Monday, April 19, 2010

A Mother on a Mission

I am a single mom on a mission to keep my child as well as all children safe on the internet. 
As many of you may have seen on the news about a girl recently committing suicide due to being bullied.  A year or two ago a girl did it due to being bullied on Facebook.  Now all this still continues but now we have the Facebook Groups that are causing a stir.  There are many children on facebook playing Mafia Wars, Farmville, Mobsters, Castle Age etc the list goes on.  Many of these games have groups that "pimp" people out so your family or neighbors etc can grow.  Or groups you join and people request other players to add them.
The problem I am having is who is checking out all the members joining these groups.  NO ONE!!!  So now we have men (I only say men for that is all I have seen or been advised of doing this behavior) on here abusing children and women.  Men are going on this groups to get pimped out and children\women are accepting for the have faith and trust in Group Admins that these people are safe to add.  But these Admins are not doing background checks heck I am sure they are not even checking out the person's page.  I am a gamer and in many groups.  I will not accept a friend request unless I can check out the person's wall and I monitor it for a day or two before I accept.  I do this for I have had many of run ins with a few nuts or pervs.  Its not any fun, some of them can be very scary and threatening.  

We need to find away to protect our children.  How long do you think it will take before a child commits suicide over some man who is sexually harrassing them or then go to met them and see he is 40 not 16 like he said or worse goes to meet him and gets killed.  Heck recently there was a post going around from Mafia War Clan to beat up some guy (on the game) because he was harrassing someone's child so we know its happening.   Maybe some of you think wow she is going to extreme with it.  You know what I am not, for a child doesn't think the way us adults think. They think its their fault, they deserve it, or they did something wrong etc.  Then we have another child hanging themselves. 
Gosh my own child has a page and was getting request even when I put no request next to her name.  Now I no longer have control over her page her father does due to the requests and comments coming in.  We allow her to have  page to say in touch with friends as well as family not to be harrassed by some jerk or jerks.
Facebook, Zynga and other game makers need to find a way to protect our children.  Group Admins need to put more time and effort into screening people to protect our children.  I know you are all busy enough with your regular jobs, playing Mafia Wars etc and handling your groups.  But in the end doesn't it make more sense to put in the extra man power to save a child.  As a mother, daughter, sister this sexual abuse to children and women has to be fought harder then its being fought.  You all have\had a mother, sister, daughter, niece etc do you want someone being abusive to them in any manner. 
I am thinking of even calling in some help with this! I am may write to Dr. Phil to get Facebook, Zynga, Group Admins together to see what can be done to protect children on Facebook.  We know there is a way just need to figure it out and put it into motion.
Lets all have fun playing the games but lets also protect the children and women.   Protect the children is the most important! For the women as scared as they may be come they know how to handle it...OUR CHILDREN DON'T!  No don't think your child will come to you ..they won't due to shame or embarrassment!    Thank you for listening.

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