Monday, August 23, 2010

The Facebook & Zynga Podcast 8/23/10 show

Tonight John was back from being off last week.  Was really looking forward to tonight's show.  Sadly John had some technically difficulties and sound was lost to all listening.  

John has rescheduled the show for this Monday.  Even though we couldn't listen at the time part of the show can be heard then you can hear John doing a Verizon commercial...Can you hear me now?  ROTFLMAO.  Sorry John you are a very dear friend but it was just to funny listening to that part.  Those of us waiting to hear the show come back got to listen to this awful music.  I finally had to shut speakers and just keep checking in.  

First John sent out condolences for Craig James' family.  He lost his battle to cancer and was a member of the Knights of Justice KOJ Clan.  So I take a moment to say a prayer for Craig's family. 

John then started talking about FB and them disabling accounts.  What is up with that?  I have heard of so many getting shut down and for little things. If you account gets disabled read John's blog for advice on what to do..

Then he discussed how FB has no help center or customer service, they do everything through emails.  John mentioned how FB should hire people even as part time workers and help the California Economy. They need the  help plus they would get Government help.  FB could even do work at home customer service etc.  You go to what they call the help center and you type in what you are looking for and if you don't find it in all the hundreds of things that pop up.  You then type your question in like a forum and a gamer answers it not FB themselves.  

There is so much bs going on with disabling accounts.  John covered Clans in a war report the higher level players from the other clan.  OR now people are calling other users jobs and telling there boss about them playing during working hours.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?  THIS A JUST A GAME!!!  Even John says that on tonight's show.  As well he says it about having fun and if you want to Ice him go right ahead.  WHOO HOO I am icing him right after this..LOL  Then to think people spend thousands on these games.  I can't even imagine doing that.

John then touched on how Zynga doesn't want you to get disabled for then you can't play the games.  Zynga agrees with FB as far as fake accounts.  They go along with FB's policies.  Zynga is looking into options  as well as bettering the games.  Have to remember that depending on how big a task, the longer it will take.  Zynga is taking a lot of heat for so many things.  They can't be blamed if you get disabled on FB.  People get mad when things go wrong with games, its normal even I do it especially lately. The right thing to do is notify them and see if they correct it or not.  Again it is just a game no matter what game you are playing.

Well when John finally realized no one could hear he did try to fix the problem but eventually the Brooklyn in him came out!!! John tisk tisk the language you used, I can't believe you talk like that!! Not you, no way..yeah right..LOL   I must admit I got a good laugh at listening to you say hello or can you hear me over and over.  And anyone reading this again he is a very dear friend so not picking on him.  HECK I am so picking on you...:-D  In a good friendly way!!  A copy of that show would be great for the reunion next year!!! Kidding..maybe LOL

Final note: John Sweeney is doing a great job with his podcast, I would say he is 80% to being a pro.  John, you didn't think I would give you 100% this soon did you?  LOL  As well doing a great job with his fight against Zynga and Facebook.  John is the type of guy that gives his all to whatever he does.  He has inspired me to go out, do something, finding something to fight for.  Thanks to him I am working on several things to get either on the air, in a book or an organization. He was also doing a great job on the Evil Ed Pod but has recently resigned from that to focus on his reporting career.  Here is the link to his column

If you want to listen to his podcast from tonight or hear him scream at pc here is the link   You can also listen to past shows if you missed them.  I will be blogging his shows except next week the blog won't be till the end of the week.  

Please keep giving John all your support and help!  Can you hear me now???  LOL  Couldn't help it!

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