Friday, April 30, 2010


I don't understand what is going on with these two companies.  As some of you may know, John Sweeny has been fighting with them for sometime.  You can follow is blog
on his fight.
I do give him a lot of credit for doing all he has and the fight is putting up for the gamers.
I have my own issues with both of them and have begun my own fight.  I am taking my fight to Dr. Phil.  That's right, when you need something done take to the big guys.  I have written him a long letter and hope he will assist me in my fight.   My fight is partially what John is fighting for but I have other concerns I would like them to address, the safety of our children. 
So I ask that you support us both in our battles.  As well I do reach out to you and ask you to follow John if you are a gamer.  He needs to reach 3000 to get a job.  I wish John all the luck and if I get to go on Dr. Phil I will do my best to assist him in his fight.  I had a post earlier...Mother on a Mission.  I am determined to get us our privacy we deserved but more importantly get the safety that is needed for our children.

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