Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday is Zynga Day!!!

Want Zynga to know what your complaints, suggestions or comments are? Well then join my group before Monday and post them.  I will be opening up the group for public view on Monday for the Zynga Executives to see what we have to say.

For many who read this know its not an easy task to get Zynga to hear us etc.  They are getting it from every direction and trying to do their best.  I know for many not fast enough or when they fix one game another goes down.   I want to open up communication and try to get the gamers the help they need.  Will we be successful this way, only time will tell.  I am the type of person you want something done or want to be heard you go to the top.  I don't have the time to work my way up the channel to get things done.  

So join my group and post complaints, comments etc.  Please no foul language, for I will delete those.  Thank you.   group link!/group.php?gid=132777846758728&ref=ts

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