Friday, February 19, 2010

Karma\What Comes Around Goes Around

So many people believe in Karma or what comes around goes around. I was raised not to go looking for pay back or revenge.  My parents both Catholics and raised us to follow our religious ways.  Sure I went off track for many years in my 20s till I 30s. I guess the passing of my husband made me reach back to God.  I dont' believe in seeking revenge. God teaches us to forgive and forget.  To love one another always even after we get hurt.  Forgive the person and love them.  I won't lie I don't always follow that.  I know I should be at times some people just hurt you so much you want revenge.  As much as I would want it never went out and did it.  Knew it was wrong to think it worse to act on it.
Like my life right now, my daughter's father is gosh I don't even know what to call him.  He hurts her over and over and want to hurt him for it.  Can't for I don't need to get arrested plus I need to be there for my daughter then lastly I know its not right in the eyes of God.  I want to know how someone can just keep letting such an innocent person down.  My "revenge" will be him paying me child support and palimony. 
NO child should ever get hurt by anyone and should never be told false informations or promises.  I have always said hurt my child and I will make you pay and pay dearly.  You never know when but you can bet i am coming for you!  
So recently I had someone hurt me and Alexis.  I was so out for revenge and such evil revenge. I was taking them down hard!  Well I never did it, I wrote a post that I planned on posting but by the time I was done, my anger was mostly gone. I came to my senses, plus the fact they have been a friend for a long time couldn't destroy them like that. More importantly not fair to Alexis to post such a thing.  Well so many people asked me how was I getting my revenge.  I told them I am not seeking any no matter how hurt I was.  Well if you just sit back, watch and wait eventually you get your revenge without even having to do anything.  That makes it a whole lot sweeter.  I am in the sit back and waiting mode, soon going to watch it all unfold.  Am I  sure its coming oh yeah 90% sure.  Am I gloating, actually no, its just satisfaction to know they are going to get what they gave me.  Also satisfacation knowing they are being treated or getting things done to them like they did to me.  Being told all the right things till the bomb drops.  Having your heart ripped out is bad but the way I got it and they are about to get it.  HURTS REAL BAD!  Why because you believe one thing then come to find out you were taken for a ride. In the end, this person I still care about and still a friend to me.  Yes I have forgave them but not forgetten just yet, to soon.   I am sure if the person read this they would be mad for in their minds its she is just mad and upset and making things up.  Well that is their right and opinion, until something happens.

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  1. What a great post , soooooo very true. I'm sorry that someone hurt you or Alexis. I enjoy reading your blog so much. Sending you some {{HUGS}} my friend.