Friday, April 16, 2010

Do YOU really KNOW your girlfriend?

This is a story that I have been getting bits and pieces on the last few days.  A woman like this makes the rest of us look bad.  I guess the guy, well he makes the rest of the guys look bad.
These two people are dating from what I understand he is totally serious and thinks she is too.  Well it turns out that not so and worse part is she is not only serious but cheating and WITH SOMEONE HE KNOWS!!! WHAT?? REALLY!!!!   Like what's up with that?! One man isn't good enough so you need another then to make it worse you pick someone he KNOWS!!  I mean really have some respect for the guy but then again she is cheating so forget respect.  If that isn't bad enough, she is staying with him because he is not rich but he is financially ok and plan is to stay, set herself up financially.  Her and the new guy are having a good laugh at this guy's expense.   Plus does she know for sure the new guy doesn't have an STD or AIDS!!!!!  For she is going home and sleeping with the boyfriend so if she caught anything she is giving it to this poor innocent soul.  What if she gets pregnant?? gosh that is just another whole saga and I am sure she will pin it on the boyfriend for he has money.  So this poor sap will pay for a child that may not be his.  He won't ask for a DNA test for he thinks he is the only one.    Now depending on what state you are in you can get screwed paying for 18 years once you sign the birth certificate. You can find out later its not yours still have to pay.  So men if you are not sure heck either way ask for a DNA test when child is born.  Its worth the money especially if you have any doubt.  Heck I think it should be mandatory testing once child is born.  For women eventually get mad, tell the guy the child is not his now they go for test.  He finds out he is not the father and has his heart crushed.
Anyway back to this love triangle, I think this woman is so wrong for playing with both these guys.  The guy she is cheating with is wrong too.  If you love each other and want to be together then do it.  Why drag this poor guy through the mud.  For he is totally clueless. Feel bad for him for he is a nice guy.  To make matters worse they all hang out at times and this poor guy is still clueless. They do things right under his nose.  Someone needs to smack him on the back of the head and yell WAKE UP MAN!!!
So men remember DNA test no matter what, she may get mad and scream...could be sign of  guilt don't back down.
Look for signs especially if you are out, is she to flirty with someone or to touchy feely.
Ladies you need to watch for signs too.  I am talking to the men only because this is about a women.  But we need to be careful too.  We don't want our men cheating or have a woman flirting with our man, oh no she didn't go there :-D time for a butt whoopin!
I hope for this guy he finds out soon enough or she at leasts dumps him.  I hope that he doesn't get an STD or AIDS etc.  No one deserves to be treated this way or taken advantage of because they have finances in order. Good luck Guy!

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