Saturday, August 7, 2010


Can't believe Football season is almost here!! Only 5 more weeks..WOO HOO!!!

I am working hard on getting a spot to hopefully blog on the games.  I love my football.  So to be able to blog about it will be great and make money even better :-)

I live in NY but I am a Miami Dolphin Fan!! I am their #1 fan..LOL  I am sure all their fans are saying that.  I love when they play the Jets it so exciting being I live in NY.  Most of my friends are Jets fans so its a lot of fun to talk smack and make bets etc.  

I look forward to watching the games and writing about them, hopefully.  I am also hoping to do it for hockey too.  My other favorite sport, love the slamming players up against the glass etc.  Its such an exciting game!  

I am looking forward to hopefully blogging about this two sports for its something I love doing.  I know I am tired of blogging about my ex boyfriend.  Gosh you think the guy would get the hint.  I hope he has after my song postings on FB and the phone call we just had.  He wasn't very happy with my Who is holding Donna choice...aaawww poor baby..shouldn't of cheated twice more importantly didn't give my daughter the respect she deserved.   That's a big no no.  He says he would try harder not used to being around kids etc.  Please!!!!  I had a boyfriend who didn't have a child or around any and he treated her like GOLD!!!  So get real!!!  Also helloooo you cheated on my twice and still with the second girl,come on now.  I am good thanks especially after my posts and status post.  I got it all out of my system and ready to move on with life. I was on that road till he opted to get in touch.

Anyway enough on that...let me know if there is anything you would like me to blog about.  

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  1. I love football too. I don't have any certain team just love to watch it. This summer went way to fast !!!
    Blog about anything I will read it !!