Friday, August 6, 2010


So today has been some day.  I recently broke up with a guy and today was the day he realized what he lost.  Most if you read my early post I comment how he was great and awesome..heck even he could be the one.  This is a guy who got down not once but twice on his knee with a ring no his mother's ring and promised to always be there and wanted to be with me.  Thank Goodness I was thinking with my head both times and said no.  I did explain it was to soon and needed time.   

The guy was great in the beginning and was for some time.  Then he went and cheated after the first time I said no.  He cried, begged and promised it wouldn't happen again.  So do to having strong feelings and falling hard for him I accepted his apology and moved on.  Things were going very well again he was helping me with my Zynga project.  Then he got upset for he felt I was devoting to much time to it.  Yes i did and still do but its a passion and want answers etc.  So we fought on and off then I balanced things out.  So again things were good.  Then one day it was so hot with heat index over 100 and asked him to give me and my daughter a ride to library. Well you would of thought I asked for a ride to the moon. He whined about how he took the day off to do nothing but mess with his car.  REALLY???  You would let my 8 year old walk to the library in that heat so you could play with your car!!!  She is my life, do wrong by her then you are done.  So a few days went by before he apologized and admitted to being wrong and a jerk.  Again I forgave, why oh why?  For two weeks later, I see him on the street with another girl.  Worse part is they were blocks from my house!!!  WHAT THE???   So I text him and tell him to turn around and there I was.   LOVE IT!!!!! :-)    Walk up to him told him to lose my number and have a nice life.  

That was a few weeks ago, so today he emails me.  WHAT?? EMAIL REALLY?   I don't want to hear anything I am done.  So he tries calling, then he sends flowers.   He sends red roses..HELLO IDIOT I HATE RED ROSES!!!!  See you were listening!!!!    So then he called and I answered not looking at caller id for I was waiting for a friend to call me back.  Well he cried and cried, begged and begged, made promises I know he could never keep.    I tried to explain to him that I was happy with my life just as it is.  Me and my daughter, my writing, blogging and project I am working on.  Now one project he was stilling helping me with even after the break up but now says he isn't helping anymore.  What a jerk!  Then tells me I won't get anywhere without him or survive without him...OH REALLY!!!  Guess you really haven't met me.  I am the woman who at the age of 30 found her husband dead.  I survived that and made it, i can survive this and make it.

I did all I could and then some.  I mean how many women take a guy back after cheating and treating her daughter the way he did.   Should of listen to her she wasn't crazy about him to begin with it. I know that I put my all into it after mistakes I made in the past.  No I am not perfect but I really gave this guy my all.  I put my heart and soul into this relationship.  I can't afford to do that again, not for him anyway.  

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