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The Facebook Zynga Podcast 2/7/11

First I have a few listener's comments again this week and they weren't holding anything back.  Some may ask why use listener's comments, well this way it helps John on fixing any problems or at best he knows how some are feeling.  I  hope to help him improve his show and help it succeed.  He has something good here but has to stay on top of it to make it work, plus now going to have a radio show. We all know you have to be on your game or they cancel you, so I hope this helps him improve the show were necessary or make changes if necessary. Plus my blog is nothing compared to what he could get once he hits the air waves.  Those critics are tough and can make or break you.

Let's just get to it, this was one of the worst shows, I am sorry to say that but from what I heard from people listening to the live show,  the connection of the show was horrible.  Static, echoing and  the show was going in and out. I also heard it when I listened to recorded podcast, was tough understanding what they were saying.  I think hosts may have been still drunk or very hung over from their Super Bowl parties, they seem to not be speaking so clearly...LOL  Seriously I don't know what they are using as equipment but even with Joanne every time she speaks you get this load blast of sound before you hear her.  One listener told me while they were talking to some women from MW, the show went out for a few minutes and couldn't hear what she said.   

John was of course joined by Joanne and Tre York. They started show with obituaries that's all I will say about that.  Listeners had comments but I am just not going there again.

A group of  women from Mafia Wars  were on the show.  Its a new group that Tre learned about. Worldwide Mafia Women.  Tre and John spent more time trying to flirt then to find out what the group was about, John really thinks he is all that and the women love him... kidding--not ROTFL (seriously kidding).  Thanks to Joanne asking them to tell us about their group we may never of found out.   I am still not totally sure, for they didn't really get that much into it.  They are social clan but do fight and such.  Have entered Mock Wars sponsored by other clans.  They are having a Tough Women contest, pick a gentleman who has agreed to let us hit him and the ladies hit him at least once.  These ladies did a trip to Chicago and they saw the gangster graves and put a rose on Al Capone's grave.  Posted pictures up on Facebook & Zynga Podcast. This group won one of the contest that Tre ran and won 10,000 in loot so they did ask them what they planned to do with it.

Poison US, Paula Teck called in about a free for all this weekend 2/11-2/13.  GM has a dog that has medical problems so we are having a fund raiser to help with the cause.  Posted on Facebook Zynga Podcast page.

Then went into MW news, Big Game Event, some people are still looking for rings, Zynga said they are coming. 3 rings for the winning team, losing team gets nothing.  Fight list is being revamped and coming real soon.  The new redesign looks pretty good, new graphics and hope they can find people alive to put on list. You can go to Zynga forum and give your two cents.  New animals to be build, so now you collect raw meat to feed animals.   "They spent so much time talking about buying reward points, I don't buy them as many I know.  Let's keep it to what we want to hear about or give us the help we need"   Until Valentine's day you energy refills every 8 hours. Some good news finally from Zynga.

Talked about how a hacker who stole poker chips, Zynga chips over billions of dollars worth.  He only made $85,000 from selling them.  

Tre spoke about different events going on.  Go to Pinnacle War discussion board to learn more about them.

Facebook news, they stole 1 million profiles from FB and made it part of their dating sites . Story on  They made an application on FB they got all the users information and they put pictures of the people on the site.   FB does not have the proper security feature to protect its users.  It comes to show you how valuable your information is to these companies.  The need to make it then any application let them access our name and user idea.  Then if we want to go and give them information then we would be a fault not FB.   US Congress is pressuring FB about protecting us and not giving out our phone numbers etc.  Congress wants to know how much info was given out. FB doesn't really care about the government for they don't have any real restriction on Internet.  Should be we opt in and not opt out.
FB rolling out new photos, media viewer and high definition photos.  Some news I just felt not appropriate to write about.  Guess news in FB is slow.   Discussed their new radio show coming on Saturdays at 7pm Est. starts Feb 19th.  Information is on their fan page.  At least they will have professional engineering so there won't be any problems or at least shouldn't be.

Want people who met on FB, MW or any Zynga games for Valentine's Day show. So all you love birds come to fan page and posted it on the wall.  Listener's comment "Do they really think we care or want to hear about this.  Who really cares if a bunch of people met this way and fell in love.  No, I am not single and miserable, I am married to a lovely lady for several years, we met by being stuck on an elevator, now that's exciting! Sad part most of these couples will be divorced. Why for eventually MW\FB\Zynga will wear off and than you will have to look at the person and interact.  That's when they find out there really is no love and only thing they had in common was FB|MW|Zynga.  My wife and I were stuck for 2 hours, we got to know each other, laugh and support each other.  Wonderful experience, I wish these couples could experience something like that. So on that note, I won't be listening to Monday's show for its all fake in my opinion."

Not really much to talk about or big important information to report about, just basic stuff.  The show is on if you want to listen to it.

I am sorry when this show first started John gave us so much great information, helped people with the games etc now its more lets chat and eventually we will get to the news.  They also had callers, now not so much.    Few listener's comments~~~~ "I have listened in a few times and just no longer have an interested in it."   " I know John for a few months think he does a great job, the show has lost something."  "I hear they are starting a radio show was going to listen in but not sure now after this show, was horrible"  " I know John about two years now, I like him better when he just did Don Sweeney's Pimping Club, he is a different person now.  He was so helpful back in the day now he has no time for us little people."  " I know all the hosts want to have fun, have a few laughs etc. but being its only an hour they don't really have that kind of time.  Seems things of importance get rushed because they spent to much time talking about personal things. Needs to be a better outline and better balance of items\power. Make us feel like you are there for us."   
My opinion, I think they should pick two major things to discuss each week.  Fill everyone in on those two things.  I know FB and Zynga are always changing you could do a show everyday with the way things change.  Can't say well no chatting just stick to business for that will be no fun for you guys.  Have a timed outline so you can stay on track and not find yourself hurrying at the end.  

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