Thursday, February 18, 2010


I recently had a picture come to my email of someone I know.  I must admit it was a shocker for the person in the picture used to be a handsome man, gosh I thought he was so hot!  Well I get this picture which is very recent and couldn't believe how he let himself go.  I know we all change as we get older but I strive on making sure I look my best.  Sure I let myself go for awhile do to being unhappy but in the last 2 years I have made major improvements.  I would love to look the way I did at 20 but not going to happen. But I am going to make sure I get as close as possible.  I know I am getting there for the men that wouldn't give me attention when I wanted it are looking to give it to me now.  But I really couldn't believe how much this person changed and let themselves go.
The other thing that bothers me is why is it okay for people to make others look bad.  I know someone who is with someone and their partner is not that into them.  The partner is telling the person I know they are into them but in the mean time talking to others.  Telling others they are free and flirting etc.  Even making a joke about how serious the person is and just playing games with them. Actually they are just hanging on to them just in case nothing better comes along. Why do people treat love and peoples hearts like the are worthless and have no feelings.  Worse part is this person i know has a huge heart, kind and caring.  I feel so bad for them, for when they get their heart broke its going to be a major blow.  I know for I recently went through a heart break.  I just hope they realize that they are the better person and pick themselves up to move on.  Sadly though I think it will be a while before it happens which by then the pain will be horrible.  I think people who play games should be hung by their toe nails.  I know heart break happens, gosh don't i know but don't think its right people play games.  How can you sit there and tell someone you love them etc but in the meantime you are flirting with others, telling them the person means nothing, just a toy or filling up space till something bettter comes along or the best one...they have some money that's what I'm in it for.  WHAT?!?!? REALLY?!?!  So I guess once they spend all the cash they will move on to the next one.  It sad for someone is putting their heart and soul into a relationship and the partner is just going along for the ride until time to get off.  I wish that the person wakes up before its to late or someone tells them.


  1. I know people like that and it hurts me too. I watched a friend of mine from High school take this guy for a ride just because he had money and prolly would do or buy her whatever she wanted. People did try to tell him but he wouldn't listen and now today he lost so much. I don't have alot to do with her but it is sad why people do things like that. I couldn't even if I wanted to I would feel to bad. I guess I have a heart !!!

  2. Its so sad how people use people. I am like you I have a heart. I have had only 6 boyfriends in my life and never used any of them for money or until something better came along. I loved them all with my heart and soul. The person I am talking about like you said they wouldn't listen if told being they are in love. Just a shame that they will get hurt and depending on when will depend on how bad the hurt is going to be. I hate how people behave when it comes to people, their hearts and feelings. Having your heart broke stinks. I never want to go through it again but you can't control that. I think oh if don't work out I will break up with him. I don't do that because I have a heart and don't want to hurt them. I just hope this person finds out before its too late.