Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday News

Well today is my late day picking Alexis up, she has choir practice.  They are singing for First Holy Communion this Saturday.  Hard to believe its already been a year since she received.
I got a lot of studying done this morning and that made me feel great.  I had been behind but need to do more tonight for test is now Monday. Lucky me for I am so not ready for tomorrow.  I am really loving school it will be so rewarding in the end.  In the meantime I am trying to just get the rest of me together.  Life is really good close to great just need to get a few last minute things straighten out.  Its been a very long road for me and glad to see I am almost at the end where happiness awaits.
So I mentioned yesterday about the ex calling etc.  I have vowed to give it a fair shot.  Its only right for him and I.  Will it work out who knows, do we ever know..NO  Heck if you asked me 4 or 5 months ago if my relationship was solid I would of told you yes only to find out 2 weeks later I was SOOOOOO wrong.  I am committed and that is what I expect in return.  There are bumpy roads ahead and need someone who is willing to stand by my side and help me through it. 
It just feels great to feel so good.  I am really myself again and I love that.  Alexis and I are back to laughing all the time, having fun and enjoying life.  Sure there are those few moments, don't we all have them with our children.  All in all her and I are so much better and I am so thrilled about that.  She is so much happier and that is what is so important. 
Unfortunately neither of us will be that happy this weekend, for her father will be down from Vermont for his visit.  OH YEAH!!!  The new me has learned to get through it with a smile and being as sweet as pie. 
Now just counting the days to summer vacation!!!!!  Alexis, myself and my family are either going to North Carolina or Disney.  After this past weekend it sounds like North Carolina.  It will just be nice to get away and spend time with my family. 

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