Monday, August 9, 2010

The Facebook & Zynga Podcast 8/9/10 show

Well John Sweeney had his second podcast tonight.  Tonight's show was 45 mins instead of 30.  First let me say again that John is a dear dear friend, I know him over 20 year so I can say anything and get away with it (I hope) LOL :-D  

First John was not as nervous as last week, actually he was pretty steady.  I am impressed..yeah so not..LOL   I ask the same question as last week, Dude where the heck is your Brooklyn Accent?...Jeez Man!!! :-)   All kidding aside John did very well and will be a pro in no time.  

NOW about the show!!  A little crazy at time with people talking over each other for John had Joanne as co-host tonight.  So hard to hear or get all the information. Guess a kink he will have to work out.   It's great that he has Godfathers of Clans on the show or they call in to support him.  Good to hear what everyone is thinking about regarding the issues with Facebook or Zynga. Only problem I see is he has to make the calls shorter if he sees he has other calls.  For tonight he had a GF on and the call went pretty long so then at the end of the show John was rushing to take as many calls as he could then got caught short so had to hurry the person up.  Yes I know its only his second week, just giving a helpful suggestion. John, please don't take that the wrong way.  Just you know how people can get..oh i waited for 20 mins and he never took my call or he rushed me and didn't get the answer i wanted....then they are telling everyone on FB.  Better to fix it now then have an issue later I say. :-)  One other suggestion ..log on instructions for podcast.  I noticed a lot of people couldn't figure it out or couldn't figure out how to get the sound so maybe post something in the live chat before the show starts.  Maybe even post it as the showing on so those coming late know what to do.  Also information on how to listen via Skype.

Otherwise the show was very good.  He talked about the Facebook Credits issue.  People you need to be very careful when you are using your credit card online.   Facebook has screwed up again, if you used a credit card to buy something on FB its now stored there.  So if someone hacks your account they now have your credit card number.  For more on this you can listen to John's show, I have it posted in a blog and I am sure John has it posted on FB page---!/pages/The-Facebook-Zynga-Podcast/145826638767230?ref=ts  I will be posting the link to his podcast below so please go and listen to tonight's or last week show(here is that link  Hear all that was said, there was discussion again on tonight's show about using bookmarklets.  You need to be careful using them.  More on those on his first show.  

John mentioned that you should changed your password every month which is recommended.  As well he explained that if you get pink box stop posting on FB for 24 hours.  That means you are 10 posts from having your FB page shut down.  Man can you believe that crap.  Then to get page back is a horror could take hours or up to months...LOL  They have got to be kidding on that.   His next show is an hour and hope he gets to cover a lot more.  I know most of his followers are Mafia Wars gamers but hope he talks about the other games as well.  They did joke around about playing Farmville as much as some are addicted to Mafia Wars others are addicted to Farmville, Frontierville, Petville, Whoville oh wait that is from When The Grinch Stole Christmas.  LOL  Just hoping its the show opens up to many more topics etc.  I am being very brief for I want you all to go and listen to John's Podcasts.  He is putting in the time and effort to get us the information we need or want so please go listen.  Keep up the great job John!!!  And get that Brooklyn Accent back...LOL  

Just a quick plug on some things I am working on...As many of you know or may not know I have been working on getting Zynga to hear us as well. John has been battling this a lot longer then I but I got in on the fight.  WHY i will never know...LOL  No I did it because I had a lot of gamers coming to me and talking about the issues with all the games.  They were getting frustrated had been to other groups (Not Johns) trying to get help and got nothing.  No one was monitoring the group. So I started a group on FB Zynga Please hear us!/group.php?gid=132777846758728&ref=ts  You can go there and post your complaints or suggestions etc.  The group is supposed to be viewed by Zynga on Monday afternoons. Is it happening who knows for I can't get them to give me any answers.  Please go to the group and post things for I am using the information for another project I am working on.  If all goes as I plan, Please!! I could possible have a sit down with them and Facebook.  Heck I might as well start talking to Google before they launch their social network page.  Get them to do it right the first time! 

John's next show is August 23rd at 6pm EST~~ here is the link go and set a reminder..go now!!! :-D

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