Monday, August 23, 2010

My Day 8/23/10

What a day I had today!!!  First I have not slept more then a few hours the last few nights.  I am like a walking Zombie.  I have so much to do so I just keep pushing.  Anyway today I go out and run into an old friend, well not really a friend.  She hung out with me and my friends 25 years ago.  So she has been on FB and Myspace etc looking for the old crew.  So she found some and filling me in on some.  Most I already knew what they were up to or close to it.  She was telling me about one guy and the things coming out of her mouth I was like REALLY?! I was confused for I have spoken to this person.  Then starts to tell me how they look and how they don't look the same.  Heck man none of us do we got older, no he is totally different.  I am not sure what she meant by it but wasn't wasting my time..LOL  This a guy that I was friendly with and adored, don't want anyone talking about him badly or any of my friends.  

So we've had rain all day and don't mind if I had no where to go.  So I come home. I do some studying, play some games with Alexis. I am all good just waiting for 6pm to listen to a friend's podcast.  So I do all the mommy things I had to do..:-D   So my friend had technical difficulties on his show so that was a bust.  I listened to it later on.

A neighbor comes to my door to inform me they were having work done.  DUH you wake me every morning with the banging.  She wanted me to know that the contractor ripped down a wall that had nest of mice.  The all took off and odds I will get some!!!  WTF!!!  So I said no yelled didn't you know they were there??? Oh yeah but didn't think to tell him.  What did you think would happen when he ripped down the wall.  They would smile and say hello then wait for the wall to be rebuilt.  NO sign of any yet, so tomorrow I am out to get traps.  I hate that I now don't have a man...ROTFL.  Now I have to be strong and handle it and show Alexis you don't need a man.  BUT I NEED A MAN FOR THIS...:-D  Called Landlady she said not much you can do for them but put down traps.  That's what happens when you have dirty neighbors.  I can't wait to move the heck out of here soon. 

Alexis and I saw a ladybug flying in the house they say its good luck. I sure hope so.  Hope it brings me the luck I need right now to take care of her and I as well be a huge success.   


  1. Hope you can get some rest soon. I haven't been sleeping well either lots on my mind. Praying you don't have any mice. I sure hope that Ladybug brings you Good Luck !!!


  2. Still no luck with sleeping. I am wiped out. I hope you get some sleep soon. I am here if you need to talk. Thanks for the prayers on the mice. I too hope I don't get any. I too hope the Ladybug brings me and Alexis Good Luck. We need it