Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday News

Today we had beautiful weather.  Alexis and I went out for awhile to enjoy it.  Then we came home to play some games.  It has been a very good day.  Its now 7pm and we are getting ready to settle in for the night. I feel like I am getting a cold..BLAH   Hoping tomorrow is just as great so we can get out and enjoy another day. 
I have gotten some of my studies done and need to do more tomorrow prior to Monday's test. Have to say I am not sure I will do so well on this one. 
I have been talking to some old friends that I used to work with in Century 21 Department Store.  We are working on a reunion but tough finding everyone.  We are working hard for it would be nice to see old friends again.  We are hoping to do it by August or Sept. 
I can't believe how happy I am and how much my life is in order.  I saw an old friend today and they went on about how great I looked.  That made me feel awesome.  Its nice to know all my hard work is paying off.  I will continue to work hard.  
I have so many projects I am trying to get started on.  I so want to be someone who helps others, especially children.  Some people are afraid to speak their mind or to scared ..I want to give them a voice, and trying so hard to make that happen.


  1. Glad you had good weather and it was nice here today. It was an emotional wk remembering my first love on Monday then Carly turning a yr. So much and Stress. I'm praying you can find that special someone. You are a great friend Donna and I know if I never meet you on earth I will see you in Heaven. Praying for you always.

  2. Sorry you had an emotional week. can't believe Miss Carly is one! She is so beautiful just like her mommy. That special someone, not so sure, may come down to someone. I had them and lost them don't want to just settle and hope not to. Right now just emotional and need to stay focus on Alexis, me and our school work. Praying for you always. I am so glad we are friends. {{{HUGS}}}