Monday, July 12, 2010


I must say Zynga is amazing!!! Not in a good way!  For those of you fighting down at the lower level ...Good Luck!  My group is dealing with people at the top, I mean the top can't go any further and getting nothing.  I really believe that they just don't care what we think or feel.   We took the professional and calm way,no threats etc, couldn't of been any sweeter or else I would of been sick.  

Gave them complaints, suggestions and all we asked in return was feedback. We told them we understood that things that had to be fixed would take time but we wanted to be assured they would be fixed.  Our suggestions, we know not all or any would be accepted but to explain why or at best tell us they were discussing it.   We apologized for bothering them being they are very busy people but we wanted to be sure we were heard.  If the people at the top don't answer then who will.....UMMMMM NO ONE!!!!  They go two steps ahead then all of a sudden take 10 steps back.  Its so frustrating and I even offered to help them out.  I was and still am willing to continue to collect complaints, suggestions etc and contact them...I even offered just to do it once a month so not to be a bother!!!!  

So for those of you that gave me complaints, suggestions etc I thank you for the help.  We worked hard to get all the information and gave Zynga the opportunity to work with us.  As you know we went to them with game issues but also several other issues.  Issues that are very important to us who are parents.  I am NOT giving up!   Sure its frustrating and I am pissed off they haven't responded!  That's okay just gets my Scottish attitude up and I work harder.  I will still approach them on a professional and calm manner with a twist of attitude.   Zynga its not that hard...just work with us.  Listen to us, change the things we want changed, make the games better etc.  Heck worse case just get the games working with no glitches.  

I am still working on getting a certain tv host to help us out.  Right now that person is on vacation but will continue to work on them.  

Zynga lets work together so us gamers can play and be happy.  Oh and you really need to work on notifying us of changes prior to it happening.  Let us test changes out and see how we feel about them.  Some things you think are great...we hate!!!  

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