Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today I turn 43 and begin a new me!  I have had so so many things go on in my life that have held me back from living life and enjoying it.  I have beautiful wonderful daughter and want to give her the mom she deserves as well enjoy life.  This birthday a New and Improved Donna is born!  I am back to school tomorrow, working, getting things in order to live my life they way I WANT TO.  Not the way others told me to do it.  No one will ever lock me down or control me AGAIN!!!!  I am somebody's daughter, sister and mother!!! I deserve to be treated the right way and will be!!! I won't take anymore abuse!!!  And for those that have hurt me in the past, well I wish you all the best and forgive you!  Won't say forget for I will never forget plus not forgetting is my way to feed my strength to get stronger.  I have no hate for anyone.  I have gone to confession and asked God for his help and forgiveness.  
The new Donna is greater then ever and her life is on the right track and getting better with each day!

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