Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well I just go so news that made me laugh so hard and just made my day, no week or maybe even year.   Apparently some people I know just can't stop talking smack about me!!  Best part is they have no right for their lives are more screwed up them mine!!  Plus they let their partners talk about me!!! Like what's up with that???   At least I can look myself in the mirror, can they I doubt it.   For I have been totally honest with everyone in my life unlike them.    Heck I dumped a guy for doing me wrong and knew he was doing it, where this person can't even see what is going on right under their nose!!  How blind can someone be???  Crap I know more then they do!!  
Plus how does someone talk about a person why they have no clue what is going on or what they are talking about? You want to talk about me then get the facts right!!!  At least I am not blind to seeing a cheating partner of not just one but two.  Jealous I am making something of myself?  Jealous I am going to be very successful?  Jealous I am doing it without using people? Jealous I am doing it the right way and didn't cheat and hurt others along the way?  Jealous I am Honest? 
You tell people you are going to do things for them do it, not temporarily or until you get bored with it you do if for however long it takes to get the job done.  Or you have exhausted all avenues and then tell people that.  Just don't leave them hanging.    

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