lose players.  Them changing things is getting frustrating for now it seems every other day there is a change.    Comment: Zynga needs to let the players know changes are coming or were made.  Plus how it effects or if it effects the way the game is played.  

Hallow warriors, have no idea what this has to do with MW.  Tre got some good loot from it.  They came out with crack the safe that was their way of getting more members to play MW.  If you this you couldn't delete 5 players from MW and add them back.  You had to pick 5 new members for you mafia family.   John said there was a pretty good car at the end of it.

Especially guest Colin, boycott of Zynga not only MW but all games.  Colin tells us how people are upset about bookmarks or people cheating on the games.  Top 20 clans want a boycott on reward points when energy is out go do something else.  Don't buy points, we want to hurt Zynga's pocket for we want Zynga to go after the people using this cheating methods.  Zynga has the codes and refuse to do anything about it.  Top players talking about class action suit..those who got caught got band for a week and now back playing.  Colin says they will back doing it again once the next new script comes out.  John-I hear Facebook going after them on different angle.   Serious looking at it with legal department.  Colin- its not fair for the people who go out work and put what the can in the game then get beat by people who are cheating.  Tre- I know for a fact that Zynga likes losing money, they are not hear for players or games. They just want to make money.   Is it fair to be sitting at pc, playing the MW meanwhile the guy beating you up is using the script, sitting at the bar having beer. Join Zynga Boycott Page,link on the Facebook Zynga Podcast page.  Some people use the scripts because of medical reasons, they can't click or laid up for a period of time.    Great topic and they really got into, listen to the show if you want more information.  
My opinion once a cheater always a cheater.  Zynga will either do something about it or won't depends on how much energy and time its going to take.   Many people on FB are not happy about these people who use these scripts and cheat.  

Tre York discussed a contest where 30,000 loot items given out to 3 clans.  Will be working on future things.  Pinnacle War Page, discussion board tells you about mock wars or events going on.

Facebook news, Mark Zuckerburg's fan page got hacked.  :-D  What happened after that FB decided to bring out new security measures and bring back old ones.  They brought back identify someone by their picture.  We all know no one uses their own avatars.  Tre-I wish they would give you a list find your wife, husband, brother etc.  Its aggravating.   Find out who logged into your page and log them out of your page.  Its a good feature, you disable them then change your password so they can't get back in.  You can get email or text telling you when someone logs in.  They came HTTPS, secured Facebook, like shopping online or bank..the lock at the bottom of the page telling you its secure.  The games don't have it, all Zynga games have it.  

Page owners, FB lied to us removed suggest a friend due to bug but they just removed it all together.   So you need have your fans to share the page to get more members.  Now they also have if you got to Starbucks and say you like an ad comes up.  FB has that all games have to use FB credits by July.   

John, I have been getting hounded ..its the final thoughts about Lily Bauman, GM of JRZ who faked her death.  Basically, she is saying she had a family emergency and fake her own death. John had a chance to speak to her and explain the whole thing to us.  She also said she was going to send him proof to show it was real.  He told her she didn't have to but wanted to and here it is 4 days later still nothing, has to many holes in story.  She doesn't have to justify it that is fine, we are upset by how she came back from it, her attitude.  John thinks the whole thing is bull and was over in 3 days and stay dead for 2 months.  Rumors going on about so many things  He doesn't  like being made to look like a fool, announced her death, memorials were done, loot given out, gift card purchased in her memory.  He thinks its just wrong.  He says, if you need a break fine, disable your account and activate when you are ready to come back.   She supposedly died and had your sister take over account.  People are investigating the situation.  He has a problem, as a Reverend  about what her clan did over weekend, they put up a picture of Jesus with middle finger up.  That was so wrong.  (My opinion on picture...that is so so so wrong)
Tre's opinion on it-"if you can't be honest with me then I don't want anything to do with you.  If money was given, that is when you should say this is wrong and should of said this is what's up.  Say I am so sorry to make it up or you did this i still have it and give it back.  Don't want to comment on to much on this for don't know all the details. If someone I knew did it i would be so pissed.  I lost a person from a clan, Dolly, she was so nice new I was new, helped me gave me guidance. I was hoping someone would tell me it was a prank just so I could interact with her one more time.  I understand she was pushing 90 and she was a daily MW player.  Without I am sure she is lonely, I know from where i am there are days I get lonely. I get online and talk to family, friends to keep me sane."  Comment from a listener... First the picture of Jesus, that is an awful awful thing to post. FB should make them take it down. I don't know her but after hearing all the stories out there, the whole thing doesn't sound kosher.  I am upset that money was spent out in her name etc and she doesn't even offer to pay it back etc.

They are looking for couples who meet via MW to be on their Valentine's Day show...BARF!!! ROTFLMAO!!   Like us single people who will be miserable on Valentine's Day wants to hear about people being in LOVE...blah blah   I think I will skip that show!  I will sit watch a horror flick and eat a pint of ice cream  or a box of chocolates.  :-D  Comment from a listener:  Will be skipping that show, have been single for many years.  Last thing I want is to hear about people meeting over MW and being all in love.  Do a show for us single people.  Do something that helps us meet women or for the women, men to meet. 

ATTENTION:  Hi!  My name is Donna and I am a single mom looking for work and an apartment.  I live in the Bay Ridge\Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, NY.

I am looking for apartment in the Dyker Heights area, preference would be between 79th St and 86 St, between 12 avenue and 14th or 15th Avenues.  Of course I am flexible for its an emergency that I find one ASAP.

I am looking for work in the Brooklyn area, if necessary will go into NYC.  If anyone knows of any work from home like customer service rep, appointment setter etc.  I would love that this way I can have a flexible schedule. As well save me money as far as after school program and sitters when school is off etc.  

I have many years experience.  I worked for Prudential Securities for 12 years.  Started out as a HR Assistant to one Recruiter eventually went to two. One point one Recruiter became the company's Relocation Coordinator.  So I was the relocation assistant as well.  Eventually I was given the Relocation Coordinator job along with being a HR Assistant\Admin Asst.  Then worked for the Manager of HR as their Administrative Assistant as well being the back up secretary to HR Director.  I was eventually promoted to the Executive Secretary for the HR Director along with splitting the relocation job with another HR Assistant.

I am very hard working person.  I am looking to work in the Brooklyn, NY area or NYC.  I would love to possible find something i can do from home or maybe have in office and home.  This way I can work around my daughter's school schedule.  If anyone works in any school who maybe looking for office work or something else that would be great.

Please me message here on Facebook if you know of anything or have any information.

Thank you.

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