Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well I am ready to flip out...LOL  I have lost all my GF points, have jobs I finished in NY open again, not sure what is going on with my energy packs.  

As many of you know I have been working on trying to get someone to hear us about our complaints etc.  I have been all the way to the top and still nothing.  But I am SOOOOO  not giving up, I am working just that much harder.  I am currently working on a proposal that I hope leads to a sit down with both Zynga and Facebook.  

So please I am asking whether you play mafia wars, farmville, poker etc and having issues please either email me on FB, join my group Zynga Please hear us or join my blog (links on my page under my picture) and tell me your story.  I can use all the information I can get to include in my proposal. 

I knew this mission would be hard from watching someone else do it but never thought this hard or that they would not answer me at all.   I will keep trying!!!  Thank you for all those that have been helping me out!!!

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