Sunday, July 18, 2010


We all love and dislike Zynga, they have the good days then they have really bad days.  Lately I have noticed and heard people getting frustrated and giving up the games or saying they are not going to play.   

They have made several changes to all their games.  Most people are very confused and frustrated with Mafia Wars for the just keep changing and adding etc.  You can't keep up and want to scream.  Going to open a new city or country just open it why all this bs about having to get certain things get access.  I realize they are testing it out then just test it with a few mafia members.  Pick certain people from different levels and try it out.  All good then give everyone access.  I love the game I really do, just hard to keep up with all the changes.  We all have lives outside of Facebook and Zynga, we are very busy and stressed. So we just want to come to FB, get lost in the game and get rid of stress.  Not come to FB and the games to get more stress from changes or the worse the games don't load.  

If you have a complaint, comment or suggestion please join my group on Facebook and post on the wall for Zynga to see.  Its called Zynga Please hear us!!!  For if all goes well Zynga's Executive Board will be viewing the page.!/group.php?gid=132777846758728&ref=ts

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