Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well its been a good and bad week, forget the bad..the good or should I say great part is I am going back to school!!!!  I have finally got my life in order! I am also working part time and enrolling in school has just lifted my heart and soul to total happiness.  I have a big reveal coming up which has added to my happiness.  I have worked hard!  May 6th is the big reveal day! I thought it would be later but now I  think I will be on time!
Alexis is going so much better she had a rough last 3 months with school but we are getting things back on track.  She is back to her karate classes and I hope to go back soon! 
My Goddaughter is receiving her First Communion on April 24th!  We are so happy and excited for her!  Will get to see my family and spend time with them! 
The great weather is also lifting my spirits!  Life is GREAT!!!  MY LIFE IS FINALLY TOGETHER!!! 


  1. I'm happy for you and glad things are working out. I'm also glad you are going to get to see your family. Family is so important and I miss mine so much. Glad your weather is getting better. I'm hoping ours straightens up soon. Hope school goes better for Alexis too.

  2. Thank you. Its so sad not seeing family and for me they don't live that far away like yours. I really hope you can see them soon. Family is very important. I hope all is well in your new apt and you are all happy.