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The Facebook Zynga Podcast 2/21/11

That is right I am blogging about the show. I am not letting anyone stop me. John knows where to find me if he has any issues with my blog.  He was not the one to contact me to shut me down it was a friend of his.

What a great show tonight!!  I don't know what it was but things ran pretty well and mood was great.  John must of taken some happy pills, well he did mention he was out last night so maybe he was still drunk...LOL  ONLY KIDDING!!!  

John was joined by Tre and Jeremy who was filling in for Joanne who is sick. Sending her get well wishes.

John started out with the obituaries...big improvement with those this week.  

Mafia Wars News:
Talked about the Dead Man Talking mission (all these missions are a pain can't get to the game)
Broken Heart event coming to end..FINALLY one day left.  Talking how in the beginning of the event hearts were being subtracted not added.  
They talked how missions need to get spaced out for players are getting overwhelmed.  Tre says catering to those players who have gotten through everything and have nothing to do.  Lower level players will get frustrated and quit.  My opinion, they do need to space things out.  Lower level players are very overwhelmed and looking to quit.  Not just MW all the Zynga games. They are shoving missions down our throats they need to back off a bit.

Ancient Relic is a new and it ends March 1st.  Don't think it can be done several times. For the last item doesn't open until Friday which means you will have to go crazy over the weekend to get stuff by Tuesday.  The Grand Prize is great.  

Tre ~~Travis Mack is a friend and his girlfriend's mother passed after a long battle of cancer.  He is holding a free for all March 9th Check out the Facebook Zynga fan page or the Pinnacle War page for more information or contact Tre.  Its free but donations are welcomed.  He is helping with funeral expenses so please come by show support and have fun.

Rick Olsen of the groups Bogus Pomp and The HubbTones.  Rick talked how Bogus Pomp does Frank Zappa music.  1993 Frank Zappa died and we all remember where we were.   Like were many knew were they were when John Lennon died.  1994 Rick and friend Jerry Outlaw started this to remember Zappa and the got received so well, in the US and Europe.  Its a celebration of his music not just for us but for the people there.

On Sunday, Feb 27th the band is holding a benefit for a good friend Debra who is a photographer.  Someone broke into her trunk and stole all her equipment, which put her out of work.   $10 requested donation.  It will be held at Local 662, 622 Central Avenue Downtown St. Petersburg FL, starts at 8pm. Check out Facebook page for The HubbTones.  Bogus Pomp there are videos on Youtube.

Back to MW news
They talked about how they changed the wishlist.  Some things you can send as a gift and put on your wishlist. Now Zynga pulled them from gifting as well wishlist.  Tre~~i hate when they change something and you get used to it and adjust it how you play the game.  Then they come along and change it again. I hate when they do that.  Also I am getting tired of all the pop ups, they are getting so annoying.  They need to find a better way. John~~ I suggest a long time ago that they do ticket tape, lets us see what they want us to see and if we see something we like we will click on it.  I agree with the pop ups, I was trying to ice someone and i kept getting heart pop ups.  I don't want to lose my ice over pop ups.  

Zynga News
Poker Conference-March 18th and 19th in Las Vegas at the Palms. Instead of playing computer poker you can play the real thing.  $100,000 in prizes. $125 gets you in or $530 gets you in as well a room at the Palms.

Facebook News
Monopoly is now on Facebook.
Changed the relationship status, they have more to pick from now.  (still waiting for living with, dating a ..cheater, liar, loser or deadbeat..LOL)
Photos changed more of a viewers microsoft.  Some wanted to know about how to save a copy. Hit F5 and will make photo look normal and you can save from there.
A nun in Spain got kicked out of her convent for using Facebook to much.  
Maryland Dept. of Correction is asking new hires and recertification employees to give them their FB login information so they can check their pages before hiring or re-certifying them.  ACLU is all over this.  FB is a private matter shouldn't be used to determine if you get a job or not.  ACLU has to win if not it will change things in America and not good.  This is just going to far.  FB is entertainment and to socialize.  

Tre talked about different events. please check out the Pinnacle Fan Page under discussion for what is going on.  Axe does Hatch It nights on Mondays, EOH has a event on Wednesdays Pinnacle does one on Thursdays.  So check out his page for more here is the link

He also talked about a new family he joined XP its a handful of daily players they having a good time and socializing.  Check out XP Pages if you have trouble finding contact Tre and he will help you.  The are going to have member of the month ..this month Matt Johnson. He has done so much for the group to get is started etc.    Tre took a few minutes to talk about the physical rehabilitation he was in Quality Life.  They work with serious injuries. He seen things he has never seen before.  All in All Quality Life is remarkable.  When he got there they welcomed him, smiling and lots of love.  He thought this isn't going to last but it did.  They have a great staff, they help with anything. They have people working there to handle all your needs.  Make sure you are safe in every way.  He did mention a few names thanking them.   

John mentioned SIN is having a fundraiser for Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Here is John's blog for more information 

John will be going to San Fran to Zynga to be part of the PAC Players Advisory Committee.  So he will update everyone on what happened on next show.
John has started a social page, you can join, play MW or Farmville.  He is still working on it.

Need to contact Tre here is link to his page
Again it was a great great show, maybe its the weather.   Have a great week!!!

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