Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday News

Alexis' class went into NYC for a show, I was so worried. The streets there are so busy but they all arrived back safely.  She had a great time. 
I had a doctor's appointment looks like we are finally getting to the end of it all.  Only thing is yesterday and today i felt faint and sick.  He thinks its just my sinuses and ears.  Need to see if it keeps up then he will order the necessary tests.  He said my ears and sinuses were all congested and with the cold\winds I think could be causing an the problem.  See what happens tomorrow.  Other then that I am feeling so much better. So happy to be feeling like me again.  Also being basically pain free have some minor pain here and there from all the walking I am doing.
I am trying so hard to take care my day to day things, Alexis and school and my own schooling. Its been hard and my studies have suffered but getting back on track.   I need to get done so I can take care of her and I.
I had an ex call me out of the blue and looking to get together.  So I went to breakfast with them yesterday and saw them today.  I want so much to feel love again.  Just wasn't feeling it with this guy but wasn't really up to it either.  Been so busy, wiped out from not sleeping well so was just out of it.   Will have to give it a fair chance before saying its not happening.  Some say why? he is an ex for a reason and I agree but we ended on good terms.  It wasn't right at the time and not sure about now.  I have grown into someone new. I do want love and happiness just not sure if now is the time or even if could be the one.  I had a spark the last time this time not so much.  I think it could be from having my heart broken recently and not wanting that to happen again, so have wall up around heart.  Or maybe its just not there anymore we are different and spark not there.  I guess I will find out in time. 
I had my niece's communion this past weekend.  She looked like a beautiful princess.  It was a great time and enjoyed seeing my family.  Her cake was made by Buddy the Cake Boss.  It was good and a beautiful cake.  My niece was upset he couldn't deliever it himself.  I was hoping he would I love him and wanted a picture.  Oh well maybe another time. 
Well hope the rest of the week goes well.

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