Monday, August 2, 2010

Zynga & Facebook Podcast

Well I listened to my dear friend John Sweeney's podcast.  For those who may have missed it or may have an interest here is the link
Tonight's show will be in archives and he is on again next Monday, 8/9 @ 6pm.  

Being it was his first live show I must say he handled himself pretty well. I would of been throwing up...ROTFL.  By the end of the show he was almost a pro at it.  Give him another week or two and he will be.  I have one question..What happened to your Brooklyn accent?  Just kidding.  

I am guessing many listeners are not comfortable with calling in so I  like that he has a live chat for those people to get questions answered.     He spoke about bookmarklets and read Zynga's Official Statement  "Anything that is not you playing the game, is against our Terms of Service.  We do not allow bots or scripts to be used." He had Evil Ed on his show from Evil Ed's Podcast and Evil Ed's Walking the Dead Podcast  Evil Ed is funny I love listening to his podcasts.  John also does some kind of Zynga\Facebook segment for Evil Ed's podcast.   

Tonight's show didn't cover a whole lot but it was his first show, new to him and his listeners.  It will be interesting to see where he takes this.  Many gamers are looking for people and places to go to get answers.  Working with Zynga or Facebook is not easy at all.  I have been doing it and its no walk in the park.  I know many people are loyal and follow John when it comes to Mafia Wars, Zynga and Facebook.  I haven't met a person who fights harder to get answers for the gamers.  Well expect for me...LOL  I don't have close to as many hours as John has invested.  Many of my mafia family posts questions or looking for help, I immediately refer them to John.  Now I am referring them to his podcast--He is the mafia war pro, he has the answers.  I am sure by now he is Facebook and Zynga pro.   So if you are having Facebook or Zynga issues, listen to John's show, call in or if shy type your question in the live chat. 

One more important issue that John spoke about tonight was the following~~~ If you live in the Tampa\St. Pete area please try to make this event!  
  Hi Everyone, If you are in the Tampa/ St. Pete area come down to a great benefit on Treasure Island. 

Central Station & The Tampa Bay Rays bring you "Rays Hawk Nite" to benefit The Children's Dream Fund The Children's Dream Fund was founded in 1981 with the single purpose of fulfilling dreams for children ages 3-18 who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

So come on down and get your "Rays Hawk" and help out some kids who really need our help. There will be 3 bands ( Suzabeaches, Standback & Dennis Wallace ) , We have “Cherie-oke”. The Best and hottest little Karaoke Queen in Tampa Bay! Her top of the line system will make anyone sound good! There will also be tons of prizes and raffles , Food, Fun & plenty of drink specials. It will be a fun time for all and and it all goes to a great cause so make sure you come by.

August 11th 2010 
7 PM - 2 AM 
Central Station 
115 107th Ave
Treasure Island, FL 33706

So try and squeeze this into your busy schedule and help make a child dream come true. We look forward to seeing you all !!!

Good Luck John from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Sorry John have to do this, you can also join my group Zynga Please hear us.!/group.php?gid=132777846758728    Tonight was the first night Zynga Execs viewed the group. We requested they view group every Monday and email me with comments etc.  Waiting on one of the executives to get back to me to see if they  agree to this or what would work for them. Its been and will continue to be a long battle but I am happy with the progress so far.   My group is for complaints if you need answers John's podcast is the place to be.  Sure you can post questions on my group wall and will try to get the answers.  Easier way is John's podcast.  So please stop in and listen to him next week!   John also has a group for Zynga and Facebook ...  

Both groups are working on getting the gamers complaints through and get answers, just at different levels.  So please join both, have fun playing, listen to John's podcast and keep reading my blogs.  :-D  Have a great evening.

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