Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Slow week No Zynga & Facebook Podcast

Well its a slow week for John Sweeney decided to take a day off from podcast.  What a life?! LOL  Just kidding.  Yeah right how dare he take off!!  :=D  So will resume blogging about him and his show next Monday.  He continues to work very hard on Zynga and Facebook information and getting it out on Facebook.  I know how hard and tough it is.  For I have been trying to get Zynga to listen to complaints etc and they don't acknowledge you.  Or if they do they give you the standard answer or their form letter.  I continue to fight this battle along with my other day to day things.  I have been working on a project and if gets picked up part of it is to get Zynga and Facebook to do a face to face interview.  Along with some other internet companies.  All has been submitted so now I just sit and wait...yeah no I continue to look into other ways to make this happen.    

Well the Giant\Jet game was on Monday, I am not a fan of either plus preseason games are a yawn.  For they don't want anyone getting hurt.  Game picked up a little then the Giants blew the Jets away 31-16. What else is new for the Jets. :-D  Me being a Dolphins fan I was happy they lost preseason or not.  I am looking forward to the season starting for I love my football and hockey!  Give me a jersey, jeans and a beer and lets watch the game! 

So I went out today to run some errands and I ran into my most recent ex.  We said hi and talked outside a store, a woman's store so he says to me there is my girlfriend.  Door was open so can see in, so I see a woman about 50 and another woman say 30s and beautiful. So I am thinking you piece of sh*t you are rubbing that in my face.  What I didn't call or text you back two days ago so you ran and got the first thing that came along.  So the beauty comes out and goes on her way.  He was in the middle of telling me how great I looked and didn't realized I lost so much weight I figured he knew where to meet her.  WAS I WRONG!!!  The other woman in 50s comes out and say ok honey I am ready.  ROTFLMBO!!! Gosh I was having a bad day till then.  Now the woman was attractive for her age.  But he is a guy who is my age 43 but looks mid to late 30s, hot too UGH hate admitting that.  Its always great when you run into an ex and their new girlfriend is either old or not good looking and you think wow you left me for that!!!  Well while waiting he was nice enough to inform me she was one of the women he cheated with.  REALLY?!?!?  You had to tell me that why?  Then I think why her and what does she have.  I guess no self worth how can she stay with someone like him. Then again she probably has no clue on him and his ways. When she came out he did introduce me as his friend....FRIEND REALLY!!!  We are not even close to friends after all he did.  Then the guy has the nerve to call me hours later..what a piece of work.   To tell me he misses me so much, he loves me, wants another chance and I look awesome. That he never meant to hurt me or cheat on me.  BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!  Heard that before then he did it again.  Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you there is no third time.   Plus all the other things he did or didn't do.   I am just happy I am strong enough to move on.  Sure I stopped to think about the good times, the laughs etc and as much as it brings a smile to my face.  I have to remember the bad too and that outweighs the good.  Its sad for I really had thought this was the one.  Some ask me do you plan to date again.. UM NO well not anytime soon for I have to much on my plate.  Even with him I had to much and we fought so why do it all over again.  

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